Matt Uggla has announced his SU Glovers‘ group’s attempt to take over the majority shareholding of Yeovil Town is off.

In a post on his Twitter on Tuesday night, the 29-year-old said that the group had “really tried our best to get this deal done“, but said that he would not be acquiring the 72% stake held by club chairman Scott Priestnall.

In a post on his Twitter, the 29-year-old said: “We want to wish Yeovil all the best in these uncertain times. We really tried our best to get this deal done but it wasn’t to be. Just want to thank all the fans who stood by us through this whole process and were so kind and welcoming. We wish you guys all the best and we will definitely watch from afar and wish the club success. Glovers for life.


It came less than an hour after the club had confirmed that players had been paid their April wages four days late and brings to an end a long-running saga over whether the son of multi-millionaire, Lance, and his mother, Julie-Anne, would complete the deal.

The question is now – what happens next? The club’s manager Mark Cooper‘s falling out with the former owner-in-waiting spilled out in to the open with public statements on both sides as the club careered towards relegation out of the National League.


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Yeovil town fc R.I.P.
11 months ago

Bob sheppard

11 months ago

Not surprised. It had failure written all over it from the start.

Adrian Evans
11 months ago

There really is a lot of smoke and mirrors over this takeover. Why won’t any of the b
People involved explain exactly what has happened?