Reuben Reid opens the scoring in the 2-0 win over Southend. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Charlie Lee has named his first starting XI as interim manager and has made a grand total of… zero changes.

Hardly surprising given the Glovers are on a three match winning streak though.

There’s no return to the squad for any of the injured cohort with Grant Smith, Max Hunt and Jack Robinson continuing their comeback.

The only alteration sees Josh Staunton miss out on the squad after having a scan in midweek on a hernia problem, Sonny Blu Lo Everton is back among the subs.

Team in full.

Ted Cann

Mark Little, Luke Wilkinson, Ben Barclay, Morgan Williams

Tom Knowles, Dale Gorman, Matt Worthington, Lawson D’Ath

Reuben Reid, Charlie Wakefield.

Substitutes: Barnett, Bradley, Lo Everton, Olomola, Neufville.


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