Yeovil Town manager Darren Sarll told BBC Somerset he is dealing with a lot of “anger” and “frustration” following his side’s 2-1 defeat away at Wealdstone.

Speaking directly after the final whistle, the boss gave a frank and honest interview on how he saw the game.

He said: “(I’m) very disappointed for our travelling supporters, because they’ve come so far tonight, I think it’s very hard for any coach to defend any performance when the fundamentals of any game are not met and we had a unique habit of just giving the ball away.”

Sarll said on a couple different occasions that he felt his side played too many long passes and failed to show their optimum level of technical ability.

“Two of the worst goals (to concede) I’ve ever seen, by the way, and then you chase – and we’re not a great team at having a lot of the ball and creating lots of chances, we haven’t got a lot of creativity or that individual ability in the final part of the game to do something out of the ordinary, it’s an indefensible performance in my eyes”

Sarll said he’s left his players know in no uncertain terms how he felt, and said he was frustrated at his sides couldn’t figure out how to break down an ever increasingly defensive host.

“We did our absolutle best to take any momentum out of the game after that (Dale Gorman’s goal), we went from scoring goal – a bit of a razz – there was a bit of a melee and then we did our best to have a goal kick, which we will kick again on their head, then we give away a throw and not defend that properly and then we will give away a free kick where we are trying to fight and jostle our way back into the game… they take the sting out of the game”

There was praise for the introduction of Sonny Blu Lo Everton, but the manager highlighted the absence of Lawson D’ath who he did want to “break” with so many games in quick succession but he reiterated that he needed to find reinforcements on and off the pitch.

Sarll said: “This needs a spike in the changing room, it needs some characters, it needs some players, I’ll ask the question because it does need some freshness in there.

“I think some of the young ones are being worn down by a campaign, some of them are at the 25/26 game mark where they probably haven’t been before.”

“I definitely need to look at the structure of the coaching staff, who and how we replenish the position left by Terry (Skiverton) because I think that can be a big one at times”

Yeovil Town will hope to have a “spike” or two added before the away game at Eastleigh on Saturday.


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