Yeovil Town striker Frank Nouble has been speaking ahead of the game against Aveley this weekend as has kept his call simple…. Keep Winning Games.

The front man has six (not four) goals so far this season and just wants to extend the Glovers winning streak;

“The main thing is we’re winning football matches, playing good football as well I think, there’s all coming along really nicely, I think everyone knows their roles and responsibilities compared to first game of the season as to where we are now, we’re more accomplished in what we want to do as a team, it’s quite a new team compared to last season.
So, the manager’s been working tirelessly every day around the training ground to get it working,  the way we want it to work, not how someone else might want it to work or, you know, or maybe supporter who want things to be a much quicker process, football doesn’t work like that, so where we are now we’re happy but at the same time we know it’s got a long way to go.”

“We’re happy with how things have gone, we just want to keep progressing, keep winning games of football”

“I think we’re on – I don’t know maybe four or five games in a row we’ve won – so we want to keep going, it’s a good game to play on Saturday against Aveley, they’re doing quite well in the league as well so just another game for us really to hopefully showcase what we can do but keep winning the most important for us.

They’re doing well, regardless of the name or the league position, you’ve got to respect them and that’s as far as it goes, after that it’s all about us.

We just need to win the game and perform well, I think if we perform well – which I think we perform in the main quite well –  we’ve won (the) game so I think if we do that then we’ve got nothing to worry about”

Asked about what he’s looking for this season as a whole, the former West Ham and Torquay striker just reiterated his mantra… Keep Winning Games.

“Success is winning games of football and I’ve said that quite a few times now but you know we’ve got great support all around the club with the Manager, Chairman and everyone surrounding the club everyone that works here tirelessly every day that people don’t see, if we’re winning games it makes everyone feel about better and we’ve got a great backing, we feel the love every day and we don’t need anyone else outside, (or to be) listening to whatever might be said out there or, you know, someone who might think that we need to be doing even better than what we are doing main thing for us is that we’re progressing well.

We know that we’ve got good players, a good group, the squad depth is quite good, we can play some players you might be playing for teams in Division above so for us it was only keep doing that and focusing on ourselves we’ll do well”

Frank Nouble’s goal graphic

With six goals already (not four), Nouble not only thinks that number will grow, but expects it too.

“I think, if I play well I like to think that my team will win, I like to think that other attacking players think the same, so that pushes all of us to do well, I don’t think I scored in the first three or four games, it might seem as pressure, but for us it was more case of if I am not scoring hopefully Murphy is scoring or Hydey’s scoring or you know Young or whoever you might like to see play on a weekend, so long as we are all putting our in our best foot forward and the team will do well, but me personally a good form, so I expect that myself anyway.”

Keep winning games, sounds just lovely to us, Frank!

The full interview can be found here, scroll to the very end for his thoughts on Jurgen Klopp and VARgate. 


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