Goal scoring hero Frank Nouble spoke to BBC Somerset’s Sheridan Robins after the Glovers’ 1-0 win over Taunton on Tuesday night, you can listen to the whole interview below.

The forward said how whilst the game wasn’t easy, they knew that sticking to their game plan and trusting their play would come good eventually: “Everything we are doing is working and is going to plan, we work on these things in training, so when it comes out, you get the rewards especially when we get support like that every week.

“It’s a good goal, I think we won it, honestly it’s a blur, I think Worthy played the ball to me. We tried to play the ball in behind, but it was quite hard in the first half, they were very resolute, similar to the Bath game, a team that really wanted to beat us and do well, we’ve just got to find that way and obviously we’ve got the quality, particularly at this level to create chances, it’s about taking them and we did.”

Frank Nouble celebrates his fourth goal in as many games.

Taunton, who have struggled with off field issues for the last month or so, set their stall out to frustrate and keep Yeovil back. But, Nouble was adamant that it won’t get easier, but to trust the process.

“It gets harder as the games go on, teams are watching clips of our games previously and trying to find ways to beat us, so long as we keep playing our football, we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll get chances to put chances away and at the moment, it’s been me that’s been putting them in, so long may that continue. I’m sure in the next couple of weeks, it’ll be Murph and Youngy and then whoever it is, we’ve just got to keep winning.”

The former Torquay man praised Mark Cooper and the togetherness of the group and the support that has continued to follow the side this season, but admits even he didn’t think the Glovers would be 13(!) points clear at this stage… he wants to get things wrapped up as soon as possible. 

“[It’s a] great group, everyone that’s been here all season really, they’ve been brilliant, the manager is trying to build a little culture of everyone sit together, tight knit and make sure we produce for the supporters, because they’re the most important people here, we’ll come and go as players and staff, but they just want to see a team that’s fighting for the shirt.”

“Not 13 [points clear], but I did expect us to be at the top, I expected a team like Torquay to be challenging, if I’m being honest, but yeah, we just take it as it comes really, we deserve to be where we are, if anything we might have dropped points in the first 20 games of the season, so we could have been 15, 18 points clear, so hopefully we can get this league wrapped up by the end of February”

“…hopefully we can get this league wrapped up by the end of February”


You can listen to the entire interview with Sheridan and Frank below

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