Frank Nouble has set his teammates the target of getting the nine points they need to secure the National League South title as quickly as possibe.

The front man, who scored the only goal of the game against Braintree at the weekend, was on pre-match press duties and said that the win in Essex puts a poor run of form behind the Glovers;

[It was a] good feeling, great win for the boys which in the main thing.

Everything is pretty much to bed now, results wise and performance wise, a couple of days later we analyse the game with the manager and coaching staff and then we move on swiftly to the next one, we enjoy ourselves on the day and we look back on it as an important win, I’m sure a lot of people expected us not to pick up points there, 

It was a nice goal, like you say, I haven’t scored for a few games, hopefully that can inspire the next goals coming from all us attacking players.

Attention turns to an Easter Double header and the target is clear, get the points that are needed, and fast.

“Honestly, I just want to win the league as quickly as possible, I’m not going to shy away from that any more, I just want to win the league, I just want to win as many games as possible, six league games. If I score two or three before then, great, if I score five, excellent, but if I score none and we still win the league that’s the main thing.”

Ticket Sales have already topped 4500 for the Good Friday game at Huish Park and it’s a case of more the merrier for the striker.

“It’s good, it’s brilliant, it’s everything you wanted as a kid, you want to play in front of big crowds, I’ve been fortunate to play in front of big crowds in the past, it’s nothing new to me, but it’s also nice to have that at the club you’re currently at.”

“I just want to win the league as quickly as possible, I’m not going to shy away from that any more”

As for the Glovers opponents, Torquay, Nouble respects them – as a former Gull himself – but says it’s on Yeovil to do what they do best. 

“I know that they are going through a situation right now which is difficult, I’m sure as a club, we wish them all the best and hope they can come out of that, 

I’ve spoken to a few of their players, I think they’re happy that we can’t win the league against them, but we expect a tough game, they’re going to be a team which is looking to ruin the party like a lot of clubs have been trying to do recently, we expect a tough game, if we didn’t get a tough game, we’d be disappointed.

These games take care of themselves in terms of atmosphere and what it means. “

“I think the last three games, we went away from the honesty of working hard before respecting our quality, considering the position we are in the league, sometimes you can forget that.

We’ve gone back to that, we look a bit more solid, more than being in rhythm but the rhythm will come back and I think we saw glimpses of that on Saturday and hopefully we can have more on Friday, but working hard for this team is the minimum requirement.”

Nouble’s goal came from a corner, against Braintree and Frank was happy to give assistant Chris Todd plenty of credit.

“Set pieces have been huge, Toddy has been brilliant with us all year, trying to create scenarios for us to get the advantage of the position, we watch clips of other teams of how they set up for set pieces, it’s important for us to know what we’re doing, it worked perfectly, to a tee – but the others didn’t work, so we need to keep working.

The older I’ve got, I’ve got more accustomed to the community, to understand what they feel and what they think, doing my football training on the side with Sonny Blu [Lo Everton] has been brilliant, some of the kids are a bit more cheeky than others, but they’re brilliant, they’re like a little family, and they let us know what the crowd are thinking. “

Finally, when asked what it was like to share a spot in the official Team of the Week with Torquay and W*ymouth players whom he’ll come up against this weekend, he said he was happy to be nominated but…
“it’s nice to be recognised, as for W*ymouth, I don’t know what they’re doing this season – couldn’t care less – we look forward to playing them and hopefully taking points off them”

We’re looking forward to it, Frank!

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