Here at the Gloverscast, we’ve always really appreciated the support you Yeovil fans have given us – and to be honest, that’s what really matters.

But, do you know what? Sometimes, it is nice to have something of a pat on the back and when we get nominated for an award, that’s just lovely too.

We’ve been nominated before in the Football Content Awards, and it would be really nice to be nominated again. 

Should you wish to do for 2023 so you can CLICK HERE

It’s a simple process, there’s no signing up, or even leaving email details (unless you want to), but all we’d ask is that you make the Non League Section look like this…

Or, if you’d prefer to send a Tweet copy and paste this text and send it, as a tweet directly to @The_FCAs

“I’m voting in @The_FCAs for the @Gloverscast in the Non League – Podcast category” … and that’s it.

Voting is open until September 3rd after which, we may call upon you again to actually vote for us to win… or at least come a bit further up the voting now there aren’t three Wrexham and Notts County podcasts to worry about!

Thanks for everyone’s continued support. 

Team Gloverscast


Support the Gloverscast

The Gloverscast is a volunteer run website which costs money to maintain. If ever you feel like supporting with our running costs, which include our website hosting, Zoom subscription, The Daily Glove, we’d be extremely grateful for your donations.



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