Yeovil Town goal scorer, Sonny Blu Lo Everton says the Glovers got what they deserved out of their 3-1 win over Farnborough on Saturday.

Speaking to BBC Somerset’s Ian Randall after the game, he said that whilst their hosts made it tough for them, three points was exactly what the side had earned.

“It was tough, it’s always nice to get on the score sheet, but we made it hard for ourselves – it should be game over, and they get one from a scabby long through and you go back against the walls again, but we get the third and then, we got what we deserved.

It’s such a cliche to say that 2-0 is the hardest score line or the worst score line in football, but, when we get that second goal, early-ish in the second half it should be game over.

it’s a frustrating one for us, because we shouldn’t be putting ourselves in that position, but when we get the third, it’s game over.”

“…when we get the third, it’s game over.”

Farnborough did have their chances and a Rory Delay-esque long throw in their armoury, but despite late pressure, the defence once again stood firm to see the game out and keep the Glovers 11 points clear at the top.

“When you do go 1-0 up or 2-0 and the time begins to go down, they gamble players forward which means, they follow them, which means we go deeper, we’re further away from their goal, they’re closer to our goal, that’s just how it works… when they start gambling players forward, it’s going to be tough, but we defended really well. 

You could hear them on the sidelines, it was five minutes to go in the first half and they just said ‘stay in, keep it 1-0 before we go in’.”

Yeovil’s second goal came from Alex Fisher, his first of the season and first since a terrible double leg break against Southend last season, prompting emotional scenes from everyone associated with the Glovers.

“It’s so good to see Fish on the score sheet, he’s worked really hard to this position that he’s at, he’s been really patient to wait for his opportunity and today he took it.”

Looking ahead to Monday (and beyond) the former Watford and Derby man, is keeping it simple, one day at time, one game at a time, one win at a time… starting, hopefully, on Monday at Aveley.

“It is [tough], as is every game in this league, we just get one less day’s recovery, but we’ve got the people around us and we’re all switched on enough to know how to recover for the next game.

We’re taking it game by game, if we win, we get the points, it’s in our hands, we can’t rely on anyone else to drop points, it’s solely on us, we don’t think about anyone else, we don’t look at anyone else’s scores, if we win the game, we win the game.”


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