With the club already breaking the National League South attendance record twice this season and with only eight home games left, let’s look at what records or targets the club could be looking at.

The current highest average attendance in National League South is 3,219, set by AFC Wimbledon in 2008–09.

Yeovil are currently averaging 3,710, the club only need to average 2,301 in their remaining games to break the record. I think this record is being broken with two games to spare (Torquay at home).

If we look North the record attendance in National League North is by York City FC at 7,488 (21 May 2022). It would be nice to beat that as well.

How does this compare to previous seasons?

The table below shows how many people have attended Yeovil league games over the last 10 seasons
SeasonLeagueNumber of Home League GamesAverageTotal Supporters2023/24 vs Percentage Difference
2019/20NLP18 (Covid)29515311826%
2018/19EFL 22329526789626%
2017/18EFL 22329416764326%
2016/17EFL 2233566820184%
2015/16EFL 223393590505-6%
2014/15EFL 123434699958-15%
Currently the club have their highest average attendance since the 2015/16 season. To beat the 2015/16 season, YTFC would need to average 4,357 for the remaining games. Possible.
Despite still have 8 home games left, the glovers have already seen more fans through the turnstiles than in the 2021/22 season and are only 7,137 people through the turnstiles away from topping last season total.

Have Yeovil’s attendances grown over the season so far?

As you can see in the first chart attendances have improved as the season has progressed.
If we take the big attendances out and look at the trend, it is still upwards, with nearly 500 extra supporters coming on average.
Average attendance before W*ymouth was 2,977. The average attendance after W*ymouth and before Taunton and Bath was 3,366. Last game was 3,591
6301 People in Huish Park, another NLS record ? Gary Brown

Possible Targets

The number of people through the turnstiles is one that the club hierarchy might be keeping an eye on. The club is currently on course for over 95,000 people through the turnstiles this season (Cup & League).
The 100,000 barrier being broken is a real possibility. The club would need to average 4,299 in the remaining eight games to make it a reality.
Here are my predicted attendances to break the 100,000 barrier:
Slough Town 3500
Havant & Waterlooville 3500
Weston-super-Mare 4500
Welling United 3500
Chippenham Town 3750
Torquay United 7000
Worthing 4000
Dartford 5000

This would give Yeovil a total of 100,361 fans through the turnstiles this season and an Average League Attendance of 3931.

? Gary Brown

The club is going great guns. Much of the plaudits need to go to the new owner, bringing back the club to the community and making it feel connected again. The team winning on the pitch has meant more have turned up each week, people like winning teams. Finally the general supporter who have come cheered and helped the team to victory.

Lets get behind the team for the remaining eight games and help get the club over that 100,000 barrier.

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Derek Hamilton
5 months ago

Behind this I assume there are cost and revenue analysis. There is also the proportion that attendances contribute to total revenue . My understanding is that can look different for clubs. So one model want fit all.

5 months ago

Adding a trend line in Excel and saying “attendances have improved” is National League South level of analytics. There is an increase from Dover to Hemel (excluding Taunton and Bath) but derby’s and Braintree aside, the opening game attendance has only just been improved on against Hemel. Braintree is still doing a lot of heavy lifting here. Conclusions like “…attendances have improved as the season has progressed” is false, especially after starting with three consecutive decreases. Don’t be afraid of stating the facts just for a positive headline – there are fluctuations throughout the season with peaks and troughs accounting for school holidays and poor weather conditions, but in general attendances have remained consistent (derby’s and Braintree aside) with a range of only 863, but most importantly much improved on our recent clubs history.

Goal Lover
5 months ago
Reply to  Ben

It would be interesting to see the trend for just the home supporter attendance. The spikes in the data do seem to have been caused by interest from home fans in a local derby, but also its easier for away fans to go, nearer to where they live.

Goal Lover
5 months ago
Reply to  Goal Lover

Probably for this to be seen as truly accurate insights (like in published research), it should be someone impartial commenting on it, or at least 2 people (one yeovil fan, one fan of another team). Maybe a bit positive bias creeping in, affecting the accuracy.

Paul Scudds
5 months ago

I’m always interested in attendance figures so thank you for taking the time to produce this article. Keep the posts coming and don’t be dissuaded from doing so by a negative review.

Goal Lover
5 months ago

Well done, good article. I’d imagine most fans aren’t going to over-analyse the data, to the point where they become critical so well done. If promotion happens, the 6,000+ fans attendances probably have to become a more regular occurrence for Yeovil to be competitive with other teams near top of the National League.