The Football Association has confirmed the Glovers spent £26,834 on intermediaries and agents between Feb 2nd 2021 and January 31st 2022.

This obviously covers all deals done during the summer and specifically references deals for; Grant Smith, Jordan Barnett, Mark Little, Dale Gorman and Adi Yussuf.

Elsewhere in the National League, $tockport County were the biggest spenders, topping £130,000 during that time with £80,000 of Wrexham’s Hollywood pounds also spent on agent fees.

Bath City were the cheapest side listed with just £580 listed.

This was a significant rise from the year ending February 1st 2021 with the Glovers forking out just £1,287 during that previous year.

Meanwhile in the year ending January 30th 2020 saw Yeovil fork out £19,837

The full list for 2022 is below.

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