Yeovil huddle before Altrincham

…and breathe.

The 2021/22 season has come to an end. 44 league games, an FA Cup run, and a Somerset Premier Cup victory has made the campaign far from dull despite the 12th place finish. The final game saw an injury ravaged squad squeeze out a 1-0 win over fellow mid-tablers Altrincham. Debuts for Ollie Haste and Max Evans rightly took the post match headlines, but I wanted to highlight two other performances.

Sonny Blu Lo-Everton. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

I gave Sonny Blu Lo Everton my man of the match on the radio. He was fantastic in the first half, and gave us a glimpse into what we would have loved to have seen more of through the whole season. He glided effortlessly with the ball, had shots, a relaxed game brought out the best in him, how desperately we could have done with that on a more regular basis. His career lies higher than the National League and he’ll go onto good things, I’m sure.

Morgan Williams. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Much was made out of Morgan Williams’ controversial Glovies wins (by Ian mostly), but as one of those certain to be there on Day 1 of pre season next year, I for one am chuffed. He played centre half, he’s played left back, right wing back and for his first proper season adapted to all of them with ease. If he wants to show of the leadership and seniority he showed alongside Jack Robinson and in front of Max Evans that is absolutely fine by me. We’ve got a good one in Morgan Williams, that’s for sure.

184 Yeovil fans made the trip to Altrincham, maybe take a few off for some easy geography, but that is an incredible level of support. I wouldn’t have blamed any supporter for saying no thanks, for starting their summers early and listening on the radio, but so many felt like they needed to be there. To say goodbye? To say thanks? Because that’s just what weekends are for? I’m not sure, but whoever is on that press release as our new manager has a truly brilliant fan base to get on board with. I hope they harness the spirit of the 184, I hope they see the passion and support of the 1900+ at the Legends game and use that to their advantage, give us something to cheer and we are there ready to be on your side.

I have to mention Josh Staunton don’t I? Last summer he told us that last season he thought he might not kick a ball ever again. He did, he became an integral part of the side, then Charlie Lee’s right hand man, then… almost inexplicably, Manager. Find me a Yeovil fan who doesn’t think we should extend his contract? Find me a Yeovil fan who thinks he isn’t the person to build a side around next year? I’ve written in depth before about how I feel he’s the most important player we’ve had since Skivo, well, he became our first player-manager since the Glovers legend took over from Russell Slade. He deserves the upmost respect and a damn good contract.

So, I don’t like to address rumours, but there were murmurs of some players not being in the best frame of mind before the game and there were a number of absentees. I’ll say only one thing… if there’s any player that doesn’t want to be here, they’re absolutely fine to leave. It takes a special type of player to play for Yeovil Town, you have to show the commitment that 184 fans showed today, if you’re not willing to do that, despite all that’s gone on, you know where the door is. For what it’s worth, in every little snippet of conversation I’ve had with people, every game I’ve watched, every interview I’ve transcribed this season I’ve never doubted any squad member’s commitment, I just hope it’s still there at the same level next season.

It won’t exactly be a quiet week for Glovers fans, or a quiet summer for that matter, but I hope YTFC supporters can enjoy their summers. It’ll be time to play ‘Guess the Trialist‘ soon.

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