The National League have announced a number of changes to their National League TV offerings.

In a statement, they said.

“Sadly, the demand for streaming this season for National League North and South matches has not been enough to warrant the continuation of the streaming provision in its current guise.

The changes outlined below will allow the League to provide less games but apply more focus on those selected games and ensure a high-quality stream is provided.

What is changing?
From the beginning of February, the number of National League North and South games will be significantly reduced – however, selected fixtures will continue to be streamed and will be selected on a round-by-round basis. These will be communicated to fans in advance of the fixture and these fixtures will still be available both domestically and internationally.

When will games be streamed?
On ‘full’ matchdays – fixtures will be selected from each division. Remaining ‘full’ matchdays are on the following dates:

• Tuesday 20 February
• Tuesday 9 March
• Saturday 23 March (International Break)
• Friday 29 March (Good Friday)
• Monday 1 April (Easter Monday)

Fixtures not on these dates that have been rearranged will be reviewed to assess their viability for streaming.”

We’ll do our best to keep you informed which games this applies to from a YTFC point of view.

Furthermore, back on December 31st, Gloverscast Ben asked the following questions of both the National League and Stream AMG, no response from either has been offered.

1) Can you confirm how many streams have been purchased in total for the calendar year of 2023?
2) How many supporters are signed up to the programme and have declared themselves as Yeovil Town fans during the sign up process.
3) How much, in terms of revenue has been paid out, in total to ALL National League & National League North and South as a direct result of revenue from purchased streams?
4) How much has Yeovil Town specifically received during the calendar year of 2023 from the purchases of NLTV Streams.
5) Does National League TV still employ the same breakdown percentages as it did when it launched with regards how profits are distributed? If not, when did that change, and what does the new breakdown look like?
6) How many refunds have been processed so far across all three divisions?
7) Why were monthly passes removed in early November 2023 and will the options of Monthly passes resume in 2024?
8) Will entire season tickets be available for the 2024/25 season?
9) How will feedback on the service be collated from fans and clubs on how the service is run and what potential improvements could be made.
10) Is the National League and its board happy with the first full year of hosting a streaming service and are you confident of it going from strength to strength?


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Phil A
4 months ago

Could this mean they will stream those games which bring the most revenue? Teams like ours, Torquay, Scunthorpe, and other “bigger” teams at this level may be a viable consideration?

With so many games rescheduled due to postponement, there will be more Tuesday night games that could be streamed (but won’t) which is possibly a bit short sighted from the streaming service?

Peter Chubb
4 months ago

As I live 110 miles away from Yeo the streaming service is invaluable and I always subscribe to every match televised. It has to be said that the ‘service’ has significantly deteriorated this season from 2022/3- in particular the absence of any commentary at most matches . It also appears to only use one camera to cover the whole match , no replay ability , late starts – indeed it is very amateurish .

Instead of cutting it back / Vanarama league should be striving to make it a more attractive service . In addition., why isn’t it trying to get some external advertising support .

I am involved in a national motor racing club and we introduced televised race meetings two years ago . I know the costs involved and initially it can be quite daunting. Our streamings were pretty rudimentary during the first season but we have stuck at it and are now attracting good audiences . It can be done – the Vanarama league needs to be putting more effort into attracting financial support rather than cutting back !