Jordan Young spoke to BBC Somerset’s Ian Randall following the Glovers 2-2 draw at Dartford. Here’s what he had to say.

Ian Randall: Jordan, thanks for your time. What was Mark’s message at the end?

Jordan Young: Probably disappointment. Overall, I think you know, [in the] first half, we had so many chances. It was frustrating that we didn’t put more away and then conceded one goal in the first half that was the only thing they did. You know, it’s disappointing when you come at half time. Second-half is always going to be difficult. You know, disappointing overall.

IR: Did you speak about the wind as a factor in the game? Because when you were left to play with it in the first half, were you conscious that and you we’ve got to make capital out of this?

JY: A little bit. I mean, obviously you can see in the first half you know the ball’s going up in the air and it’s running through. So you know, Murph gambled really well and got in a couple of times and yeah, we used that. In the second-half it wasn’t as bad, I don’t think so it was kind of more of an even game I would say.

IR: And you know, you had two attempts from distance in the first half. One just over the bar, one that clipped the top of the bar, and Sonny Blu, hit the bar from halfway. So it was the day when there might have been a really unusual goal scored?

JY: Yeah, of course. I’m just waiting for a free kick to actually go in instead of hitting the bar every week. You know, but that’s the thing it’s game of margins, isn’t it? You know, one of them goes in it’s 2-0, it’s a different storyline. Yeah, we’ve just got to keep going. We’re in a good position, just got to keep going.

IR: And equally, you had to keep going when Chin scored as well, because to come out of this with nothing would have seemed, would have seemed desperately unjust. And it was Michael’s cut back when he got away on the right that created your goal to make it 2-2.

JY: Yeah, well, we we always know we can score goals and I think it was a sloppy goal to concede, the second one. We just needed to make sure that we didn’t lose the game in the end, which we did, you know, and it’s an away game. You come away, sometimes you take a point, don’t you?

IR: As the season has unravelled, have have you noticed that people are paying more and more attention to you as an individual and they get markers doubling up on you. You know, you’re you’re having a lot more fouls committed against you, that sort of thing?

JY: Not particularly. I think we’ve got good players in our team and we’ve got good wingers the other side as well. We get a lot of fouls because we attack quite frequently with our team. It’s obviously a compliment that when someone doubles up on you, there’s space somewhere else in there. So that’s just what we’re trying to do.

IR: And at 2-2 at the end, 10 minutes to go you were still chasing the third one and, in fact, both teams were to be fair?

JY: Yeah, it was a bit end to end. I mean, we wanted to win the game, so of course we’re going to look for a goal and make sure we we’re solid at the back, which we were in the end. Yeah, we take the point away.

IR: What does the next week look like?

JY: We’ve got no midweek game, so a little bit of rest in the week and then we go again next week.

IR: Do you do you need that? [a rest]

JY: I think so. I mean, we had lots of games, haven’t we? Saturday Tuesday, and we’ve had three games this week. So I think I think the boys definitely need it, yeah.

IR: And Hampton next week is is important too, because they’re tucked right in behind you, aren’t they?

JY: Yeah, it’s a massive game and we’ll go into that fresh and looking to win.

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