Yeovil Town Supporters, riled by constant nonsense have clubbed together to launch ‘Nonsense Free Day’ to take place on 9th of August every year.

With the club making worldwide headlines 24 hours of the day, 7 days-a-week for things that probably haven’t even happened, a group Glovers had had enough.

Following an opening day defeat, which was marred by nonsense of the highest order, the NFD organisation felt need to act. Speaking to exclusively Planet365 Express at their London Eye HQ Defin Itley-Arealname, NFD Executive Vice-Co Chairhuman said: “I’m just bored of it. We support a football club and its never about the football. Why on earth people feel the need to create drama from nothing, or put themselves in the spotlight is bewildering. We hope fellow Glovers join this day and pray for a quiet day where we can get on with our lives in peace.”

Peter Choppington, a pig farmer from Ninesprings Country Park has supported Yeovil Town for 89 years. “I fully support a nonsense free day. We’ve been through the ringer these last few years and quite frankly I’m sick of the lot of them. Hopefully this weekend will just be about the bloody bladder being kicked around on an actual field.”

Not everyone is on board though. We spoke to Stefan Knight, who claims to be a YTFC Supporter. Talking from his Albert Square base he said: “These bloody snow flakes can’t handle a bit of libel and fake news. [Burp] Rubbish. In my day we used scrap over a tin of corned beef on the terrace every weekend and we all laughed it off. [burps] All they want is their own way all the time and when they don’t they throw their toys out of the pram on social media, sharing private conversations. Snowflakes.”

“When I made my millions on the go-karts I very nearly bought Merriott FC and promised them hundreds of pounds, but you know…[he tailed off here] I know everything about everything,” he added.

While there’s no guarantee of a Nonsense Free Day, all we can do is hope that Wednesday 9th of August passes without anything globally newsworthy occuring in South Somerset.

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