141 supporters shared their views on December and gave now Mark Cooper a score of 5.16 out of 7 and scored the players performance at 4.78 out of 7 –  both a slight drop on the November scores.

Off the pitch, with the average score to the question ‘What would score the ownership/board this month?’ fell to 2.10 out of 7. With regards to communication the score dropped by 0.27 to 2.2 out of 7 and supporters scored the matchday experience 3.12.

We also asked supporters if they supported a takeover of the club, this received a score of 6.33 out of 7.

Thank you to the 141 supporters who took part, take part in January’s survey here.

Aug 22Sep 22Oct 22Nov 22Dec 22Jan 23Feb 23Mar 23Apr 23Aug 23Sep 23Oct 23Nov 23
What would you score the ownership/board this month?2.131.881.652.352.11.892.133.252.583.915.56.365.08
How has the manager performed this month?3.372.91.935.545.
What would you score the communication from the club this month?2.322.191.942.472.21.842.543.51.365.275.385.885.21
What would you score the match day experience this month?2.762.
How have the players performed this month?3.603.472.325.344.784.753.293.252.345.55.315.65.35

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