Last month, 150 of your gave your score on September. Mark Cooper’s stock rose from 3.91 to 5.5 out of 7 and the players score improved by 1.32 to reach 5.64. The ownership/board score hit 5.38 and communication stayed steady at 5.28. Lastly the matchday experience scored 5.31. (NB: There was feedback from some exiles that they couldn’t pass comment on the experience so this question is no longer mandatory this time)

Aug 22Sep 22Oct 22Nov 22Dec 22Jan 23Feb 23Mar 23Apr 23Aug 23Sep 23Oct 23Nov 23
What would you score the ownership/board this month?2.131.881.652.352.11.892.133.252.583.915.56.365.08
How has the manager performed this month?3.372.91.935.545.
What would you score the communication from the club this month?2.322.191.942.472.21.842.543.51.365.275.385.885.21
What would you score the match day experience this month?2.762.
How have the players performed this month?3.603.472.325.344.784.753.293.252.345.55.315.65.35

We thought an unbeaten September was good. In October, Super Cooper’s Glovers won them all…

Yeovil Town 3 – 1 Aveley
Yeovil Town 2 – 0 Southend United
Worthing 1 – 2 Yeovil Town
Yeovil Town 2 – 0 W*ymouth
Yeovil Town 2 – 0 Braintree 

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5 months ago

P5 W5. Score 11 concede 2. Win in the FA Cup. Beat Weymouth. Outcome? Player rating drops! What is it about Yeovil fans!