In a long thread post on his Twitter channel, prospective Yeovil Town owner Matt Uggla has responded to claims from manager Mark Cooper that he had not been backed in the transfer market.

The thread can be viewed on Twitter – click here – and if you are interested in it, that is probably the best place to read it in full because some tweets seem to have been deleted and the narrative is a little tricky to follow.

However, after we published comments made by the manager claiming he was not supported in the transfer market, it only seems fair to give right of reply to the owner-in-waiting. If you wanted to read what Cooper said about Nouble – see here.

On Nouble, he says: “The fact Frank Nouble didn’t sign is down to a number of reasons. One being Mark Cooper and his agent. We have back the man. Plus he sat in my house in Hampstead in January saying we don’t need to sign anyone else.

Recognising that there’s people for and people against Cooper staying as manager and SU Glovers completing the takeover of the deal from chairman Scott Priestnall, we’re happy to report both sides of what is a very public civil war.

But……these antics (on both sides) could not be further away from the calls for unity we have heard from both sides in recent weeks and quite frankly they are only making a bad situation in to an absolute laughing stock.

Uggla signs off his thread: “This is my last tweet until the start of next season when positivity will be back.” Now that does sound like a good idea.

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1 year ago

Absolute circus. It would help if we had confirmation as soon as possible about the club ownership

sam shane
1 year ago

never any chance of staying up with a bitter divide at a crucial time. What a train wreck of a club.

colin john greenham
1 year ago

i think they are playing cat and mouse with us all they should be known as tom and jerry i think they are taking the p—

robert talboys
1 year ago

I think the main thing now is we stay afloat regroup for next season l hope the new owners stay and if we can keep full time we have a very good chance of coming straight back up l thought the ref yesterday was very poor not that is a excuse l think if the new owner is making the decision on recruitment he is young and will learn

Chris Hart
1 year ago

The sensible and professional option here would be to see the season through and any disagreement to be discussed behind closed doors. What we have instead is a disaster for this great football club and what a black and white image we have between us and Wrexham. The players and to some extent the manager cannot take responsibility for the mayhem behind the scenes and the frankly ludicrous time it has taken for the current owner and the prospective buyers to complete the takeover. This has impacted the club massively. I therefore hope that this situation is resolved quickly and I would add that life in VLS will only be tolerable if there is new and massive investment into the team, and only the team for the foreseeable future. On the field success is more important than buns and teas and pleasant seats to sit in! That will come if we fill the stadium with happy fans, and its been one hell of a long time since any of us have been happy.

1 year ago

Shameful behaviour. Totally unprofessional. Good idea to keep off his Twitter or any social media if he can’t behave in a professional manner we don’t need this things are bad enough. ACHIEVE BY UNITY if you don’t know our club motto Matt.

1 year ago

Good grief. Remember all the moaning about the previous owners before Priestnall? Can we have them back? What a mess for Yeovil and Town fans everywhere. It’s a pigs breakfast at best. Isn’t there anyone with the resources to come in and sort the club out?

Robert Talboys
1 year ago

I think we should get of matt uggla back lf he walks away what then l have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years l will carry on supporting yeovil regard less okay we will be relegated we have been poor all season since the good days of the championship and winning the trothy we have been on a down ward spiral let’s all give matt a chance

Andy Murray
1 year ago

If new owners and Mark Cooper, are having a civil war in public, not likely to be a good working relationship for the future. Mark Cooper is proven as a Manager, where the new owners aren’t proven in running a football team, so go with what you know. Anyone with experience of running a football club available, out there?