The Glovers’ Trust has appointed three new board members.

Ben Wood, Mark Kelly and Mike Hudson has joined the board, replacing Adam Skinner, John Oakes and Steve Seaby, who have all stepped down.

In an update to members, the Trust said:  “Nominations for the board closed last Monday and we can confirm that there is no need for an election process this year.

“As per our constitution, half of the standing board must put themselves up for reelection if they wish to continue on the board.

“Three members of the board have opted not to stand for reelection, two have stood again and we have had three members apply to join.

“This brings us up to ten board members and means there will be no vote.”

Barrie David and Vernon Edmunds will remain on the Board.

The Trust will hold its Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 18, starting at 7pm.

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