Matt Worthington lifts the National League South championship trophy.📸 Gary Brown

Well, the season has come to an end and the class of 2023/24 were crowned Champions of National League South. Here’s our rankings of each player for this season.

As per usual Gloverscast rules, the ratings will be 1-7 with seven being the perfect score. We’ll try to combine their performances with their overall influence, and how the season went for them. We are marking them individually, based on our expectations of them, rather than comparing them with other members of the first team.

Will Buse

Ian: I had high hopes for Buse given his end of season performance in 22/23. Never seemed to properly recover after the mistake at Hemel which seemed to impact the whole defence. 2

Ben: I stand by my comments from earlier in the season that he’s a good goalkeeper who will do just fine at either National League or NLS level, his quality at Bath showed just that, it might not be for us, but there’s a good shot stopper there. 3

Dave: I am sure if Bath City fans were writing this, they would have a much higher opinion. If there was a difficult time in this season, Buse played in it. Maybe his loan will make him a National League Premier keeper. Maybe. 2

Picture Courtesy of Gary Brown

Michael Smith

Ian: Just how we pulled this off I’m not sure. His quality, experience and leadership was felt across the pitch from the moment he arrived. 6

Ben: Honestly, a quite ridiculous signing, totally changed out right hand side both going forward and defensively, shouldn’t be playing at this level. Cult hero, lovely voice. 6

Dave: Signing of the Season?  He’s got to be close in a very competitive race. Such experience, such leadership, so quality. 6

Morgan Williams

Ian: Finally settled into a centre back position after seasons of doing jobs across the backline. Formed an imperious partnership with Jake Wannell eventually, scored some important goals and got himself a chant.  6

22/23 Review: His injury against Eastleigh now looks like it was hugely damaging. Whether he’s centre back, right back, left back, right wing back, left wing back or even centre midfield, Morgan Williams gives everything in a Yeovil Town shirt. As much as we’d like a team of Josh Stauntons, personally I’d take a team of Morgan Williams as well. 5

21/22 Review: What a season Morgan Williams has had. In his first full season in men’s football he’s played across the backline and at wingback. He’s stayed fit, had just seven bookings all season and has been the perfect example of a young player taking their opportunity. 6

Ben: What a wonderful defensive season he’s had, kicked a ball (headed a ball) in every game in the league and carried himself wonderfully. Chipping in with big goals at big times, in big game. Goals win you games, defences win you titles 6

22/23 Review: Well, we certainly missed him towards the end, didn’t we? A versatile player who could well be vital next season, injury stops this being higher, but he’s a character we need to keep around 4

21/22 Review: Where did that come from!? He was searching YouTube for ‘how to play left back’ in the hotel before the Wrexham game, and ended up keeping two far more established left backs out the team. Future is bright for Williams if he carries on like that. 6

Dave: Is Williams the same without Wannell? Is Wannell the same without Williams? Who knows? All I know is that they have both been immense this season. The man has played every game this season, that alone is impressive, but to score the crucial goals he has along the way, that is a champion. 6

22/23 Review: Boy how we missed him when he wasn’t there. Showed versatility again this season and when we were solid defensively he was a big part of it. Would very much want to see him back next season. 4

21/22 Review: Given he has played almost his entire campaign out of position, Williams has been more solid than I could have hoped. Struggles against pace and still has a lot to learn, but he’s made great strides this season. 5

Jake Wannell 

Ian: An inspired piece of business by Mark Cooper. Needed coaching through the first few games but look up calm in the dictionary and Wannell will be there. Great on the ball and just the right amount of needle. One of the most complete centre backs we’ve had in a long time.  6

Ben: My player of the season. I wasn’t sure he’d start when we signed him, but he’s gone from strength to strength and offered so much, a couple goals for good measure and every bit the mammoth defender we’ve wanted. 6

Dave: Of all the players we signed this summer, I would have not picked him as my Player of the Season back in August – but he was. So composed on the ball, such a good partner to Williams. 6

Alex Whittle

Ian: If Wannell is the definition of calm, Alex Whittle is the definition of reliable. A terrific fullback who was every bit as important as Michael Smith, if not less spectacular. Provided balance and discipline while the right side marauded.  6

Ben: Mr consistent, indeed. Part of a defensive unit that will go down as one of the most consistent in green and white for a long, long time. Settled in well, links up well with others, very little gets past him at the other end. Cracking signing. 5

Dave: Every title-winning team has those players who just do it every week. Alex Whittle was that player. 5


Matt Worthington v Welling
Pic: Gary Brown

Matt Worthington

Ian: Every season I think we can get more out of Worthy and this season we did once again. His energy and unrelenting running in midfield was irrepressible once again. The standard-setter. The Skipper. 6

22/23 Review: When I look back my review from last season, I think it’s fair to say there’s been a hell of a jump from Worthy. From having to carry a centre of midfield under Hargreaves, to moving forward when Mark Cooper tightened things up, Worthy has made huge strides this season. He’s added a few goals and assists to his phenomenal running. If we lose him in the summer I won’t hold it against him. 6

21/22 Review: 29 starts for Matt Worthington this season. No goals and two reds against Kings Lynn Town. Last season I said I wanted more from Worthy and we didn’t see it. He’s a super-athlete who won’t stop running, but I don’t think he’s effective enough in the areas we should expect him to be. 3

Ben: He’s deserved this season more than most, I’m so pleased for him, to put the miles in for a winning team and wearing the armband whilst doing it is a wonderful achievement, a couple goals shy of where we’d like him, but he’s been through it all with us and now, rightfully, a Champion. 5

21/22 Review: I like Matt Worthington. I wanted to see him be important, and he was. I feel like screaming at Bradley and Gorman… ‘that is what you were meant to be’. Our longest serving player and I think I’d love to see more of him and Staunton together in the middle. 5.

Dave: We always knew he had the energy, we always wanted goals and leadership. This season we got it. If any player deserved to lift that trophy with the captain’s armband on, it’s Worthy. Now it’s time for the Skipper to show me can do it the next level up. 6

22/23 Review: In a season where so many players let us down, you cannot say that about Worthy. He added a few goals to the non-stop running which he has become synonymous for in a green-and-white shirt. I can only hope we hold on to him this summer, but fear we will not. 5

21/22 Review: Worthington didn’t quite live up to the hype of being a real influence on the team, but he did more than enough to make me think I’d be sorry to lose him in the summer. He could certainly fill the boots of a player like Dale Gorman in the middle of the park. If he stays, I would like to see more goals from him although that one against W*ymouth in the Cup was beautiful. 4

Charlie Cooper

Ian: Has a player ever divided opinion like Charlie Cooper? Sure, he had his sloppy moments, but when he’s good he keeps things ticking over and does the dirty work.  5

2022/23 review: Came in and added some grit to our midfield. Good on the ball but needs a partner to help protect him. 4


I thoroughly disliked the slander Charlie Cooper got throughout this season.  His dead ball deliveries caused havoc and his ability to dictate play throughout the season, was exemplary. He deserved a goal, he didn’t deserve the negative comments. 5

2022/23: The commander of calm, we needed Josh Staunton at central defender, we just needed Charlie Cooper in midfield to allow that to happen. I’m a fan 5

Dave: What is Worthy without Cooper? I would say Worthy’s best performances have come with Cooper alongside him. He’s had me groaning in frustration this season, yes, but he is very bit as worthy a champion as any of this squad. 5

Dave: A calming influence in an otherwise erratic (often anonymous) midfield. If only we had had him longer. 4

Josh Owers

Ian: Josh will always have that goal against Eastbourne. I enjoyed his run in the team and was disappointed when he dropped out of the team, but with depth in midfield his chances were few and far between after Braintree.  4

Ben: We may never know just how good he could go on to be, never did anything wrong when given snippets of chances, a lovely goal against Eastbourne is a seasonal highlight. 3

Dave: He can feel hard done by for not getting more chances, but I would not have changed a thing about this season. Good when he was good, I hope he has the chance to be good wherever he goes next. 2

He shoots, he scores! Finish from Sonny Blu Lo Everton
? Gary Brown


Ian: Well who thought we’d see Sonny again? I stand by what I said in 21/22, but this time round he handled the physicality. Did jobs in centre midfield, out wide and in behind the strikers. His performance against Torquay was a particular highlight. I really want to see him kick on next season. 5

21/22 Review: A supremely gifted footballer who we’ve watched progress this season. Technically superb and vision to boot. The National League felt too physical for him at times. 4

Ben: What a lovely surprise this season has been from SBLE. We weren’t expecting him to return, even less so were we expecting an all round midfield maestro. He did it all this season and I am delighted he did it in green and white. 5

21/22 Review: Sonny Blu Lo-Everton will have got far more out of this loan than Yeovil. His future lies way higher than the National League, we will spot his name scoring for a League One club in a couple year and say ‘oh yeah, remember him’. 4

Dave: A touch of true class on this team. It’s been a pleasure to see him move the ball around. Hope he can kick on even more this season. 5

21/22 Review: Showed moments of real class and will remember him for his showings away at Stockport and Altrincham in particular, but generally more anonymous than anything. 3

Will Dawes

Ian: As honest as the day is long. A hard-worker who gave his all in green and white and got people on their feet with his direct running. 4

22/23 Review: I feel for Will Dawes. Coming from where he came from and for reasons many will understand if they can read between the lines. Didn’t expect him to be the next Tom Knowles as Hargreaves did, but maybe he can make an impact next season. 3

Ben: Such a popular member of the group, it’s a real shame he departs without plenty of minutes for us this season. I was really expecting him to break through down the left this season. Never saw him do anything wrong, just never got the minutes. 3

22/23 Review: It’s not his fault he came from Stratford, his loan spells showed that maybe his level was NLS and that might be handy – everyone I’ve spoken to about him, says he’s the nicest lad and wants desperately to do well, i’m not against him getting that chance. 2

Dave: Another player who never really got his chance to shine. Did his part. 2

22/23 review: His transfer is still worthy of regulatory review, but can’t hold that against him. Who knows next season he may be the business. 2

Jordan Stevens

Ian: The expectation on Jordan Stevens this season was high, perhaps unfairly. His rapid pace was a weapon but we just didn’t see it enough…again. His injuries have hampered him, sadly. His worldly at Hampton makes it a 3.

22/23 review: What I saw of him, I really liked. A nippy, speed merchant who we definitely didn’t see enough of. A shame he did his hamstring when everyone else did, I think we might have had a different end to the season had he stayed fit. I’ll give him a because it wasn’t his fault he got injured.

Ben: Potential to be “more than double” last seasons score of 2. He gets the 4 because of how exciting he was and how much he really affected games that he did play. I imagine only he himself is more gutted than YTFC fans that his hamstrings are made of Quavers. 4

22 23 If we are judging him on just the very short amount of time we actually saw him, this might be a REALLY high score, but you can’t get a high score sat in the stands. (with potential to easily more than double that next season)

Dave: I had really high hopes and, in flashes, he showed it. Sadly his body could not match his talent. We’ll always have Hampton. 3

2022/23: Looked good from what I saw but didn’t see enough of it. Is there an echo in here? Injury cost him and cost us. 3

Jordan Young

Ian: When Jordan Young was on form this season, he was unplayable. The wand of a left foot scored some beautiful goals this season, but his form dipped in the 2nd half of it. Hopefully he can regain that form which saw him given a new deal. 5

22/23 review: Was so close to making something happen. Struggled towards the end of the season when he was probably rushed back in our fight for survival. Should be comfortable in NLS. 3

Ben: At times, you couldn’t pry the ball off his left foot, at times it felt like he’d score or create every time he gets the ball. If he adds some consistency to his game, he’s an EFL player in the making. A serious talent. 5

2022/23 review: Grew into the season, wen’t from a rabbit in the full time head lights to someone I was quite excited about when he got on the ball, tough to ask so much of him at times, but I think there’s a decent enough little player to be coached out of him. 3

Dave: If he was a nearly man last season, he was the man this season. Top scorer in a title-winning season where the goals came from everywhere and unplayable when he was on his game. Add consistency to his game and he is an EFL player, no question. 5

2022/23 review: Another nearly man and a striker without a goal in 19 games isn’t going to rank too high. Add him to the ‘one for next season’ list. 2

Alex Fisher

Ian: What a story this man finished. Scored crucial goals and made a big impact in the run-in. A top man who was able to go out on a high, as a Champion. 5

22/23 review: Signed by Chris Hargreaves to be the focal point of our attack, didn’t score anywhere near enough goals, even if he did score a couple of beauts. Had he not picked up his injury against Southend, we may have looked a bit less hopeless up front in those final few games.  2

Ben: A redemption arc like no other. I am so glad he got his return, he got his moments, he got his goals. I genuinely think there was a place for him next season, but he leaves as a hero and a champion. 5

22/23 review: a character, a leader, but not enough of a goal scorer, that injury will define his season and that’s really sad, absolutely has a part to play for the club going forward 3

Dave: A fairytale ending. We’ll always remember those goals and without him it would have been a much nervier end of the season. Thankyou, Fish. 3

2022/23 review: He was never going to be one to score us a hatful of goals and the fact he was our joint top scorer tells its own tale. I’d still have him over Reuben Reid. 2

Rhys Murphy’s spot kick was saved on Saturday. Picture courtesy of Gary Brown.

Rhys Murphy

Ian: Another season where the bagsman bagged. You know what you’re getting with Rhys Murphy, goals and the odd injury and we had that this season. Probably should have scored more than he did. Hopefully he’ll remain a Glover. 5

20/21 Review: It’s a shame that we’re losing our proper poacher. We remember the goals but also need to think about the injuries that meant he missed large chunks of the season. We were much more threatening with him in the side and he matched our expectations, 5.

Ben: The Bagsman. Injuries stopped it from being a ridiculous season, he’ll have to settle for very, very good instead. I’m sure he’ll be OK with that. A natural born finisher. 5

20/21 Review: A goal getting, poaching, fox in the box, attacking mercenary. Get in, get goals, get paid, get out. We’ve been better for having him, we can be upset he’s leaving, I’ll remember him for what he did in the 6-yard box rather than how he left us. But it does cost him a place in the 6/7 club. 5

Dave: The comfortable lead at the top of the table which ultimately won us the title was down in a huge part to Murphy’s goal. Still the most natural finisher I have seen in green-and-white since Jevons. I hope he stays. 5

20/21 Review: Too good for this division and a shame he hasn’t backed himself to do it in the League, yet still up there with the likes of Jevons and Madden in my books. 13 goals in 31 appearances is some going. 5.

Frank Nouble

Ian: The Governor. Influential throughout the season, especially when he was the experienced head amongst a young front line. Dragged his teammates through it and scored a few goals along the way. Who knows how 22/23 would have finished had we signed him.  6

Ben: The Guvnor, big Frank. There are few more exciting feelings than seeing Frank in full flow, crashing through players, eating up yards and getting us up the field. With community and off the field bonus points too, he is a player the club should build around for the next few years. 6

Dave: Those partnerships we’ve spoken about all seadon, Frank has been a part of several of them. Hard to underestimate his importance to what we have achieved and proved one of our most important additions this season. Now on to the next level, big man. 6

Jake Hyde

Ian: Another player hampered by injuries, as was the gamble. He scored some important goals before his injury and played his part. Wish we’d seen more!  3

Ben: Big goals at big times so dont underestimate that. Just thought darn injuries. 3

Dave: Turned out to be the player I thought we had signed. An influential, some crucial goals, but, man, those injuries. 3

Dylan Morgan

Ian: Started to fly as the season concluded. I’m excited to see what he brings next season. 4

Ben: His first few cameos suggested to me that maybe he’ll need time, but by the end of the season he was in full flow… with a full pre season under his belt I think we might have a really exciting prospect.  4

Dave: There is something there. If he carries on where he left off, we could be writing good things about this lad next season. 4

Sam Pearson

Ian: Well who saw that coming? The return of Sam Pearson was a suprise in the 2nd half of the season. Showed some sparks, great pace and a handful of goals – he should have scored more too. Hope he stays on and pushes on in the National League. 4

2022/23 review: Probably one of our brightest sparks in the first half of the season, looked like he could make things happen before the weird fatigue departure. 3

Ben: He’s all hustle and bustle, so much energy in there. As with a few others (and plenty at this level) consistency is the only thing stopping him from flying up the levels, I’d love it if he did more of that with us. 4

Dave: Don’t call it a comeback, this season was a rebirth for Sam Pearson. Came in at an important time and brought us something different. If he can take Murph’s Finishing School this summer, he can really shine next season. 4

2022/23: There was something there, scored at Dorking but then got tired. 1

The Loanees

Super Joe Day in Goal 📸 Gary Brown

Joe Day

Ian: Mark Cooper pivoted after just six league matches to swoop for Joe Day – and what a difference he made. Pulled off some brilliant stops in the his first few games as the Glovers’ solidity began to show. Enjoyed plenty of quiet games without letting standards slip. 6

Ben: Wow, I’ve said many times, I didn’t mind Will Buse at all, but my word having Joe Day in goal has made things a million times better. He gives me Steve Mildenhall vibes. Sign him on. 6

Dave: Super Joe Day’s in goal. We simply would not be champions without him. 6

Jay Foulston

Ian: It’s not easy to deputise for Alex Whittle, but Foulston did that by the end of the season. Would have loved to have seen him get forward more. I’d get him back in for 2024/25. 4

Ben: I hope we go on to keep Jay, I think he’s got plenty of flexibility and versatility, he could well be an additional set piece danger too. 3

Dave: I’m still undecided on Foulston. Towards the end of the season he looked comfortable, but never much more than that. 3

Brooklyn Genesini

Ian: Came in when we needed cover Smith and he fit like a Glove. A local lad, released by Swindon and an easy decision to make in my book. 4

Ben: When we lost Michael Smith for a spell, i was worried, but Genesini came in at the drop of a hat and slotted straight in, he could do a LOT worse than to stay and learn from Smith next year. 3

Dave: I was impressed when I saw him. Great energy, a strong tackle and now a free agent. I’d love to see more of him next season. 4

Sonny Cox

Ian: A couple of good goals and played in a few positions. A young man with plenty of potential! 3

Ben: I’m chuffed to see him go on to do well at Exeter so soon after finishing with us, an exciting prospect. 3

Dave: Still learning his trade, but proof (if it were needed) that going on loan is worth a million academy games. He’ll go far. 3

Olly Thomas

Ian: He’s still raw, but has all the attributes to be a force up front. Physically, pacey and knows where the goal is. A real shame we didn’t see more of him towards the end of the season. 3

Ben: I hope he doesn’t get pigeon holed as a super sub, but there’s no doubt that he was excellent as an impact but struggled from the start. 2

Dave: I was excited by him after some cameos off the bench and that feels like what he brought to the team. Still learning any still growing, I’d not be surprised to see him back. 3

Jahmari Clarke

Ian: We’ll always have Torquay at home. 3

Ben: Couple of nice games, couple of nice goals. 2

Dave: Awful at Braintree, dynamite after he got his first against Torquay. Add him to your ‘he played for Yeovil’ list. 2

The Ones Who Left

Yeovil Town captain Josh Staunton. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Josh Staunton

Ian: Didn’t have his release on my bingo card for this season. After all his heroics last season he struggled at the start of this and fell down the pecking order. 2

22/23 Review: What else can be said about Josh Staunton? The leader of the club during really dark days. Not to mention changing the National League contracts that were going to be imposed upon his colleagues across the country. 6

21/22 Review: The captain in waiting. Josh Staunton did it all for Yeovil Town this season. For him to top it off by managing the club through the final game of the season was madness. Build the squad in his image and mentality and we’ll do alright. 5

Ben: I cant give him a high score, because he simply didn’t play. I hope he knows hes a Champion. 2

22/23 Review: Captain, Leader, Legend. 6

21/22 Review: Just build the statue (Insert link to ‘Most Important Player since Skivo’ blog HERE). 6.

Dave: Oh Josh, it shouldn’t have been this way. He got a medal and he deserved it for the seasons past rather than this one. 2

2022/23: In the same way you can’t imagine the depths this season could have dropped to without Grant Smith, where would we be without Josh Staunton? Literally put his body on the line (again) but his true contribution was much more than that. 6

21/22 Review: What isn’t to love about this guy? Great player, dependable, a leader, and will literally put his body on the line for this club. If you’re in a war, you want Josh Staunton alongside you. The perfect player to become the first to re-sign, now give him the armband. 5

Jordan Maguire-Drew

Ian: Tore it up during pre-season and looked like he’d be key. Got a new contract and disappeared. The loan with an option to taken on a free transfer (which wasn’t taken up by Barnet) looks like we’ll have to find a way to move on another costly attacking midfielder. 2

22/23 review: We thought we had a player. I think we still do, but clearly injury took its toll on JMD. Showed glimpses of what he’s about but will need to get fit and consistently produce next season if we’re going to come back at the first time of asking. 2

Ben: Erm… same as last year… a flash of sheer class that makes me feel so… Meh 2

22/23: I don’t understand, how can a flash of sheer class and quality become so, meh..? Get this boy fit and firing and we’ve got a serious player, until then 3

Dave: That free-kick for Morgan Williams’ goal at Worthing. That’s about all I’ve got. Should’ve been great, but sadly that will be the epitaph of his career. What happens next? 2

2022/23: Remember that little chip over the keeper on New Year’s Day? That and a great display in our only away win of the season at Dagenham was about it. Has so much class, didn’t show enough of it. 2

Jamie Sendles White

Ian: Brought in as a leader, but never really felt like it. An important goal at Weston, though. 3

Ben: All a bit confusing, wasn’t it? I was really excited about his signing, but he just so rarely played. Looked already against WSM… but, yeah, that was that. 2

Dave: Never really saw him, then he got injured. 2

Oh, I forgot about them…

Not much to be said for Courtney Senior. Genuinely forgot about Zac Bell. 😬

Dave: Did okay(ish) away at Eastbourne.

Obviously, these ratings are subjective. Let us know your thoughts below…

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Jordan Young – 5, Alex Fisher – 5, Charlie Cooper – 5? Lol