Well, the season has come to an end and the class of 2022/23 were relegated to National League South. Here’s our rankings of each player for this season.

As per usual Gloverscast rules, the ratings will be 1-7 with seven being the perfect score. We’ll try to combine their performances with their overall influence, and how the season went for them. We are marking them individually, based on our expectations of them, rather than comparing them with other members of the first team.

Grant Smith. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Grant Smith

Ian: What a season this man has had. Kept us alive in every match when it seemed impossible. Some of the saves he made were genuinely out of this world. It’ll be a miracle if we keep him, so I’ll say it now: we’ll miss you Grant. 6

21/22 review: I was taken aback by the signing of Grant Smith at the start of the season. Deemed surplus to requirements at Chesterfield after a decent spell there. He was a definite upgrade on Adam Smith, and pulled out some brilliant saves at important moments this season. However, he had an error in him. Boreham Wood, Dover, Maidenhead and the less said about Dagenham the better.  4

Ben: Best ‘keeper in the League, without him, we would have finished 25th. 6

21/22 Review: A calm and collected step up from namesake Adam last year, a wonderful shot stopper who is just consistently from being a very good EFL keeper. One of the main priorities on my ‘to keep’ wishlist for the new season. A vitally important player. 5

Dave: If it wasn’t for him, we could have been down by Christmas. There were fewer errors this season than the one before, but the saves he made repeatedly kept us alive. If only we could keep him. 6

21/22 Review: A permanent signing between the posts was a real must for me in the summer and Grant Smith has proven a real safe pair of hands. He’s definitely got an error in him and we have seen a few of them this season, but at this level that is to be expected. Solid if not spectacular, I’d definitely want to see him back next season. 4

Max Hunt

Ian: It’s been a difficult season for Max Hunt. Struggled in Chris Hargreaves back three, looked good in a pair when Mark Cooper came in before being taken out of the team again. 3

21/22 Review: A very good first full season for Max Hunt. Partnered with Wilkinson, Staunton, Barclay, Robinson and Williams this season and looked comfortable more often than he didn’t. Calm and confident on the ball. It will be important to take up the option (if we have it) or offer him a new contract.  5

Ben: A difficult season without any consistency around him, not suited to a back three but never got long enough in a duo, I still want more from him going forward 3

21/22 Review: Now we are cooking. I think we underestimate how young and inexperienced Max is, but he’s moulded himself into a player we absolutely have to have next season. Calm and assured at all times, I’d have gone higher but he hasn’t added the goals to his game. 4

Dave: He could have been a player we could have built a team around, I still believe he could be. Like so many, undone by a defensive system which didn’t work for anyone, chuck an injury in there and not a vintage one. 2

21/22 Review: If there was a defender I wanted us to keep, it is Max Hunt, so delighted to hear he’s still ours. Turned in some imperious performances and has obviously learnt a lot from playing alongside Wilko. A player we can build a team around. 4


Morgan Williams

Ian: His injury against Eastleigh now looks like it was hugely damaging. Whether he’s centre back, right back, left back, right wing back, left wing back or even centre midfield, Morgan Williams gives everything in a Yeovil Town shirt. As much as we’d like a team of Josh Stauntons, personally I’d take a team of Morgan Williams as well. 5

21/22 Review: What a season Morgan Williams has had. In his first full season in men’s football he’s played across the backline and at wingback. He’s stayed fit, had just seven bookings all season and has been the perfect example of a young player taking their opportunity. 6

Ben: Well, we certainly missed him towards the end, didn’t we? A versatile player who could well be vital next season, injury stops this being higher, but he’s a character we need to keep around 4

21/22 Review: Where did that come from!? He was searching YouTube for ‘how to play left back’ in the hotel before the Wrexham game, and ended up keeping two far more established left backs out the team. Future is bright for Williams if he carries on like that. 6

Dave: Boy how we missed him when he wasn’t there. Showed versatility again this season and when we were solid defensively he was a big part of it. Would very much want to see him back next season. 4

21/22 Review: Given he has played almost his entire campaign out of position, Williams has been more solid than I could have hoped. Struggles against pace and still has a lot to learn, but he’s made great strides this season. 5

Jamie Reckord

Ian: Started well and is actually our joint 2nd highest scorer (although that says more about us than him I think). Showed leadership and experience in some games but struggled with injury – like many – on the final stretch.  4

Ben: Out the traps brilliantly, but I was really hoping he’d stand out when the going got tough and I’m just not sure I saw enough of that, I’m certainly not against him staying, but I would really hope he would have more to offer next season 3

Dave: As one of those with experience, he didn’t show enough of it for me. Too often looked uninterested. 2

Chiori Johnson

Ian: In some matches he was our brightest player. Fitness and a dearth of right-sided players meant he didn’t start that many games. Showed fight when many other didn’t in my view.  4

Ben: In a defensive unit that didn’t have any kind of consistency, I think he showed enough to suggest there’s a player there, would love to see what he could do in a calm, organised system that didn’t chop and change a lot.  4

Dave: Showed enough to suggest he could be a good player, unfortunately it’s hard to argue he was one this season. One to keep if we can. 3

Matt Worthington. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Matt Worthington

Ian: When I look back my review from last season, I think it’s fair to say there’s been a hell of a jump from Worthy. From having to carry a centre of midfield under Hargreaves, to moving forward when Mark Cooper tightened things up, Worthy has made huge strides this season. He’s added a few goals and assists to his phenomenal running. If we lose him in the summer I won’t hold it against him. 6

21/22 Review: 29 starts for Matt Worthington this season. No goals and two reds against Kings Lynn Town. Last season I said I wanted more from Worthy and we didn’t see it. He’s a super-athlete who won’t stop running, but I don’t think he’s effective enough in the areas we should expect him to be. 3

Ben: How can a player have a breakthrough campaign so long into his stint as a Glover and in a team doing so poorly? Worthy is gold for a club like Yeovil, I loved seeing him get forward and try and add that extra bit to his game, one of the stars.

75% of the Earth is covered by Water, the other 25% by Matt Worthington. 6

21/22 Review: I like Matt Worthington. I wanted to see him be important, and he was. I feel like screaming at Bradley and Gorman… ‘that is what you were meant to be’. Our longest serving player and I think I’d love to see more of him and Staunton together in the middle. 5.

Dave: In a season where so many players let us down, you cannot say that about Worthy. He added a few goals to the non-stop running which he has become synonymous for in a green-and-white shirt. I can only hope we hold on to him this summer, but fear we will not. 5

21/22 Review: Worthington didn’t quite live up to the hype of being a real influence on the team, but he did more than enough to make me think I’d be sorry to lose him in the summer. He could certainly fill the boots of a player like Dale Gorman in the middle of the park. If he stays, I would like to see more goals from him although that one against W*ymouth in the Cup was beautiful. 4

Josh Staunton

Ian: What else can be said about Josh Staunton? The leader of the club during really dark days. Not to mention changing the National League contracts that were going to be imposed upon his colleagues across the country. 6

21/22 Review: The captain in waiting. Josh Staunton did it all for Yeovil Town this season. For him to top it off by managing the club through the final game of the season was madness. Build the squad in his image and mentality and we’ll do alright. 5

Ben: Captain, Leader, Legend. 6

21/22 Review: Just build the statue (Insert link to ‘Most Important Player since Skivo’ blog HERE). 6.

Dave: In the same way you can’t imagine the depths this season could have dropped to without Grant Smith, where would we be without Josh Staunton? Literally put his body on the line (again) but his true contribution was much more than that. 6

21/22 Review: What isn’t to love about this guy? Great player, dependable, a leader, and will literally put his body on the line for this club. If you’re in a war, you want Josh Staunton alongside you. The perfect player to become the first to re-sign, now give him the armband. 5

Lawson D’Ath

Ian: 25 appearances for Lawson D’Ath this season and another one disrupted by injuries. His character and influence was probably felt off the pitch more than on it this season. Another man who has given so much for the club. 3

21/22 Review: One of the feelgood stories of our season. His return to the pitch was much-needed and provided us with some quality in midfield. Relieved he came through the season unscathed, albeit in mostly nothing games. Would like to see him kick into full gear when something’s at stake. 4

Ben: What a shame we may never see Lawson in a Yeovil shirt again, will go down as a player who wore the shirt with pride and cared greatly. From a football perspective, it never quite clicked in a chaotic midfield area. 3

21/22 Review: Classy, classy midfielder. He’s become a little more defensive maybe, a little more of a quarter-back. Maybe that’s what injuries do to a player. Can play higher, will play higher. 4

Dave: Put his body on the line for us (again) but sadly it just didn’t work like so many. 3

21/22 Review: Can I just cut and paste last year’s review here? Such a player, so much quality, we just don’t see enough of it. I’d still love him to be with us next season, but have a feeling he won’t be. 3


Charlie Cooper

Ian: Came in and added some grit to our midfield. Good on the ball but needs a partner to help protect him. 4

Ben: The commander of calm, we needed Josh Staunton at central defender, we just needed Charlie Cooper in midfield to allow that to happen. I’m a fan 5

Dave: A calming influence in an otherwise erratic (often anonymous) midfield. If only we had had him longer. 4

Jordan Maguire-Drew

Ian: We thought we had a player. I think we still do, but clearly injury took its toll on JMD. Showed glimpses of what he’s about but will need to get fit and consistently produce next season if we’re going to come back at the first time of asking. 2

Ben: I don’t understand, how can a flash of sheer class and quality become so, meh..? Get this boy fit and firing and we’ve got a serious player, until then 3

Dave: Remember that little chip over the keeper on New Year’s Day? That and a great display in our only away win of the season at Dagenham was about it. Has so much class, didn’t show enough of it. 2

Will Dawes

Ian: I feel for Will Dawes. Coming from where he came from and for reasons many will understand if they can read between the lines. Didn’t expect him to be the next Tom Knowles as Hargreaves did, but maybe he can make an impact next season. 3

Ben: It’s not his fault he came from Stratford, his loan spells showed that maybe his level was NLS and that might be handy – everyone I’ve spoken to about him, says he’s the nicest lad and wants desperately to do well, i’m not against him getting that chance. 2

Dave: His transfer is still worthy of regulatory review, but can’t hold that against him. Who knows next season he may be the business. 2

Scott Pollock in action for Yeovil Town. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Scott Pollock

Ian: A genuine shame we (SU Glovers) signed an exciting player like Scott injured. I think there was hope he’d be able to carry us out of trouble but struggle to get fit enough, quickly enough. If he stays, he can be a big part of our squad next season. 3

Ben: There’s something there, alright. I don’t know if we’ve seen it yet, certainly not it’s full potential, but I saw a player on the final day who wasn’t going to end the season 90 minutes early. I think I’ll grow to like him in time, this season though, through no real fault of his own… 3

Dave: I liked what flashes I saw of him, he’s definitely got some quality and came too late in the season to really do much with it. His record at our level (as we now must call it) is decent, so could be a big asset next season. 2

Jordan Stevens

Ian: What I saw of him, I really liked. A nippy, speed merchant who we definitely didn’t see enough of. A shame he did his hamstring when everyone else did, I think we might have had a different end to the season had he stayed fit. I’ll give him a because it wasn’t his fault he got injured.

Ben: If we are judging him on just the very short amount of time we actually saw him, this might be a REALLY high score, but you can’t get a high score sat in the stands. (with potential to easily more than double that next season)

Dave: Looked good from what I saw but didn’t see enough of it. Is there an echo in here? Injury cost him and cost us. 3


Callum Harriott

Ian: Was he even real? One of our ‘top’ signings who was brought in to help us climb out of trouble. Ah. 2

Ben: Urm… dunno, the fact he scored a goal means I’ll bump this to a three, but yeah… I don’t really know. 3

Dave: Scored at Aldershot, but not really there. 1

Zanda Siziba

Ian: A controversial one, who we didn’t see very much of. Brought into a club in crisis which was hardly his fault and the subsequent charade around his signing must have been a burden. A decent goal at Solihull, too. 3

Ben: Got a LOT of attention for reasons probably beyond his control, showed little flashes at Gateshead and Boreham Wood towards the end of the season, can he be moulded into a player at the level below, I’m not sure.  3

Dave: There is class there, but if he was one of those who created the dressing room rift which ultimately sunk us, shame on those who created it for putting him in that situation. 3

Jordan Young

Ian: Was so close to making something happen. Struggled towards the end of the season when he was probably rushed back in our fight for survival. Should be comfortable in NLS. 3

Ben: Grew into the season, wen’t from a rabbit in the full time head lights to someone I was quite excited about when he got on the ball, tough to ask so much of him at times, but I think there’s a decent enough little player to be coached out of him. 3

Dave: Another nearly man and a striker without a goal in 19 games isn’t going to rank too high. Add him to the ‘one for next season’ list. 2

Alex Fisher is Yeovil’s top scorer this season with four goals. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Alex Fisher

Ian: Signed by Chris Hargreaves to be the focal point of our attack, didn’t score anywhere near enough goals, even if he did score a couple of beauts. Had he not picked up his injury against Southend, we may have looked a bit less hopeless up front in those final few games.  2

Ben: A character, a leader, but not enough of a goal scorer, that injury will define his season and that’s really sad, absolutely has a part to play for the club going forward 3

Dave: He was never going to be one to score us a hatful of goals and the fact he was our joint top scorer tells its own tale. I’d still have him over Reuben Reid. 2

Malachi Linton

Ian: I honestly though Mal would bring the goals. Felt like the penalty miss at Wealdstone had a real impact. I’d love for him to stay and be that striker who has a stormer in National League South and helps us get promoted full of confidence. He’ll always have the Glovie winning strike against Wrexham.  2

Ben: I banged the Malachi Linton drum more that some this past season, I think he could be very dangerous in a confident front line, has there been too much damage to that confidence? I’m not sure, but hope not, a good egg. 3

Dave: Clearly a player with talent and his goals against Wrexham and Gateshead showed it, but in and out of the side and when he was in he too often did not do enough. I feel like I am saying this a lot, but he could do something next season. 2

The Loanees

Owen Bevan heads away. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Owen Bevan

Ian: File him under the ’Loanees we’ll keep an eye on’. A baller, albeit with the mistakes young players make. Clearly a character, given the circumstances he played in this season. 5

Ben: I think he’s going to the top, I think there’s a regular Premier League defender in there, some point saving performances far beyond his age and experience 5

Dave: He’s young, he made mistakes but he looked absolute class for someone of his age. Coming to us must have been such a challenge, but it will have given him some scars which will help his career. 5

Sam Perry

Ian: Struggled in Chris Hargreaves exposed midfield after a particularly difficult debut at Scunthorpe. 2

Ben: Oh yeah, I forgot about him, a bit flimsy, built like a skinny quaver, undoubted quality, but struggled to make an impact when the going got ugly in midfield. 2

Dave: Guh. 1

Edwin Agbaje

Ian: A beast of a fullback. Ended up playing everywhere in our injury crisis. 4

Ben: Very good winger, actually helped bring out the better performances of Oluwabori and others on the right, bright future, get well soon. 4

Dave: Ipswich Town’s Academy of the Season and one who will undoubtedly be a good player at EFL level. Did well for us while he was with us. 3

Jamie Andrews

Ian: Cooper’s first signing and added so much balance to our midfield. Perhaps we needed him plus Charlie Cooper for a solid midfield pairing. 4

Ben: I think we ended up missing him more than we think, there’s a very good football brain as much as anything there, incredible showing in the 0-0 away at Notts County. 4

Dave: He’ll be on everyone’s “he played for Yeovil” list in a few years time. Undoubtedly an EFL midfielder in there. 4

Ryan Law

Ian: Looked decent technically, but I felt he struggled when the proverbial hit the fan, understandably. 2

Ben: Meh, I couldn’t tell you his best position, I don’t think the inconsistencies around him helped, but… meh. 2

Dave: Glimpses of a player, but not enough. 2

Miguel Freckleton

Ian: Sorry Miguel, probably us more than you but it just didn’t work. 1

Ben: Harsh, maybe on him to be thrown into that environment, copy and paste from Ryan Law 2

Dave: Brought in at a difficult time, never looked comfortable. Can’t blame him really. 1

Sam Pearson

Ian: Probably one of our brightest sparks in the first half of the season, looked like he could make thinks happen before the weird fatigue departure. 3

Ben: Every time I saw him, he looked class without any end product, but the way it all ended was strange  2

Dave: There was something there, scored at Dorking but then got tired. 1

Ewan Clarke

Ian: File Ewan in the ‘Bristol City doing us a favour’ drawer. 2

Ben: A bit like one or two others, there’s a player in there, but we didn’t get it out of him, he’ll benefit from the loan more than Yeovil will 2

Dave: A Chris Hargreaves signing is all I can say. 3

Reo Griffiths

Ian: A can of Rio would have been more effective. We’ll never know what went on, but obviously got caught in the politics of the situation. 1

Ben: Who the heck knows what has gone on there, he’s got a nice touch on him, but we needed a hero, we got… Reo 1

Dave: Never really got a chance for reasons which are all too obvious. Wasn’t his fault…..was it? We’ll probably never know. 1

Jack Clarke

Ian: I had high hopes for Jack Clarke when he returned. Had done good things at Chesterfield, injury clearly scuppered him here and was rushed back into it at the end of the season. 2

Ben: Nope. 1

Dave: A shit Jack Grealish the first time, a shit Jack Grealish the second. 1

Andrew Oluwabori equalises for Yeovil – image courtesy of Mike Kunz

Andrew Oluwabori

Ian: Bright, positive, got you up off of your seat, only to put it it over the bar. Get the end product right and he could do well. 3

Ben: A youtube scout’s dream, in between the 18 yard boxes, this guy probably gets a 5 or a 6, in the areas it matters, he gets a 1 or a 2, so I’ll split the difference 3

Dave: So much potential, no little end product. Could, woulda, shoulda. 2

Will Buse

Ian: Had a great game against us for Taunton then pushed Grant Smith to the limit this season. A nice couple of performances at the end of the season. 4

Ben: Had to wait for his chance, but put in a really assured performance or two towards the end, including with a broken hand at Wrexham, I think with Grant Smith surely outward bound, he could be an option for the number 1 shirt next season 4

Dave: I saw him play two games, he conceded five goals. I’d still have him back next season if (as expected) Grant Smith goes. 2

The Ones Who Left

Charlie Wakefield

Ian: Oh Charlie. Started the season at right wing back, and finished it Woking’s play off squad. Didn’t appear to get many chances or take them when he was given them. As excited as I was to keep him, perhaps his heart wasn’t in staying. 2

21/22 Review: The Star Man on the right (and through the middle) was probably our signing of the summer. His crucial goal against Stevenage was my moment of the season. I don’t remember us having a player with such a will (and the ability) to get to the byline since Kevin Dawson. With a loads of games under his belt this season, it would be great to keep him and see him press on. 5

Ben: When does a negative looking score go down as not being entirely a player’s fault? Right here. He’s not a right winger, he lost his compadre Tom Knowles… I so wish we could have found somewhere for him. It’s not you, Charlie, it’s someone else. 2

21/22 Review: I don’t think I can underplay how pleasantly surprised I’ve been by Charlie. He puts people on the edge of their seat, people lean forward in the terrace because something feels like it’s going to happen. That’s something very few at Huish Park have done over the past decade. Top talent. 5

Dave: What could have been. From the ridiculous decision to play him at wing back on the opening day of the season, it was clear Chris Hargreaves did not have a clue how to get the best out of him. By the time Mark Cooper arrived, he’d checked out. 2

21/22 Review: When he arrived having been released by Bromley with his injury record, I expected little or nothing from Charlie Wakefield. He proved my judgement wrong in spades. A revelation and, as the song goes, “a silky winger, he’s just what we need”. Really enjoyed watching him in green and white. 5

Gime Toure

Ian: Mercurial. Translation: Sometimes good, mostly bad. 1

Ben: One goal, one red card, one out of seven. 1

Dave: Coulda, woulda, shoulda. 1

Ollie Hulbert

Ian: If you’re building a squad of experience and want to bring a youngster on the journey, Ollie is probably the guy. We were not that club this season. 2

Ben: Actually thought he looked ok at Oldham when he came on, scored a couple goals out on loan, won’t be here next season. 2

Dave: Poor lad played in Chris Hargreaves’ final two matches. 1

Ben Richards-Everton

Ian:  An experienced giant who looked the absolute part. It just did not work out in green and white, or claret and blue for that matter. 2

Ben: I think there might be a good defender in there, as all the physical attributes to be one, hasn’t transferred that to the pitch for us. 2

Dave: Didn’t work out did it? 1

Oh, I forgot about them…

Not much to be said for Matty Grivosti, Anthony Georgiou, Alfie Pond (a class above), Finley Craske, Josh Owers (see Bristol City file), Seb Palmer Houlden (see Bristol City file), Louis Britton, Callum Rowe and Jake Scrimshaw.

Obviously, these ratings are subjective. Let us know your thoughts below…

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Phil A
1 year ago

Would you be willing to do a review of the management and club leaders in the same way you reviewed the players? They have a lot to do with the success or decline of players.

1 year ago

43 players mentioned, 43 contracted during 22/23. Who ‘scouts’ Yeovil bound players to know there is an improvement to existing squad members? Such a waste of money and lack of investment in any player to improve the overall abilities.
May I add into this pot 19 league games fail to score, 20 league games score once; yet 10 clean sheets kept. What adds to this frustration is how obvious these failings are observed by supporters, and management do not invest in value.

Phil A
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim

Is it management or ownership? You can bet Scott Priestnal’s last pound that Sarll and Cooper would beat the drum on a daily basis of players identified yet not approached, as the owner possibly didn’t see the value in that kind of investment. It’s what happens when the focus is elsewhere I guess? Then we end up with a variety of loans (perhaps as favours) that artificially swell the squad numbers, rather than enhance in most cases.