After the most middling mid-table season possible, here’s our assessment on how the first team squad did for the 2021/22 season.

As per usual Gloverscast rules, the ratings will be 1-7 with seven being the perfect score. We’ll try to combine their performances with their overall influence, and how the season went for them. We are marking them individually, based on our expectations of them, rather than comparing them with other members of the first team.

Grant Smith

Ian: I was taken aback by the signing of Grant Smith at the start of the season. Deemed surplus to requirements at Chesterfield after a decent spell there. He was a definite upgrade on Adam Smith, and pulled out some brilliant saves at important moments this season. However, he had an error in him. Boreham Wood, Dover, Maidenhead and the less said about Dagenham the better.  4

Ben: A calm and collected step up from namesake Adam last year, a wonderful shot stopper who is just consistently from being a very good EFL keeper. One of the main priorities on my ‘to keep’ wishlist for the new season. A vitally important player. 5

Dave: A permanent signing between the posts was a real must for me in the summer and Grant Smith has proven a real safe pair of hands. He’s definitely got an error in him and we have seen a few of them this season, but at this level that is to be expected. Solid if not spectacular, I’d definitely want to see him back next season. 4

Max Evans

Ian: Max Evans did okay when he was called up. In hindsight, I think he can feel hard done by to have been overlooked after Smith’s red card at Torquay. He deserved his league debut at Altrincham on the final day. 4

Ben: The more we look back on DillonBarnes-gate the easier it is to appreciate the need for a decent understudy GK. Age, potential, size and popularity among the group means Max ticks every box. 3

Dave: Difficult to judge him given his lack of game time, but his performance in the final game at Altrincham makes me hopeful he has more to give next season. 3

Mark Little

Ian: Our marquee signing of the summer picked up an awful injury in our second preseason game of the season. After being carefully reintroduced after Christmas, he provided an experienced head in the back line but he was not an upgrade on Dan Moss. I fear his injury prevented us from seeing the best of him. 3

Ben: Maybe I should be careful with negative reviews because of the number of games, especially at home, I’ve actually seen. But honestly, I’m not sure I saw anything that suggested he was the marquee signing we thought we had in the summer. Injury and Dan Moss are big reasons for that… but honestly, meh. 2

Dave: Little was very unlucky to pick up an injury in pre-season which meant we did not see so much of him. He showed signs of obvious quality but never really displayed the “incredible standards” we heard so much about when I saw him play. For the money I suspect we paid him, I’d have sooner had Dan Moss on loan for a season. 3

Luke Wilkinson fires home the equaliser vs Boreham Wood. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Luke Wilkinson

Ian: In his final season at Huish Park, we missed the captain when he was out through injury (a semi-regular occurrence) and he was the steady, experienced head in the defence. Finally got his goal in the last home game of the season. 4

20/21 review: Wilko’s season has been disappointing. Injuries totally hampered him and he wasn’t able to build on his stellar first season. Hopefully with the right TLC he can recover properly and be the asset we know he can be next season. 3

Ben: Oh, what might have been. I thought we were on course to have Wilko skipper us back to the EFL. One too many injuries, one too many partners next to him and I’m still left thinking we never saw the best of Luke Wilkinson. A leader, for sure. The group will miss him. 3

20/21 review: Time for potentially an unpopular opinion. We’ve craved defensive stability, we’ve craved a team full of Dickos and that really should have been Wilko, but too many injuries and a couple of red cards have meant we’ve been without our talisman at the back just a smidgen too often, he was shaky at times especially at the start of the season. For context, I want Wilko here and I want him to lead us next season, he and Hunt are a pairing to hang our hats on, but this season can only be a 3, next season, I know can be a 6.

Dave: When he wasn’t there we missed his leadership and organisation and thankfully he was around a bit more than he was in the previous campaign. Glad he went out with that goal against Boreham Wood, but a shame he could not bring himself to come up to Altrincham on the final day. Wish him all the best at Woking and await the inevitable goal against us when he returns to Huish Park. 4

20/21 review: It all started so well with our first goal of the season at King’s Lynn on the opening day, but we simply did not see enough of Wilko this season. Injuries, some silly bookings and some even sillier red cards meant we missed an undoubted leader in our backline when we needed him. He’ll want to do better and I have no doubt he will. 3.

Max Hunt

Ian: A very good first full season for Max Hunt. Partnered with Wilkinson, Staunton, Barclay, Robinson and Williams this season and looked comfortable more often than he didn’t. Calm and confident on the ball. It will be important to take up the option (if we have it) or offer him a new contract.  5

20/21 review: I like Max Hunt. I think with a regular partner and stability around him he’s going to be a key player for us going forward. He showed quality when he was regularly partnered with Billy Sass-Davies but seemed to struggle with others. 4

Ben: Now we are cooking. I think we underestimate how young and inexperienced Max is, but he’s moulded himself into a player we absolutely have to have next season. Calm and assured at all times, I’d have gone higher but he hasn’t added the goals to his game. 4

20/21 review: Tall isn’t he!? Still at the start of his career with plenty to learn. But I like him, I really do. I want more in opposition penalty areas, I want defensive stability from the team as a unit. But this guy can do all of this. For now… 4

Dave: If there was a defender I wanted us to keep, it is Max Hunt, so delighted to hear he’s still ours. Turned in some imperious performances and has obviously learnt a lot from playing alongside Wilko. A player we can build a team around. 4

20/21 review: After that ‘performance’ at Torquay he must have wondered what he was doing, but he went on to be a quality performer in my book. Get Wilko alongside him regularly next season and he’ll be a good ‘un. 4


Morgan Williams

Ian: What a season Morgan Williams has had. In his first full season in men’s football he’s played across the backline and at wingback. He’s stayed fit, had just seven bookings all season and has been the perfect example of a young player taking their opportunity. 6

20/21 review: He did alright in a bit of bleak period. 2

Ben: Where did that come from!? He was searching YouTube for ‘how to play left back’ in the hotel before the Wrexham game, and ended up keeping two far more established left backs out the team. Future is bright for Williams if he carries on like that. 6

20/21 review: I fear that I rate this lad more than others, I assumed he’d be closer to the first team squad at Coventry but he’s now available on a free transfer. He has every attribute Omar Sowunmi should have had. His time specific to Yeovil was only short, but didn’t do massive amounts wrong, but hardly set the world alight either. 3.

Dave: Given he has played almost his entire campaign out of position, Williams has been more solid than I could have hoped. Struggles against pace and still has a lot to learn, but he’s made great strides this season. 5

20/21 review: Looked comfortable on the ball, but feel he needs someone with experience alongside him. Not too much to judge him on this year. 2

Jordan Barnett

Ian: Jordan Barnett started so brightly. He showed drive, an appetite to get forward from fullback and the right amount of assertion in his game. He enjoyed a spell in centre midfield, scored the goal of season against Torquay, but as the season wore on, I felt he really dropped off. That assertion went over the line at points, where it felt like he was more interested in riling up opponents than playing his game. With the news breaking about his potential FA charge, he clearly had off the pitch issues he was dealing with. 3

Ben: One of those who quickly endear himself to fans, gives the oppo a SHHHH, crunches a tackle in, he’s got every trick in the book. I was desperate to see him to well, especially further forward… but he had a few chances to nail a spot and never really took it. Needs dedicated work from the new manager or his time with us could slip away. 3

Dave: I was excited about Barnett when he joined in the summer and his all-action style and obvious quality endeared him immediately. When he were good, he was good, but when we were poor he was either missing or a liability. Not sure who is the chicken and who is the egg in that situation. Didn’t do enough after a bright start to earn a rave review from me. 3

Alex Bradley

Ian: The curious case of Alex Bradley. Seemed like he was about cement himself as first choice right back at the end of last season. In comes Mark Little, he gets injured and we bring in Dan Moss at fullback. It was revealed Bradley wanted to play in midfield rather than fullback, a decision which I think he will regret. He’s wasted a season trying to get himself into midfield and not managed it. 2

20/21 review: Grew into it as the season went on. A definite upgrade on Leadbitter and he showed his versatility too. 4

Ben: I was so desperate for Alex to smash this season, everything we saw last season said to us he’d grab his place and never let go, it just never happened for long enough. Positional confusion maybe, but what should have been his breakthrough season became unnecessarily stale. 2

20/21 review: I’m really happy with how his time has progressed, still more to find in certain areas, but i feel he’ll benefit massively from consistency to his left and in front of him, much more come from this lad. (just couldn’t quite go to 5)

Dave: A year ago I said to give him a full season and he could be a decent player. Well, he never got that and now believes he is a midfielder rather than a full back. Not sure I agree, but happy to be proven wrong, should he remain for next season. 3

20/21 review: There’s definitely something there and give him a full season and I think he’ll be a good player. 3


Dale Gorman

Ian: How a player can be sorely missed when he’s not in the team and a liability at times when he is astounds me. Composed on the ball and kept us ticking over when he was on it under Sarll. He played more minutes than any other player for us this season so we saw a lot of him. His assist for Josh Neufville’s match-winner against Stockport will be my highlight. His hopeless freekicks and shots from distance were a bug bear. 4

Ben: I feel like I want to give two scores, one pre and one post Sarll because he seemed to check out early. He’s got such a quiet Charlie Lee-esque aura about him, just gliding through games ticking the game over, not really going noticed. Then he gets booked, hits three 40-yard free kicks into orbit and calls it a day. 4

Dave: Quite an enigma. You can see what he brings to the side – experience, tenacity and composure, but also poor discipline and those free-kicks….oh God, those free-kicks. I suspect we’ll not see him next season, I suspect he’ll be in a Woking shirt soon – and probably scoring a free-kick against us.  4

Matt Worthington

Ian: 29 starts for Matt Worthington this season. No goals and two reds against Kings Lynn Town. Last season I said I wanted more from Worthy and we didn’t see it. He’s a super-athlete who won’t stop running, but I don’t think he’s effective enough in the areas we should expect him to be. 3

20/21 review: I like Matthew Worthington a lot. But, he can do a lot more. There was that weird spell where he wasn’t involved and we didn’t know why. Seemed to be finding himself last season but really went off the boil and didn’t get anywhere near to the expectations I had of him. 3

Ben: I like Matt Worthington. I wanted to see him be important, and he was. I feel like screaming at Bradley and Gorman… ‘that is what you were meant to be’. Our longest serving player and I think I’d love to see more of him and Staunton together in the middle. 5.

20/21 review: Here’s a strange one, I don’t feel like I can judge this season, until we’ve seen him next season. He’s been in and out the side, a little bit injured, in a few different midfield roles, but I think we all agree he’s got the right character to be a key Darren Sarll player – a key Yeovil player. I know every attribute is there, I just want to see it for longer, be the first name on the team sheet and this will become a 5 or 6 with ease.

Dave: Worthington didn’t quite live up to the hype of being a real influence on the team, but he did more than enough to make me think I’d be sorry to lose him in the summer. He could certainly fill the boots of a player like Dale Gorman in the middle of the park. If he stays, I would like to see more goals from him although that one against W*ymouth in the Cup was beautiful. 4

20/21 review: Worthy seemed to pay the price for a disappointing start to the season and, whilst we never quite understood why, I think we missed his energy when he wasn’t there. It is no coincidence his return to the side triggered a good run of form at the start of the year, only to peter off as our season did the same. If he wants to and he stays, he can be a big player for us next season. 3.

Josh Staunton disagrees with Brad Ash of W*ymouth in the FA Cup replay at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Josh Staunton

Ian: The captain in waiting. Josh Staunton did it all for Yeovil Town this season. For him to top it off by managing the club through the final game of the season was madness. Build the squad in his image and mentality and we’ll do alright. 5

20/21 review: He was the one we were buzzing about when he signed and seemed to really click with the squad. A shame he got injured so seriously, so early. I think he’ll be massive next season. 3

Ben: Just build the statue (Insert link to ‘Most Important Player since Skivo’ blog HERE. 6.

20/21 review: The signing I was most excited by last summer. The one we missed the most throughout the season. The one we will benefit from having next season. Get 40 games out of him and he’s nailed on for a 6. For now, can only be a 4

Dave: What isn’t to love about this guy? Great player, dependable, a leader, and will literally put his body on the line for this club. If you’re in a war, you want Josh Staunton alongside you. The perfect player to become the first to re-sign, now give him the armband. 5

20/21 review: He could have been a great player for us and I genuinely believe he will be if he stays fit next season. 3

Lawson D’Ath

Ian: One of the feelgood stories of our season. His return to the pitch was much-needed and provided us with some quality in midfield. Relieved he came through the season unscathed, albeit in mostly nothing games. Would like to see him kick into full gear when something’s at stake. 4

20/21 review: Oh Lawson. Showed us what he was about in the last few games before another injury. A quality player on his day but, sadly, so many injuries. 3

Ben: Classy, classy midfielder. He’s become a little more defensive maybe, a little more of a quarter-back. Maybe that’s what injuries do to a player. Can play higher, will play higher. 4

20/21 review: What can you say? at his best, he is a League One player, but we’ve seen it in such short snippets its hard to judge. I have to go down the middle and give him a 4, at this level he can be a 6, his injury record is probably a 2. Gutted, I feel so bad for the lad who put his own body and future on the line for the team.

Dave: Can I just cut and paste last year’s review here? Such a player, so much quality, we just don’t see enough of it. I’d still love him to be with us next season, but have a feeling he won’t be. 3

20/21 review: On his day, the man is too good for this level and is a solid 5 bordering on a 6, sadly his body thinks differently. 3.

Charlie Wakefield

Ian: The Star Man on the right (and through the middle) was probably our signing of the summer. His crucial goal against Stevenage was my moment of the season. I don’t remember us having a player with such a will (and the ability) to get to the byline since Kevin Dawson. With a loads of games under his belt this season, it would be great to keep him and see him press on. 5

Ben: I don’t think I can underplay how pleasantly surprised I’ve been by Charlie. He puts people on the edge of their seat, people lean forward in the terrace because something feels like it’s going to happen. That’s something very few at Huish Park have done over the past decade. Top talent. 5

Dave: When he arrived having been released by Bromley with his injury record, I expected little or nothing from Charlie Wakefield. He proved my judgement wrong in spades. A revelation and, as the song goes, “a silky winger, he’s just what we need”. Really enjoyed watching him in green and white. 5

Tom Knowles scores goals ? Mike Kunz.

Tom Knowles

Ian: Well, colour me smitten. What a player we have on our hands. His ability to tangle up full backs and score any type of goal makes him our most valuable asset by far. Sign him on and include a £1m release clause. 6

20/21 review: Don’t fall in love with footballers. Except Tom Knowles. 5

Ben: Shall we put his statue next to Josh Staunton’s or round the other side? It’s time to build our entire attacking unit around what this guy can do. Get the contract sorted and he’s a £250k asset scoring and creating goals for fun. 6

20/21 review: Exciting, when he gets the ball I expect things to happen. Scores worldies. Took him a smidgen of time to get going and that’s all that prevents this being a six. 5.

Dave: We all a dream of a team of Tommy Knowles. Literally, I do. This lad has real quality and the ability to score an absolute screamer, but what I love most about him is his passion. Even at Altrincham in a final day dead rubber, he wanted it more than anyone else of the pitch. My player of the season and made up he’s staying for another season. 6

20/21 review: In the same way Darren Sarll got his recruitment wrong at the start of the season, he got it right for the second half. I have a feeling this lad will be something special. Hope I’m right. 5

Reuben Reid

Ian: We were robbed of a rejuvenated Reuben Reid when he picked up his hamstring injury in pre-season. He showed glimpses in a couple of matches, but nowhere near enough from a player we prioritised over Courtney Duffus. (No, I’m still not over it.) 2

20/21 review: I don’t think we should have swapped him for Courtney Duffus. We absolutely need more out of him next season. 2

Ben: I tried so… damn… hard to stick up for Reid last season. I really thought he played his role so well and that this would be the year we got the best out of him. The reason we’re not in the play offs is a lack of goals and he’s one of the reasons. 2

20/21 review: I said I wouldn’t judge him on goals, so I won’t. He brought others in to play, linked nicely with Neufville and Knowles at times, Skendi too. We all agree we need more from him go I forward, copy and paste this season into next and it’ll be hugely marked down, but for some attacking stability… 4

Dave: You know what’s coming, don’t you? I promised to judge Reuben on the goals he scored this season and sadly three in 25 appearances simply isn’t good enough. Yes, he missed a good chunk of the season through injury and has undoubtedly played with other knocks and issues, but I expected more. 2

20/21 review: He’s a striker, so you judge him on goals and three (including two penalties) in 27 appearances isn’t enough. He looked a yard off it to start with and a yard off it to finish with, but there was enough in between to stop me marking him a one. 2

Adi Yussuf

Ian: Undoubtedly a good personality to have at the club. Appreciated by those who’ve played the game as a handful for defenders, but just not in the goal threat department. 2

Ben: Solihull fans did warn us… he seems a genuine bloke, with a great lifestyle ethos, a hard working, fit as a fiddle striker who… just couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Nice strikers finish last. 2

Dave: When he signed he spoke about him as someone who could have filled Rhys Murphy’s scoring boots. Goes to show how you should not listen to the opinions of anyone who does a podcast. 2

The Loanees

Dan Moss

Ian: What could have been? If Millwall had let him stay with us, I genuinely think we might have had a different end to the season. One of those loanees you’ll always keep an eye. Even if he’s at Woking… 5

Ben: Will play in the Championship one day. He’s that good. Think Connor Roberts, I’m gutted he’s off to Woking. 5

Dave: What could have been if he’d stayed rather than trying his luck at Orient. Not always faultless, but had obvious quality and work-rate. Good luck to him at Woking, I do think he’s better than this level though. 5

Jack Robinson

Ian: Pretty reliable when he played and shone through when Charlie Lee took over. 4

Ben: Nearly a brilliant signing. There was a couple of defensive places up for grabs at times and he couldn’t quite nail it. Utterly brilliant at Solihull and very good at Altrincham. 4

Dave: So many injuries it was difficult to really judge him. Did alright, but suspect I will not remember him in a year’s time. Put him next to ‘Jonathan Grounds’ in the ‘loans from from Middlesbrough’ folder. 3

Sonny Blu Lo-Everton

Ian: A supremely gifted footballer who we’ve watched progress this season. Technically superb and vision to boot. The National League felt too physical for him at times. 4

Ben: Sonny Blu Lo-Everton will have got far more out of this loan than Yeovil. His future lies way higher than the National League, we will spot his name scoring for a League One club in a couple year and say ‘oh yeah, remember him’. 4

Dave: Showed moments of real class and will remember him for his showings away at Stockport and Altrincham in particular, but generally more anonymous than anything. 3

Ben Barclay

Ian: A great loan signing when we needed to patch up our back line. Reliable, comfortable with the ball at his feet and would be very very welcome back. 5

Ben: Bit of a surprise, for me. Watched him have 45 minutes of a stinker for a Stockport side who would go on to win the league, but was a brilliant addition towards the end. Would LOVE him back alongside Hunt next season. 4

Dave: Always dependable and reliable, plus a great footballer for a centre half. If he’s not getting a look in at Stockport, let’s get him back next season. 4

Josh Neufville

Ian: To see Josh rip teams apart in the flesh was a joy this season. Watching defenders backpedal with the ball glued to his feet was Thierry Henry-esque. I genuinely believe he’ll go to the top and we’ll always be able to say “he was ours”. 6

Ben: How nice was it to see Josh back? This lad is going places, and quickly. Got a bit of the Andros Townsends about him. Silky, tricky, quick, never ending battery. 6

Dave: Having last seen him being stretchered off at Altrincham, I honestly did not think Josh could be the player he was. I was right, he was better. Bulked up and more physical, when we played to his strengths he was unplayable. 5

Dillon Barnes

Ian: A bad signing. 1

Ben: Clangers in two big games, Max Evans watching on thinking… “really, this guy?” 2

Dave: To quote our Aldershot fan, Pete, who ensued him on loan: How is he even a footballer? 1

Ben Seymour

Ian: It felt like there was a good, motivated, pacey player there. A different striker than any other we had this season and I was disappointed that he cut his loan spell short. Definitely worth having a look at this summer in my opinion. 3

Ben: On pure numbers I’m left shrugging the shoulders a bit. But there’s… something there. Something I’d like a manager with a proven track record of working with young players to work with…It took guts to step up and take the pen vs W*ymouth, I know he missed it, but gutsy. 3… with potential.

Dave: I never saw him play and he came at a really difficult time, so probably unfair to judge him too much. I’ll go with the consensus. 3

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