It’s been a difficult season for everyone at Yeovil Town, here’s our assessment on how the first team squad did.

As per usual Gloverscast rules, the ratings will be 1-7 with seven being the perfect score. We’ll try to combine their performances with their overall influence, and how the season went for them.

We are marking them individually, based on our expectations of them, rather than comparing them with other members of the first team.

Adam Smith

Ian: Adam Smith has had a really mixed bag of a season. Has made some incredible saves in games and had the odd shocker which cost us. He’s undoubtedly been hampered by the lack of stability in front of him with an ever-changing defence. After last season’s keeper-carnage, it’s been nice to have someone who’s been available for every game this season. 4

Ben: All keepers are a bit bonkers, I know, I am one. Adam Smith has brought a level of consistency to the team selection, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a little while. During the early part of the season, whilst things were going badly, he stopped it becoming a cricket score at times. He’d probably admit one too many shots were bouncing back at the feet of oncoming strikers and for that reason I can’t go above a 4, but I like his mannerisms, his eccentricities and I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was our longer term keeper. 4

Dave: Statistically (well, according to my spreadsheet) the player who has earned the most points this season, due in no small part to the fact he has played every game. However, I believe we would have conceded more without Adam Smith this season than we have with him. 4

Daniel Leadbitter

Ian: The highlight of Leadbitter at Yeovil was him running back pretty far to make a sliding tackle to stop a goal against Wealdstone. That pretty much sums the start of our season. Had a lot to follow up after Remeao Hutton’s season in 19/20 and couldn’t match it. 2

Ben: It can be tough to judge someone who played when we were playing at our worst, in a chopping and changing defence, in slightly different tactics at times too, but I never felt like Leadbitter was the outlet at Bradley has been in the latter part. I’m sure he’ll be fine in searching for clubs, but he was a bit… meh 3

Dave: Any player who turned out in the first two months of this season was unlikely to be one to remember, and that was the case with Leadbitter. Having been part of Bristol Rovers’ side which got out of this division, I hoped for much and he didn’t deliver. 2

Carl Dickinson

Ian: The renaissance of Carl Dickinson at Yeovil is a hell of a story. Frozen out by Darren Way and he went on to become a key player in Darren Sarll’s squad. He’ll be disappointed with the season, but the context of his performances amongst everything puts him as a 5 for me.

Ben: I’ve gone on record as saying I would give anything for a team of Dickos and I stand by it, from sleepwalking out of the Football League without this guy to seeing him leave whilst putting him up there alongside Nathan Jones in the club hero ranks. We can be honest and say we’ve conceded too many goals and lacked defensive consistency so this season’s score can only be a 5, but his time at Yeovil overall is easily a 6.

Dave: If you take out Adam Smith and Albi, the spreadsheet shows that Dicko was the player who won more points for us than any other. For his leadership when we needed leaders, for whole-hearted challenges, for his willingness to put himself out there when we needed him and for coming back when he easily could not have done – cheers Dicko. 5.

Luke Wilkinson

Ian: Wilko’s season has been disappointing. Injuries totally hampered him and he wasn’t able to build on his stellar first season. Hopefully with the right TLC he can recover properly and be the asset we know he can be next season. 3

Ben: Time for potentially an unpopular opinion. We’ve craved defensive stability, we’ve craved a team full of Dickos and that really should have been Wilko, but too many injuries and a couple of red cards have meant we’ve been without our talisman at the back just a smidgen too often, he was shaky at times especially at the start of the season. For context, I want Wilko here and I want him to lead us next season, he and Hunt are a pairing to hang our hats on, but this season can only be a 3, next season, I know can be a 6.

Dave: It all started so well with our first goal of the season at King’s Lynn on the opening day, but we simply did not see enough of Wilko this season. Injuries, some silly bookings and some even sillier red cards meant we missed an undoubted leader in our backline when we needed him. He’ll want to do better and I have no doubt he will. 3.

Matthew Worthington

Ian: I like Matthew Worthington a lot. But, he can do a lot more. There was that weird spell where he wasn’t involved and we didn’t know why. Seemed to be finding himself last season but really went off the boil and didn’t get anywhere near to the expectations I had of him. 3

Ben: Here’s a strange one, I don’t feel like I can judge this season, until we’ve seen him next season. He’s been in and out the side, a little bit injured, in a few different midfield roles, but I think we all agree he’s got the right character to be a key Darren Sarll player – a key Yeovil player. I know every attribute is there, I just want to see it for longer, be the first name on the team sheet and this 4 will become a 5 or 6 with ease.

Dave: Worthy seemed to pay the price for a disappointing start to the season and, whilst we never quite understood why, I think we missed his energy when he wasn’t there. It is no coincidence his return to the side triggered a good run of form at the start of the year, only to peter off as our season did the same. If he wants to and he stays, he can be a big player for us next season. 3.

Lawson D’Ath

Ian: Oh Lawson. Showed us what he was about in the last few games before another injury. A quality player on his day but, sadly, so many injuries. 3

Ben: What can you say? at his best, he is a League One player, but we’ve seen it in such short snippets its hard to judge. I have to go down the middle and give him a 4, at this level he can be a 6, his injury record is probably a 2. Gutted, I feel so bad for the lad who put his own body and future on the line for the team.

Dave: On his day, the man is too good for this level and is a solid 5 bordering on a 6, sadly his body thinks differently. 3.

Rhys Murphy

Ian: It’s a shame that we’re losing our proper poacher. We remember the goals but also need to think about the injuries that meant he missed large chunks of the season. We were much more threatening with him in the side and he matched our expectations, 5.

Ben: A goal getting, poaching, fox in the box, attacking mercenary. Get in, get goals, get paid, get out. We’ve been better for having him, we can be upset he’s leaving, I’ll remember him for what he did in the 6-yard box rather than how he left us. But it does cost him a place in the 6/7 club. 5

Dave: Too good for this division and a shame he hasn’t backed himself to do it in the League, yet still up there with the likes of Jevons and Madden in my books. 13 goals in 31 appearances is some going. 5.

Jimmy Smith

Ian: Yeovil Town’s Andrea Pirlo for that short spell earlier this year. He’s been an asset on the training ground by all accounts and despite injury, rarely underperformed. 4

Ben: The Newham N’golo, reinvented himself for a new role when the team needed him, led off the pitch too, rarely put in a performance under a 4/7, a future manager, maybe of this club, one day. We’ll miss him, maybe we don’t real is by just how much yet. 5

Dave: When he was called upon, he did not let us down and last season’s goal-scoring midfielder, became this season’s quarterback. I have no amusing nickname, so I’ll just say – cheers Jimmy. 4.

Matty Warburton

Ian: Warby, looked the part. Thought he was going to unlock everything when he was on the pitch but for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. Seemed to fall out of favour after the Torquay defeat and never recovered. 2

Ben: What good is having a Rolls Royce on the driveway if you can’t find the keys? 4

Dave: He promised to be a 6, but unfortunately he was a 2. Sorry, Matty, I think it was us, not you.

Courtney Duffus

Ian: He was magnificent in 19/20. And he followed it on this season. His injury probably couldn’t have come at worse time, and there’s a good chance if he’d not got injured our season may have not gone as badly as it did. I think it was a mistake to sell him. 3

Ben: Reinvigorated by Sarll but potentially shipped out to earn some pennies, scored goals, made defenders lives tough, made a partnership with Murphy and backed it up without him too. It’s not his fault, but with only half a season, can only be a 4.

Dave: After last season, he should have been one of those who led but sadly injury decided otherwise and we didn’t see enough of him. I’d rather have spent the money we spent on replacing him trying to keep him. 3.

Michael Kelly

Ian: Joined Yeovil during in the January influx of signings and showed promise. Ended up at right back during one of the most difficult periods in the club’s history. 4

Ben: Have you ever taken over a job from someone who was really good? It cannot be easy, his improved as time has gone on and he has settled into the side, doubled up at right back on occasion too, if he stays his challenge is simple, turn this 4 into a 5 or 6 and you’ll do fine by me.

Dave: Wobbly start to his arrival, decent finish. If he’s the guy we get in for Dicko, I’ll be alright with it. 3

Jack Clarke

Ian: Did nothing other than looking like Jack Grealish a bit. 1

Ben Hair like Jack Grealish, shin pads like him too, just a whiff of ability and excitement, but at a time when we just needed to figure out how to keep clean sheets, he was probably never going to shine, an elaborate bundle off potential, but not a lot more. 2.

Dave: Looked good in pre-season. 1

Gabriel Rogers

Ian: I think he sparkled on occasions, plus we’ll always have Bromley. A shame he’s gone and we don’t know why. 3

Ben: We may never know, it’s that simple. When he came in, he was bright, thought with an attacking mind, gave us that moment at Bromley, but how it may have been better we will simply never know. 4

Dave: Not the Ronaldo (Cristiano or otherwise) that some make him out to be, but he brought a bit of something different. He deserved better treatment than he got. 3.

Morgan Williams

Ian: He did alright in a bit of bleak period. 2

Ben: I fear that I rate this lad more than others, I assumed he’d be closer to the first team squad at Coventry but he’s now available on a free transfer. He has every attribute Omar Sowunmi should have had. His time specific to Yeovil was only short, but didn’t do massive amounts wrong, but hardly set the world alight either. 3.

Dave: Looked comfortable on the ball, but feel he needs someone with experience alongside him. Not too much to judge him on this year. 2

Gabe Osho

Ian: Showed his versatility when he came back and he looked fairly comfortable. Difficult circumstances to come into as a younger player and will probably thrive in a stable set up as he did the first time round. 3

Ben: A bit like Williams before him, two fairly short, but tidy loan spells so far in green and white, difficult to judge beyond the down-the-middle 4 but there’s a decent EFL defender there.

Dave: I think he will go on to be a good player and looked a very decent one for us. However, like Williams, he needs some experience alongside him. 3

Albi Skendi

Ian: Oh Albi. 19/20 was a 6 of a season, this one was a 3. We didn’t see anywhere near enough of him when he was further up the pitch, but he looked reasonably solid at centre back when he had to fill in. If he’s staying on, I think he could do with some consistent time in the same position. For me though, he’s not a centre back.

Ben: I’ve had a lot of differing opinions on Albi his season. I’ve felt we have missed his presence at times, I’ve not been able to figure out his best role, I’ve demanded more from him and at times felt like we have played with a Skendi-shaped hole in the team. I’m being bold here, he edges to his score based on some genuinely fantastic games at centre back. It can be better, which makes this surprising – even to me.. 5

Dave: There were times where I genuinely wondered what dirt he had on people to play as many minutes as he did, but he infrequently showed flashes of what the manager sees in him. Like so many, he didn’t do it enough this season. Natural born centre back. 3

Joe Quigley

Ian: 12 goals totally exceeded my expectations. Showed glimpses of quality as a hold up man, and his hattrick was a highlight of the season. 5

Ben: Head on a stick, my arse. The more I see of him, the more I like, let’s get him a partner he can work with and he is 6 out of 7 potential. For now, very good 5

Dave: Frustrated and delighted in equal measure, but improved as the season went on. If we can find someone Murphy-esque to go alongside him, he could be decent. 12 goals a decent return. 3

Ryan Burke

Ian: Yellow card. 1

Ben: Should have been a mini Dickinson, a little reckless at times, found out defensively at times, sure he could crunch someone which I don’t mind, left quietly out the back door. 2

Dave: Loved a tackle. 1

Tom Knowles

Ian: Don’t fall in love with footballers. Except Tom Knowles. 5

Ben: Exciting, when he gets the ball I expect things to happen. Scores worldies. Took him a smidgen of time to get going and that’s all that prevents this being a six. 5.

Dave: In the same way Darren Sarll got his recruitment wrong at the start of the season, he got it right for the second half. I have a feeling this lad will be something special. Hope I’m right. 5

Charlie Lee

Ian: Charlie Lee was class for us last season. And when he’s been fit, he’s been class for us this. We definitely missed him when he wasn’t in the side but I think age caught up with him a bit this season. 4

Ben: I’m not sure what to say, as I write this I’m trying to think of reasons not to give him a six. I can’t. Vital to the team in every which way. A proper player. A proper character. If that long throw didn’t drive me bonkers I’d have entertained the idea of a perfect score, but I’m not sure I can go there, 6.

Dave: A midfield general who we missed when he wasn’t there and think we’ll miss him next season. Certainly one of the characters of our dressing room. 4

Josh Neufville

Ian: Watching Neufville pick up the ball and run with it is an absolute joy. The brightest part of our season by far and a genuine shame he didn’t get to finish it off. 5

Ben: This lad has it all, remember when we watched Andros Townsend and thought he was heading heading the top, I get similar vibes here. He’s confident, but humble, exciting, but hard working. Star man.,6.

Dave: For me, the bright spot in a forgettable season. One of those players who got you on the edge of your seat. I would have loved to have seen more of him, but when he’s back to fitness he’ll be a League player, no doubt. 5

Emmanuel Sonupe

Ian: Did okay towards the end of the season but really struggled for fitness when he first joined. 3

Ben: When he arrived and took for an age to get playing I feared It would be a short stint at Huish Park, but after getting fit he’s put in a few eye catching performances, slightly more brash and physical than Neufville but seems to fit a Sarll side well. Potential. 4.

Dave: Shown a few glimpses of what he could bring in the final new matches of the season. Will reserve judgement on him. 3

Max Hunt

Ian: I like Max Hunt. I think with a regular partner and stability around him he’s going to be a key player for us going forward. He showed quality when he was regularly partnered with Billy Sass-Davies but seemed to struggle with others. 4

Ben: Tall isn’t he!? Still at the start of his career with plenty to learn. But I like him, I really do. I want more in opposition penalty areas, I want defensive stability from the team as a unit. But this guy can do all of this. For now… 4

Dave: After that ‘performance’ at Torquay he must have wondered what he was doing, but he went on to be a quality performer in my book. Get Wilko alongside him regularly next season and he’ll be a good ‘un. 4

Alex Bradley

Ian: Grew into it as the season went on. A definite upgrade on Leadbitter and he showed his versatility too. 4

Ben: I’m really happy with how his time has progressed, still more to find in certain areas, but i feel he’ll benefit massively from consistency to his left and in front of him, much more come from this lad. 4 (just couldn’t quite go to 5)

Dave: There’s definitely something there and give him a full season and I think he’ll be a good player. 3

Josh Staunton

Ian: He was the one we were buzzing about when he signed and seemed to really click with the squad. A shame he got injured so seriously, so early. I think he’ll be massive next season. 3

Ben: The signing I was most excited by last summer. The one we missed the most throughout the season. The one we will benefit from having next season. Get 40 games out of him and he’s nailed on for a 6. For now, can only be a 4.

Dave: He could have been a great player for us and I genuinely believe he will be if he stays fit next season. 3

Reuben Reid

Ian: I don’t think we should have swapped him for Courtney Duffus. We absolutely need more out of him next season. 2

Ben: I said I wouldn’t judge him on goals, so I won’t. He brought others in to play, linked nicely with Neufville and Knowles at times, Skendi too. We all agree we need more from him go I forward, copy and paste this season into next and it’ll be hugely marked down, but for some attacking stability… 4

Dave: He’s a striker, so you judge him on goals and three (including two penalties) in 27 appearances isn’t enough. He looked a yard off it to start with and a yard off it to finish with, but there was enough in between to stop me marking him a one. 2

Chris Dagnall

Ian: Enjoyed a renaissance in centre midfield towards the end of the season, I think his influence was probably bigger off the pitch than on. 3

Ben: Come the turn of the year if Daggers had been released or left, we may not have noticed, but his resurgence as a engine room midfielder has made him one to possibly keep hold of next season. His attitude is infectious, his running and effort has to have an effect on those around him. 4

Dave: The man literally never stops. For his sheer effort and showing these young ‘uns that us old guys have got plenty left in the tank, he has my ultimate respect. 3

Billy Sass-Davies

Ian: Performed well when he came in and he’s definitely going to be an EFL player. 4

Ben: Don’t sleep on what BSD does in his career going forward, international caps beckon for Wales over time if he carries on this trajectory of improvement. Had to be the ‘senior’ defender too often and stood up to it. Would have loved a few more goals from him. 4

Dave: Looked like an ‘experienced head’ on a number of occasions despite not being, a real classy player with a bright future. 4

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