As we close out 2021, I just wanted to write a thank you to everyone who’s supported the Gloverscast on our journey this year.

It’s been a hell of a year for us as Yeovil Town supporters, whether it’s the ongoing takeover saga, trying to get answers out of an absentee owner or the deeply tragic passing of Lee Collins, as supporters of our beloved club it feels like we have all been through the ringer this year.

In April, myself, Ben and Dave decided we’d make the Gloverscast more than a bi-weekly podcast of us talking nonsense. We missed Ciderspace. We missed proper, dedicated coverage of Yeovil Town FC. We felt we could (and needed to) do something to start informing supporters again in a responsible, formal way. 

The response has been phenomenal, and validates the time and energy we put into the Gloverscast outside of our day jobs.

So, I want to say a thank you to the readers, listeners, commenters, question-askers, clickers and trolls (you know who you are) for helping us grow the website, podcast and social media pages. We couldn’t do it without your support.

I’d also like to thank:

Everyone who’s contributed to an episode this year, Tim Lancaster and Hugh for their fantastic chat about Badger, Will Ranner, Marcus Duncomb, Elliot Watts, Jimmer, Dave Prior, Sheridan Robins, Sam Collard.

The current and former players who’ve lent their time to us this year to talk about their time playing for the club we all love.

All the quizzers – our listeners love the quiz and without you folks stepping up to take a shot it wouldn’t be a thing. Thank you for putting yourself up for public embarrassment. As many of you have discovered, it’s a lot easier when you’re listening than when you’re on it!

The Historical Oracle, Nigel Dyson, for his brain-melting spreadsheets.

Chris Angulo for his weekly Throwback Thursdays. I’ve got to say I’ve loved reading his take on moments from our past and the time and effort he puts into it.

Mike Kunz for letting us use his photography from Huish Park this season and previous seasons. Thanks Mike!

Huish Hugh for bringing back the Ciderspace Away Travel Guides and providing travelling supporters with everything they need when hitting the road.

Dave for transcribing Darren Sarll interviews inhumanely speedily (I’m certain there’s some sort of AI in there) and for carrying most of the news without even skipping a beat. And being willing to be dragged on this journey.

Ben for his unwavering(ish) optimism and positivity which has dragged me through plenty of miserable spells in 2021, and pissing off a few Stockport and Wrexham fans with his typical BBC-bias commentaries.

Thanks again for supporting us, here’s to a smashing 2022.

Come on you Glovers!


Shhhh, don’t tell Ian, but Dave and Ben just wanted to hijack the end of this article to thank IAN for all his hard work.

The Gloverscast is his brain child and he just dragged us a long for the ride.

His help, support and guidance as to what he wanted all this *grand gesture* to look like is why you see the finished product as you do.

That means, editing, tweaking, asking questions, freedom of information requests, recording at 8am or 8pm to suit our (my) schedule – a whole bunch of stuff our readers and listeners don’t actually see.

The Gloverscast is something special for Yeovil fans, and we just wanted to add our thank to Ian for making it all happen,

Cheers, Ben and Dave.

Support the Gloverscast

The Gloverscast is a volunteer run website which costs money to maintain. If ever you feel like supporting with our running costs, which include our website hosting, Zoom subscription, The Daily Glove, we’d be extremely grateful for your donations.



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