The Yeovil Town Supporters’ Alliance Group (SAG) has today released a statement to the Gloverscast and other media outlets after a sustained period of rumour and speculation regarding the ownership of the Football Club.

The statement from the YTFC Supporters’ Alliance Group reads as follows:

Given the speculation across social media among supporters in the last 72 hours, we urge those at the table negotiating to offer some certainty and clarity as to the future of Yeovil Town FC.

If Scott Priestnall had the best interests of the football club at his heart as he says, it is imperative that he invests more money into the club, sources the investment he has promised previously or sells the club to the consortium which offers Yeovil Town FC the brightest future.

As a group of united supporters, we believe the time is now for genuine change and only one group at the table offers that hope for the future of Yeovil Town FC.

The Gloverscast welcomes the statement from the Supporters’ Alliance Group and hope for a positive resolution in the near future.

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