The twitter account of SU Glovers have announced the ‘unsuccessful acquisition’ of Yeovil Town FC.

In a statement released this evening the group said they had provided funding to the club to the tune of £400k and claim that the club would have entered administration without it.

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we regret to announce the unsuccessful acquisition of Yeovil Town Football Club. We would like to thank the fans for their patience and support but we have not been able to finalise a legal agreement with the existing owners despite our many attempts to do so over the last few months.

Unfortunately, there has now been a complete breakdown in the negotiations which has left us with no alternative other than to end negotiations to purchase the Club. This is despite our providing interim funding of in excess of £400k since January without which the Club we were told would have been placed into administration. Our commitment was unwavering and we had hoped to take Yeovil Town on a successful new chapter in the Club’s long history.”

Matt Uggla also tweeted a message to supporters:

“Lots of messages asking if it’s us. It’s not. We tried our best and ultimately fell into the trap. What the fans did yesterday was amazing and shows what a special club Yeovil is. Keep fighting the good fight and always remember the club without you guys is NOTHING.

If you stick together then you can accomplish what you need to and come out the other side of this tunnel. Don’t let a tiny group dictate to you guys the future when without you there is no future. Like the motto says. Now more than ever ACHIEVE BY UNITY.

We head north but will always love the glovers and watch out from afar. Really hope our paths cross again and thank you for everything. Keep the faith and keep together. @GloversTrust is on the right path hopefully you guys can support and follow!”

The announcement follows a statement from the chairman last night, which said a takeover had been agreed. Over to you Martin…

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Archie Morris
1 year ago

Yeesh. That’s some garden path to be led up! Priestnall has become even worse than my worst nightmares. Vindictive, sneaky, and taking quite literally everyone for a really horrible ride.