Words courtesy of Mike West from the Yeovil Town FC Heritage Society on Facebook.
I am sure many have walked or driven past these old wrought iron gates adjacent to the Pen Mill Hotel without really giving them a second thought.
However, their historical interest to Yeovil Town Football Club and the town in general is enormous.
Back in 1895, the gates were put in place by the committee of Yeovil Casuals Football Club as the entrance to what was then the club’s home ground the Pen Mill stadium. For nearly 130 years they’ve stayed there, as an unofficial monument to what was the dawn of the town’s football club.
Today, I contacted someone with an interest of getting them protected and maybe a plaque installed to highlight their significance to Yeovil Town FC and the area in general.
I have been informed that the land is looking to be purchased by the Town Council. They in turn are looking to develop the land into a small park, which of course will be nice, however it seems the gates will be removed and scrapped!
Now, for me personally and anyone with a love for the heritage of our great club this would be a travesty.
I am told the person to contact at the council to demonstrate the importance of the gates and why they should be saved is Amanda Card, the Town Clerk.
I urge everybody to email Ms.Card, as I have today, with your concerns regarding the gates and why they need to be preserved. Ms.Card’s email is
If you would like you copy and paste the following to email to Ms. Card:

Dear Ms.Card,
Please forgive me in writing to you, however I have been informed that you are the person that I needed to contact.
Apparently, the local council is planning to build a small park adjacent to the Pen Mill Hotel in Yeovil. Which, of course will be a lovely addition to the area.
However, I would like to bring to your attention to the wrought iron gates that are situated on that site (See attached photo).
You may not be aware, however the gates have a major local significance. They were originally put in place in 1895 by the committee of Yeovil Casuals Football Club, today’s Yeovil Town football club. Put in place as the entrance to the Pen Mill stadium, the original home of Yeovil Town FC. Standing for 130 years, they are the last remnants of the stadium and have major interest for the fans of our town football club, and football fans in general.
So, with this in mind, myself and many Yeovil football fans would not want to see them scrapped in anyway. They really do hold a very important part of the history of the club and town in general.
Please could you inform me of your plan for the gates?
Yours faithfully

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