Sarll chats to BT Sport

Darren Sarll has spoken about the need to provide his players with consistency as they grow as a group.

Speaking ahead of today’s match against Grimsby Town, the manager admitted the results have been poor, but the performances (bar Tuesday night’s defeat to Dagenham) have been good.

He said: “With this type of make up of a squad you have to be consistent. You have to be steady and consistent through it all. They need to see an authenticity to what they’re doing. The form we’ve had in terms of outcome has been poor, but in terms of performances and development they’ve still been very good.

“One thing that a lot of these players have never had in their career is a steady hand [and] consistency. Normally at this stage of a run like ours, some of these lads would have been turfed out and sent to other clubs, and they need to know that that’s not going to happen here.”

“What we said at the beginning of the season is that you’re going to get a home, you’re going to an opportunity to play and you’re going to get an opportunity to develop and create a better chance for a stronger career for yourself,” he added.

Speaking about Tuesday’s defeat, he cited the fatigue as a big reason for the side’s uncharacteristic performance. He also said that the club had tried to get the fixture moved due to the rigours of the recent away travel but that National League refused.

“I thought [on] Tuesday we were poor. I don’t want to give the players an excuse but when I watched the game back, the behaviour is completely different to Saturday’s and that only happens when fatigue hits.”

Wakefield and Knowles didn’t have the same thrust. Barnett didn’t have the same dynamic. Wilkinson definitely struggled with the two games in three days. I thought Staunton looked leggy, Gorman looked leggy, all of them did,” Sarll said.

He also spoke about the future of Yeovil Town, and how he believes the club moves forward: “this club only moves forward if it keeps a steady team. Irregardless of who owns this club, who’s going to come in and put a £3m budget, or £2m budget or £1.5m budget? No one. The club has to grow organically, there’s no other way.”

  • Luke Wilkinson was struggling at Tuesday night and his fitness was going to be assessed after Friday’s training. Sonny Blu Lo-Everton might be back in the squad after illness and Jack Robinson is back, fully fit and just missed out on the squad on Tuesday.
  • When asked about the relationship between the club and supporters post-covid, Sarll said: “there are bridges to be built between our supporters and the football club.” Does anyone know a decent structural engineer?

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