We understand from a number of different sources at Yeovil Town, that the players and staff have not been paid their wages today. Whilst we believe there is a plan to right this wrong, it is another troubling sign of the state of our club.

We are sure we speak for every supporter when we call on the leadership at the club to step up and address the uncertainty at Huish Park and give clarity to the hard-working people – both on and off the field – who are the lifeblood of our club. Achieve by Unity.

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Andy Pimm
11 months ago

Surely those at the top who claim to have ytfc interests as a priority,now need to be open and honest with supporters who have more than done their bit to keep the club going..
This is jot acceptable and those responsible should take a good look in the mirror tonight,
Enough we fans have spent hard earned money over the years so of us 50 years plus
To all yeovil supporters stick together do not allow this to happen

Ian Peter Freely
11 months ago

Absolutely appalling. Get the buckets out around the ground next season, try a players club like Exeter City.

Chris Soundsmith
11 months ago

On that note – I saw Uggla post a video on his story on Instagram with his daughter trying to score a goal on the HP AstroTurf, until the last second where he kicks the ball off the line….Is there any meaning to this? I don’t know but it kind of seems like he is mocking the fact the deal has fallen through at the last hurdle. Anyone else seen this? Thoughts anyone?

Chris G
11 months ago

So, are we at the gates of administration? BBC said today that wages will be paid Tuesday. Really? So that’s the same day that £50k has to be paid to the Council. Odd that. The FB that owns the club has successfully kicked the problem down the road and avoided any fans confrontation at the club by ensuring that by May 2nd, when the season is over he can quietly go about his business, whatever that is, and however dark it is. The Uglers are either waiting in the wings for administration or they will finally sign at 1 minute to midnight. I somehow doubt that will happen. The FB has form. The next few days are critical for YTFC, and the smell of it all is of shite not roses. Despicable to the point of criminal.

Andy C
11 months ago

And Mr Priestnall is still a board member of The National League according to their website. Absolutely disgusting.

Graham Willcocks
11 months ago

What a despicable state of affairs.Anyone and everyone involved with this shambles should
hang their heads in shame.Shambolic from start to finish for years and no sign of improvement
in sight. I don’t live in Yeovil anymore and now face the thought of going to the likes of Braintree,
Chelmsford and Dartford ffs. Hmmm wouldn’t be so bad if thought we could win!!!