Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds kicked off on Twitter about not being able to stream Wrexham games in the US so that a new audience, off the back of their FX/Disney+ documentary which was released this month, can watch live.

The co-owner of Wrexham posted to his 20.1m followers: “After months of maximum effort, the decision (through inaction of the @Vanarama National League) to not allow domestic/international streaming of matches of Wrexham and the other clubs in the league is truly baffling. It deprives every team in our league of the chance to expand the fanbase, while adding to league revenue benefits everyone.”

Timing on this one’s all a bit odd isn’t it?

Anyway, the National League Board, on which YTFC owner Scott Priestnall sits, have issued a joint statement on the National League website today.

Many will be aware of the recent comments regarding streaming, and it is important we set out the current position of the Vanarama National League.

Firstly, it is important to remember that we already have a Broadcast Partner, in BT Sports, who currently have the contractual rights to all National League games in a deal that has served the whole league and all its 72 clubs well.

BT are keen to work with the National League to support opportunities for our clubs to generate extra income, as they did during the Covid Pandemic, in the form of streaming.

We have been working intensely for some months to finalise a proposal launch a centralised, fully tested Vanarama National League streaming platform. This proposal goes to the Board for consideration at their meeting on 15th September.

The proposal will recognise that we must respect and protect the status of the league and also BT Sport’s high production values and ensuring an approach which guarantees quality of service and the needs of all our clubs and their fans.

We understand the desire from some clubs, who find themselves in a position to stream independently and we respect that, however there is a requirement for the League to protect and provide a solution for all three divisions.

We will always take into account the views of individual clubs, but it is imperative that we look after the interests of 72 member clubs and doing as much as we can to deliver income, profile and support for all.

The commercial arm of the League have been simultaneously seeking partners for the delivery and commercialisation of a streaming platform. The League has the support of Vanarama and BT Sport in ensuring we deliver the needs of all our Clubs.

There are challenges in supplying a product that can be used by everyone, whilst ensuring compliance with Article 48.

The Board will consider the proposal in full, and that will include the timetable for its introduction.

Basically, we’ve got a partner, we’ve got a lot of clubs to think about, the quality needs to be the same across the three leagues, we’ll think about it.

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1 year ago

If the games being shown on BT are excluded from streaming ,what’s the problem streaming the rest on any given day