Main Stand Sponsor Martin Hellier has released a statement on behalf of Hellier Group this morning. You can read the full statement below.

Openness — Transparency — Unity

Much has been said and speculated about my intentions, my group’s intentions, negative or otherwise, with regards to the ownership of Yeovil Town Football Club, which I wanted to clarify.


I can happily admit that over recent times, I have endured some personal events that have caused me to say things, that I might regret, in the heat of the moment, and for the passion of the community that I live in and the club that I love.


Hellier Group operates successfully and profitably, and when we became aware of YTFC’s dire situation, we felt personally obliged to extend our commitment to the community’s best interests, as we do already, silently, to the tune of over £100,000 a year, to various charities in the region.

We were, and still are, prepared to invest at least £2millon into the restructuring of the club, for player investment and improvements to the stadium and the match day experience. We are the only interested party to have ever listed the investment we would have made, and with an acceptance to probably never recovering this investment.

YTFC as a standalone business, is now financially unviable, yet as a trading business within our group, would have been comfortably supported, while it found its feet, and without financial pressure.

We have, at every step of the timeline, warned of the consequences of the mismanagement of the club, since autumn last year, and it brings us no pleasure whatsoever, to see that these predictions have come to fruition.


We can publicly state on record now, that we would immediately reunite the surrounding grounds and the trading business, as one, with any future development plans and subsequent revenues directly benefitting the club. I am sorry that in all that we have offered, that we have mostly been treated with suspicion and negative rhetoric, and remain, as ever, committed to the turnaround, and success, of Yeovil Town Football Club.

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Phil A
1 year ago

These are (after the preamble) sentiments that on the face of it fans could appreciate but the bare facts are unless the current chairman/owner/SCC agrees and completely finalises a deal – there’s no amount of tenacity, sincerity, or public record making that will change the current narrative.

Sentiments is all they are…but by golly surely we hope for change, a deal finalised by whichever group gets the keys to do so, and very VERY soon!

Ian Peter Freely
1 year ago

Never going to relive the years of success, all the way to the Championship, again in my life time. Been watching Yeovil Town since 1987, my Son’s came along with me for years, until they went off to University. Worse team I have seen in all my 36 years. Mark Copper wants to play passing football, but sadly, most of the players can’t pass wind! A couple of Jack Grealish want to be’s, only thing in common, is the head bands. Then you have a couple of Forest Gumps, run Forest run, but don’t forget to do something with the ball, when you get there. In Stanton, you have another leader type, like Skivo, without going down the pub to much! He can lead a new squad, that Cooper can put together, no Director of football rubbish, if a Manager is going to lose his job, it’s with players he has bought in. Yeovil Town will be lucky to keep Cooper, in the National League South, but if he stays, he has the experience and knowledge to get Yeovil Town back into the Football League.

1 year ago

Administration might be a good thing long term although it would cost us dearly next season. The club would be removed from Priestnall’s control. They’d probably sell us to Hellier who at least cares, despite his appalling twitter spat with Uggla.
Sick of it all.

1 year ago

Cooper played for 18 clubs over 20 years and has already managed 11. He used 44 players this season. There is no consistency in his football either playing or managing. He just keeps rolling the dice hoping for 7.

1 year ago

Goodness me! I thought I overused comma’s!!

Chris G
1 year ago

Whoever takes control of this football club it can be no worse than the muppet we have in control right now. He has seen the main chance- he is a chancer- and why should he give a flying F about YTFC? To be fair why should he care? If he can make money out of the opportunity handed to him by the previous owners then why not? SSDC wanting £15k a month (if correct) wow they want their pound of flesh too. We need someone to buy the stadium back at the very least. Of course, the stadium is the problem if anyone wants to build houses. Remove the stadium, remove YTFC, remove the problem, and apart from a few thousand YTFC fans, who gives a damn? If MH buys it, at the very least he is a supporter, and I would welcome anyone that for a change puts YTFC first and not their ffing selves!

1 year ago

What does £2 million in restructuring actually mean?

David Towner
1 year ago

Priestnell is a complete asshole. He has no interest in the football club other than to get the land to build houses on. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. How would he feel if somebody wanted his house & land for development?. Does he realise if Yeovil Town goes the town will die. We should do what they did in the olden days , go round his house with a rope & stri ng him up!.