Commercial director Mark Robinson has said there is “massive news” coming about news sponsors for Yeovil Town.

But probably the biggest reveal from the interview published on the club’s social media was the presence of a marquee located behind the Thatcher’s Stand at Huish Park.

The structure had previously been left to rot alongside the 3G pitch outside the stadium despite the club securing planning permission to move it to the south-west corner of the stadium in December 2022.

Now it appears that has happened in line with a promise revealed by new owner and chairman Martin Hellier on his appearance on the Gloverscast to create a fan zone area in that location.

In his interview, Robinson confirmed rural internet specialists Jurassic Fibre would be continuing as the club’s main kit sponsor as part of a three-year deal signed two years ago.

He added: “We have got massive news coming out soon with the new kit launches, we have got sponsors for the kits, Jurassic Fibre are continuing with us as part of their three-year deal.

But there will be some new faces in there which we are excited to announce in the coming weeks.

Then after the kit we look at the stadium itself, every stand will have a sponsor’s name on it, which plays homage to where we are now as an organisation and the enthusiasm (of sponsors) to be part of it.

Then, from the stands we filter down to the (pitchside advertising) boards, which will be the next key component to look at selling. We are still in June and I only have five (boards) at high level and six at low level still to sell.

Having come to Yeovil Town pre-COVID, experienced a tough time through COVID, performances not clicking on the pitch, it has been a tough sell for the last three years.

But this summer has been unreal and to be in this position, it is exciting and it gives me great pride for what we have achieved.

Martin (Hellier) has come on board with a team and is making (the club) a fresh hub for business and a fresh hub for the town to be excited about in the coming weeks.”

Robinson also revealed there had been investment in the hospitality areas on the upper level of the Main Stand at Huish Park which would improve the matchday experience.

He said: “I felt the product we delivered last year was exquisite for our level, and we have made some investments upstairs in the restaurants and the bars for the matchday experience to improve.

So anyone who wants to return, I would advise them to look at the matchday hospitality we have got and have a great day out at Huish Park. It is what we have been waiting years to do, so just come and enjoy it.

The Huish Park marquee peeking out in the south-west corner of the site behind commercial director Mark Robinson.

The commercial director was one of two people who the owner announced in May would be becoming directors of the club. Rhys Rosser, Hellier’s barrister who played a key role in securing his ownership of the club, was formally appointed on the board when he was registered as a director of the club’s trading business, Yeovil Football & Athletic Club Limited, on Companies House earlier this month.

However, although he is now referred to as “commercial director”, as opposed to “commercial manager”, there has been no details given about when Robinson will follow suit and there was no reference made to it in the interview.

Asked about the mood among the club’s staff was excited and said this had filtered through to businesses visiting to discuss sponsorship packages.

He added: “I have had sponsors come in who I was talking to at the end of last season and they have highlighted to me there is a buzz and a spring in the staff’s tails when they are walking through the office.

Everybody throughout the club is full of excitement and passion to make it asuccess and put the club back (where it belongs). I keep pinching myself regularly to remind myself that, despite all this excitement and enthusiasm, we did get relegated last year which was difficult not only for the players but for all the staff.

It is not what we wanted to achieve but to have this enthusiasm it feels like we have won the league and I hope we can build on the momentum.”

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1 year ago

If that’s the south-west corner does that mean we now all live in the south-east?

East Country, lalalala…