New Yeovil manager Mark Cooper spoke to BBC’s Matt Mesiano ahead of the his first match in-charge of the Glovers against Maidstone.

MM: First thing to say, welcome to the club, how have the first day for you been?

“Busy as you’d expect, trying to get to know the players, the staff, how the club works. So, it’s been hectic but enjoyable.”

MM: The fans have been left fr*strated for most of this season, with just two victories from 15 league games and a disappointing exit from the cup. I suppose the questions the fans want to know is can you turn this team around and give the fans something to smile about again?

“Well I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t think I could, which is the first thing. I think the previous manager got a bit unlucky, played some decent football and probably didn’t get what they deserved in some games. So we’ve got to try and get the players to feel good about themselves, get some confidence back and get them on the front foot and get the fans behind them again. And that’s the aim, certainly from the start today.

MM: A bit of baptism of fire today, after just one day with the players. I understand you’ve had an input in todays game but Chris Todd will be actually taking it from the touchline?

“That’s right yeah, I’m going to watch the game from upstairs today so I can get a really good picture of it, a good view and I’ll be on the phone to Chris if need be.”

MM: I think an issue that a lot of the fans had is that they didn’t really feel like the formation was working, they said 3-5-2 didn’t have the suitability for the players. How do you like playing and what have you seen so far that gives you an idea of how you’d like to play with this team?

“I don’t want to get to het up about systems. It’s more of a mentality and intent. Its more about committing to the game plan and how you’re going to play. any system can be adapted within five yards so whatever system we play its about the intent and committing tot he gameplan which is what were going to try and do to today.”

Would you like to try and bring in some new blood to help you go forward with that?

“I think its natural that well add a couple just to freshen the group up, not to replace anyone but to freshen the group up and give us a little bit more depth and bit more competition.”

MM: I suppose on of the big issues is your top scorer is a left back with three and he’s suspended today so where are the goals going to come from?

“Well, I hope you brought your boots, firstly. No, we want the goals to come from all around the team, of course we do. But its about the mentality to get in off the balls in the penalty area for different sorts of goals and for the opposition to make mistakes.”

MM: I suppose today is quite a good chance for you to get back on a winning track because your playing a team in a similar position to yourselves who’ve also not been able to score recently?

“They did brilliant last year to get promoted. And obviously coming into the this league as a part time or hybrid team is tough. Its a tough game obviously, it’s a plastic pitch which is a huge advantage for the opposition. But we have to try and concentrate on us, which is what we’ve tried to do in the last two days.”

Finally from me, what are the realistic aims for this season? Promotion would be fantastic but I suppose sustaining where are currently is the first goal right?

“Promotion, first thing I haven’t got a magic wand. And I think its important that wejust deal with the immediate future and that’s today. If we look too far ahead we can get in a bit of a mess, so it’s importasnt we just concentrate on today and that’s trying to get three points.”

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