New Yeovil Town owner and Chairman Martin Hellier spoke at the club today alongside Mark Cooper and Josh Staunton proclaiming that ‘the age of disparity, disarray and low morale is now over’.

“It’s my greatest honour to sit here before you, flanked by the manager, Mark Cooper the skipper, Josh Staunton, on the cusp of what we consider to be a new era in our beloved football club. We believe that the age of disparity, disarray and low morale is now over. And we now embark on a progressive and ambitious future for Yeovil Town.”

When asked by Three Valleys Radio’s Adi Hopper about the stress of the process, Hellier said: £It was more stressful the closer we got to completion. I’d also say that we were possibly no more sure that we’d got it in one minute before completing than we were maybe three months before completing. But that’s the nature of the beast it seems. It was incredibly stressful and it got more and more stressful – it went right to wire but as I said, even up to that point the way dealings were we couldn’t have been any more sure than we were three months before.

Hellier thanked his barrister, Rhys Rosser and former YTFC Director (and Gloverscast guest) Stephen Allinson for his support during the legal process.

“We knew that we couldn’t  move forward in any capacity at all, unless we removed what was a big looming cloud over this club for several years. The deal had to be done where we obtained the club, the holding company, the buyback rights. It was the only way to move this club forward for the staff, for the fans, for the players, for the manager. So, that what we set out to do and that’s what we achieved,” he said.

The Chairman also pledged that the supporters would be engaged with on a regular basis and would be able to enjoy the football while being looked after.

When asked by Steve Sowden of the Yeovil Press (and Gloverscast guest) if all the deal was completely done, Hellier confirmed the deal was completed on Friday.

“Fans need to be assured that we would not be sat at this table now, saying what we’re saying if that wasn’t the case. I certainly wouldn’t be entering into some wobbly stewards arrangement. You either own a business or you don’t.

“The difference is with the mantra of transparency and honesty that we’ve instilled in this club now is that our door is open you can ask those questions and we will provide those answers.”

Hellier reiterated his desire for community to be heavily involved and stated his belief that under local ownership the club will be able to connect to the community and plans to devise programme of community assistance and support.

Watch the wide ranging interview with Hellier, Cooper and Staunton below.

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