After Charlie Wakefield‘s player registration deadline day loan move to National League promotion chasers Woking, Glovers’ fan Jake Gallagher has poured his feelings in to a blog……

There’s a star-man.
Playing on the right.
His name is Charlie Wakefield.
And he’s fucking dynamite.

It’s a dangerous business falling in love with football players. Especially in the lower leagues when the merry-go-round of loans and short-term contracts mean you will see more footballers through the revolving door at your club than you would at a top division outfit. But that doesn’t stop us.

Foolish though as it is, we just can’t help singing the names of our favourite players. We know it’ll end in heartbreak; we know they’ll be snapped up by a club in the division above on the eve of the season (see Tom Knowles) and we know that ultimately the better players move on to bigger things.

It’s rare these days that a player would have his own chant – they just don’t stick around long enough for fans to conjure up something catchy and come together, in the Thatcher’s Stand, as one orchestrated and organised choir. Few players get the “Super, Gav, Super Gavin Williams” treatment but Wakefield earned it and deserved it.

A silky winger, he’s just what we need….. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Perhaps it was his willingness to allow fans to peer into his life to see what it’s like to be a footballer. His ‘Man Up’ film on YouTube, a documentary about mental health in football, showed the maturity levels of such a young man who clearly cares about his family, his welfare and his future. His ‘A Day in the Life’ documentary – also on YouTube – allowed us to see a personal side that you don’t often get beyond the post-match interview. As a fan, I can’t get enough of that insight and access.

While the above is true, the real reason we all love Charlie Wakefield is his ability to ignite the crowd. Just give him the ball on the halfway line, he’ll knock it past the opposing left-back and Yeovil Town are on the attack. Not many footballers possess that quality, that get-the-supporters-off-their-seats quality. One of the most satisfying sounds in football – other than the ball hitting the back of the net – is when you can hear stadium seats flip up as people stand in anticipation of a goal. That’s what Wakefield does. Under Darren Sarll, when we were at our most dangerous, it’d be Tom Knowles breaking at pace, laying it on a plate for Charlie. One touch to control, one touch to finish. Rinse and repeat. That winning goal against Stevenage in the FA Cup 2nd Round in 2021. That was vintage Wakefield. A silky winger, just what we need, he’ll win Yeovil the National League. We can’t sing that anymore.

This does sound a bit dramatic, I’m aware of that. After all, he’s only left on loan and has played just a handful of games this season. Since the departure of Sarll it’s been obvious that both new managers have felt their style doesn’t suit a fast-breaking wide player. Chris Hargreaves tried and failed to convert him into a wing-back and Mark Cooper’s system needs more technically astute players in the forward line. Couple all that with his injury record and you can’t say you’re surprised. But that didn’t stop me feeling a twinge of regret seeing him move on, especially to Woking. Bloody Woking.

I’d love to see Charlie Wakefield back at Huish Park next season, running at defenders, scoring goals on the break. I can’t see it personally and that’s fine – it’s time to make my peace with it.

For now, I’m just going to wish him all the best. And if you’re reading this Charlie – thank you.

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1 year ago

One trick pony that’s been found out

1 year ago

Something is bloody wrong when we can’t score an ffing goal and we let Wakefield go and its plainly obvious that we need that type of player. The plot has been lost imho