Darren Sarll has said it is inevitable that “players fans really like” will be leaving the club this summer.

But, the manager has said he is committed to  bringing in other talent who will go on to become fans’ favourites as he looks to build for next season.

He said: “We are starting to build for the future and next season, Scott (Priestnall), the Yeovil Town chairman) and I are talking all the time about what we want this team to look like and how we want it to represent the fans. We built a lovely connection with our fans last season and we want to rebuild that with players that we want to have that and with players that we bring in. Players that they really like will be leaving, that is inevitable, and some players that they like  (who are currently not at the club) will be coming in. We need to add (new players) to bring a nice, new energy to the group and we need to keep some of what we’ve got because they are brilliant people and they deserve another crack at it.”


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