Yeovil Town have announced their squad numbers for the upcoming season.

There a couple of headlines with neither Jordan Maguire-Drew or Will Buse given a number ahead of the new campaign.

Southampton Loanee Ollie Wright takes the Number 1, whilst JM-D’s number 10 shirt has been given to Frank Nouble – who last season wore 30.

Morgan Williams takes his fifth different number (2, 13, 17, 29 for those wondering) as a Glover and becomes the first YTFC player to be given the number four since the passing of Lee Collins.

New signings Aaron Jarvis (9), Finn Cousin-Dawson (5), Brett McGavin (14), Matt Gould (22), Jordan Thomas (2), and Harvey Greenslade (27) are handed their first number in Green and White.

The Full List as Below – with last year’s number in brackets.

1) Ollie Wright (New)
2) Jordan Thomas (New)
3) Alex Whittle (No Change)
4) Morgan Williams (2)
5) Finn Cousin-Dawson (New)
6) Jake Wannell (No Change)
7) Sam Pearson (27)
8) Matt Worthington (No Change)
9) Aaron Jarvis (New)
10) Frank Nouble (30)
11) Jordan Young (No Change)
14) Brett McGavin (New)
16) Sonny Blu Lo Everton (No Change)
17) Dylan Mordan (12)
22) Matt Gould (New)
23) Michael Smith (No Change)
24) Charlie Cooper (No Change)
27) Harvey Greenslade (New)

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Weston Glover
15 days ago

Ben, if you’re the one of the plebs who’s obsessive about squad numbers, like I am, what do you make of these?

15 days ago

I really don’t understand what Mark Cooper’s doing with or to JMD and Will Buse. They were both signed by Cooper and both are still under contract but neither has a squad number, and if you watch the club’s 20 minute behind the scenes return for Pre-Season video, neither Buse nor JMD are to be seen. Where are they? Training with the under 18s? 

14 days ago
Reply to  Yeo-Yeo

He’s obviously trying to freeze them out, hoping they’ll agree to move on to play regular football & free up some money.
The alternative is to pay up their contracts, & we almost certainly don’t have the money to do that. Witness Scott Pollock & Malachi Linton last season.
As you say, the difference this season is that they’re players that he signed.
To be honest, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

Weston Glover
14 days ago
Reply to  Yeo-Yeo

Clearly both are transfers that haven’t worked out, which will always happen, just a shame we don’t seem very good at moving players on.

I expect Buse will go on loan somewhere for the season then be released, JMD I’ve got no idea, considering a club turned down signing him for nothing, I’m not holding out much hope, think he’ll be this season’s Pollock