Yeovil finished their home campaign with a whimper yesterday, losing 3-0 to Oldham. Here are Ian’s Five Conclusions…


It started badly and didn’t get any better. If this was a ‘pressure off, express yourself’ kind of day, it really didn’t feel it. After just 8 minutes a cross into the box found Devarn Green who was given the freedom on the six yard box to give Oldham the lead. Oldham looked organised, drilled and a team that could do something in the National League next season.

We just couldn’t get any attacking rhythm. Passes were either too short, too hard, impossible to control and wildly misplaced. There was no cohesion and it was a performance that was symptomatic of a relegated team that just want the season to finish. There were flashes of play, pockets of neatness but Oldham’s keeper was only really troubled by crosses into the box.

Reo Griffiths. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

There won’t be fond memories of this season at Huish Park. In 23 games at home this season, supporters have seen 6 wins, 8 draws and 9 defeats and celebrated just 18 goals. Last season wasn’t much better, 7 wins, 7 draws and 8 defeats and 20 goals. There was more than 4000 at Huish yesterday, and they weren’t sent away with a great deal to look forward to next season. The manager described relegation as death by a thousand cuts but in the last 108 league matches at home, the town has seen just 36 wins. Now that’s a tough sell…

That will be the last Huish Park sees of some of these players. Given our destination its a safe bet that many if these players won’t be around next season. Grant Smith, the standout player who kept teams at bay for so long this season will surely see his sights higher. Matt Worthington, who despite our dreadful season, has kind of had a breakout season of his own. He won’t be short of suitors in the National League and after his years in green and white who can begrudge him that. Lawson D’Ath’s heartfelt message last night feels like a goodbye. There will be a huge loss of character in the changing room if you take those three out and there will need to be a huge rebuild. That is why…

Matt Worthington. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Someone needs to grab this club by the scruff of its neck and restore some pride. The owner has control of the destiny of Huish Park, facilitated by SSDC. He’s got what he wanted from before day one and has gone. SU Glovers, after ushering in a new era in March, weren’t at Huish Park yesterday. There has been discontent within the club about how SU have operated since there stewardship was announced more than 50 days ago. When Mark Cooper says it: ‘stirring the pot’. When Josh Staunton says it: ‘what a leader’. There is a universal truth at the club that the takeover has totally derailed the season. It’s difficult to comprehend just how badly the wheels have come off after such positivity. I know there are people still rooting for them and if it goes through everyone will be behind them, as wholesale change is inevitable. Right now though, I don’t see how this deal gets completed. Clearly, there is another plan underway and a search for an alternative trying to preserve the long term future of the club. After the debacle over the last couple of months, it’s difficult to have faith that the right person can be found when time is of the essence. From May, we’ll start paying the landlords for their ‘rescue package’ last Summer but the club feels anything but rescued. Administration is a massive risk but it would bring to light what’s been going on behind the scenes at the club over the past couple of seasons.

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