Here’s what Yeovil boss, Mark Cooper said to BBC Somerset’s Ian Randall following the Dartford draw.

Ian Randall: Well, Mark, thanks for your time. I think there was a knowing nod between you and Alan Dawson at the end. You you’d had a decent competitive game there today.

Mark Cooper: The game should be over at half time.

IR: Well, it should be over after 15 minutes, arguably.

MC: We should be sat on the bus with at least four or five goals but listen, that’s football. We had total domination in the first half. They had one cross in our box which we didn’t defend. I’ve made those feelings known. I think we had 12 big chances. I’ve just seen 12 big chances that the way we played and what we set up, we cut them open, they couldn’t deal with our two number tens rotating into the middle of the pitch. Through balls, clean through on goal numerous times, side foots into an empty net and somehow we let their keeper make saves when should be just rolling in the corners. But listen, it sometimes happens like that, and then at half time I kind of knew what was coming because they have to do something and you know we had to battle for a point in the end. Yeah, it’s just the way it is. And at half time I would have settled for a point because I knew what was coming,

IR: Would you be more angry if you hadn’t made twelve chances? Because by making twelve chances, that says there’s not a lot wrong with the process.

MC: [It’s] Exactly what we worked on after the Bath game and being more in control of the game and cutting them open with our two number 10s rotating into the middle of the pitch and overloading it. Sliding the ball through clean on goal. That’s what we worked on and that’s what we do. And, I’m pleased as a coach that we created that number of chances.

IR: But as you say, Sanford had his day, didn’t he?

MC: Listen, first half, we were magnificent and the football we played. I just said to the players there, as a coach, I can get from the edge of our box, to the edge of theirs really safely and in control of the game. But I can’t do the last bit, which means you got a desire to head the ball out of your goal and mark your man and I can’t finish and show you how to finish when you’re under pressure. That’s an individual thing, and that’s what it is. We weren’t good enough in both boxes so, we should score loads and we gave two crap goals away.

IR: In terms of your attacking play, there was quite a lot of chaos at times in the Dartford area. Does that make it harder for the forwards because it is a very uncontrolled situation?

MC: No, because before the chaos comes calm where we’re running in on goal or it’s a pullback and it’s a free shot at the goalkeeper from 6/8 12 yards. The chaos comes when the goalie saves it and it rebounds and then we get a second chance. But the first chance is clear cut and we should be more precise. But listen forwards sometimes missed chances. If we play like we did first half 100 times we win, I think 99.

IR: Overall, then, at the end of this sequence, this long series of away matches you finished seven points clear. You’ve got a clear week now, and a home game. The joy of a home game next week with with some time to get a few bumps ready, hopefully?

MC: Yeah. We’re looking forward to it. Looking forward to having a clear week, we can rest for a couple of days, get the boys really fresh and a cracking game for us at home to Hampton and Richmond next Saturday.

IR: Will they get days off now because they’ve done a lot of miles, you’ve had a busy schedule, is it question of just actually just releasing the valve almost?

MC: Sometimes less is more and more is less. You know, sometimes they need to rest and and that’s better than training. I don’t think there’s anything too structurally wrong with us. We look a good team. We look as like we know what we’re doing certainly with the ball. And we just have to keep recreating those, those kind of performances and certainly the players will get time to rest this week, but we’ll also have some time where we’ve gotta work really hard.

IR: And just about calmness, Jordan Young was calm with the chance at 2-2, because the ball, the ball did ricochet to him in the D and he never looked like he was going to miss?

MC: The lads were saying in there if some of them had six shots at John Lennon today, he’d still be alive. So yeah, I fancied Youngy on that one because it sat up really nice. He’s been great, hasn’t he? And listen for the first half was a brilliant performance. It’s just a shame it hasn’t ended with a win.

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4 months ago

Cooper full of excuses or full of bull ***t, understanding that at the beginning of the season we would probably take a 7 point lead at this stage but REALLY !!! HE HAS TO GO. We have lost/drawn games we should have won, therefore it comes down to bad, or no coaching/team selection. Hope for better Saturday. I really do care and love this club