Mark Cooper is relying on the robustness of his younger players for the Glovers fixture pileup.

Speaking at today’s press conference the manager praised his remarkable players amidst ongoing uncertainty. When asked about the signing of Ryan Law and his versatility for the rest of the season he said: “That age group is usually more robust. We’re relying on a lot of players playing a lot of games. We’re trying to stay fit and be durable.

“It’s difficult, we don’t have a physio at the moment. Some players don’t know if they’re injured or not injured, they’re just going through it and giving it everything they’ve got. They could give me so many excuses at the minute, but they come in every morning. just get on with it and put themselves forward to play. Full credit to them, its a remarkable effort.”

How we’re in this position with injured players playing through the pain barrier, a depleted squad and no physio is anyone’s guess. For the second season in a row, uncertainty reigns supreme and after the departure of Ben Richards-Everton to Scunthorpe and an injury to Max Hunt and presumably eluding to the ongoing takeover situation, Cooper said he wouldn’t be able to bring anyone else in.

Speaking on Richards-Everton’s loan move he said: “I think its difficult when you know you haven’t got the support of a lot the crowd and that can really effect your confidence. That was an issue for him. Great Pro, lovely lad and also wanted to move back further North.”

“Max Hunt’s injured, he twisted his ankle over a week ago now. It is what it is. We cant bring anyone in and the minute and we’ve just got to get on with it.”

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P Allen
1 year ago

Cooper’s interviews are growing more like Sarll’s in each passing week – appreciating his limited but “remarkable” squad and back room staff, seemingly has no additional knowledge around a takeover than the average YTFC fan, and growing frustration is obvious – from not being able to carry out his plan at a speed he wants with the outcomes he wants. We (humble fans) have been here before – too many times for comfort and it won’t change until there is change at the very top. Priestnal must be one heck of a salesman to pitch the same “plan” to two (maybe three) different managers and they’ve bought in to it..or at least believed the story!!