Mark Cooper stressed the importance of clarity for the future of Yeovil Town, as the Glovers look destined for National League South next season.

A second half fightback saw Yeovil earn a point against Solihull Moors but defeat at Wrexham on Tuesday will confirm relegation to regional football.

Speaking to BBC Somerset’s Sheridan Robins after the match, Cooper said his players were fr*strated at the situation they find themselves in. They’re frustrated by what’s happened, but like I said last week, it didn’t need to happen. But it has, and we have to see it now as rock-bottom for the club.

“I think everyone needs to look at it as a chance to rebuild. It’s a chance to put real good building blocks in place. Right people in the right positions. Recruit a really good squad on top of the boys, we’ve got some exciting players at the club for next year. The recruitment has got to be spot on because if you get it wrong at the start of the season, or during the season, it’s really difficult to recover.”

He also reiterated his desire to be at the club next season: I get excited about the future, as I said when I came here I was desperate to build the club and to put it back where it belongs. I still want to do that, but it’s [the club] not what it said on the tin. So we all have to take a little bit of blame. We have got a group of four or five warriors that are desperate for the club to succeed and we have to add to the group.

With deafening silence around the takeover of the club (it’s been 46 days since the stewardship announcement) Cooper called for clarity for supporters and staff at Huish Park.

“If the takeover goes through, there’s a lot of us not going to be here, there’s no point beating around the bush. But I want to be here. Look, nobody knows what’s going to happen, the takeover has been going on for a long time now. For the sake of the supporters of the club and the really good people that work at the club, it’s so important that they get clarity.”

The manager was disappointed with his side’s opening 20 minutes, which saw them go 2-0 down to goals from Josh Kelly. After the introduction of Reo Griffiths and Zanda Siziba at half time the Glovers improved and on balance, should have left with all three points. 

On the changes Cooper said: “We’re having to make changes after 20-odd minutes. We were powder-puff for 20 minutes and we tweaked a couple of bits and from then on in we looked as though we were going to be a threat.

“I think a lot of it’s fear. Players are frightened to make a mistake but we haven’t got time for that. You’ve got to seize the moment, if you get an opportunity in the team you’ve got to take. The changes we made affected the game and we’ve ended up getting something out of it.”

Griffiths and Siziba, who have been used sparingly since signing for the club, made a big impact and Cooper said their absences we’re not down to their ability.

“It’s not about ability. I said to the whole group it’s not about ability, that’s only one part. It’s about application and being a really good professional. If players show that, they get opportunities to play, if they don’t, and work as hard of the rest of the players then they don’t. It’s as simple as that, it’s an unwritten rule for us that you have to buy in to the group and work hard.”

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1 year ago

He might want to be here, but why would we want him?

1 year ago

He won’t be here the day the takeover is complete. After his previous comments his position is untenable.

Derek Hamilton
1 year ago

Why do you give him this platform to ply his narrative?

sam shane
1 year ago

just go Cooper. you failed miserably. Cant dress it up .

1 year ago

MC may not be perfect, but we all know who is really to blame for the debacle which is now Yeovil Town Football Club. Years of neglect and finally we end up with a man that puts us in Non League Regional. Blame SP not MC. If we are left with him at the helm and the take-over does not go through either we have no club at worst, or another relegation next season at best. Doubt Pep could save this club!