Yeovil Town posted a video on social media unveiling the new brand identity this afternoon including a new logo.

In a post on, the club said: “In designing our new badge, we sought to capture the essence of both our footballing tradition and our town’s proud history. The gloves and the ball serve as a powerful symbol of our identity, uniting past and present in a dynamic emblem that resonates with supporters young and old.“

Watch the video below and leave a vote on the poll.

How the new crest might look on a kit.
Courtesy of Palace Glover.

What do you think of the new club identity?

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4 months ago

It looks like an attempt by somebody in the 2020s to fool people into thinking the badge was designed in the 1880s. Old leather ball, ‘vintage’ typeface and oddly a 16th century shield shape. Sadly fake

Archie Morris
4 months ago
Reply to  SheFellOver

The typeface is taken from (or at least, inspired by) the entry gates to the old Huish, which is actually a pretty neat move in my opinion.

4 months ago

Looks cheap and sterile. Don’t like the ‘gloves’, they look like the hands of peace without the dove sat on them. Also, where’s our ‘Achieve by Unity’ slogan gone. More work needs doing.

Goal Lover
4 months ago

Yeah agree with most other fans it seems. Get rid of the religious symbols yeah that’s fine. Keep the “Achieve by Unity” , and maybe include elements of the old badge like the lions, crowns (if not too big)
Or another idea would be include something that symbolises the helicopter industry like some blades..
Missed opportunity to create something that uniquely represents Yeovil.

Goal Lover
4 months ago

This is the kind of situation where a lot of the controversy could have been avoided if they’d got different designers to produce a badge each, and let fans have the final say by voting on it. Never going to please everyone but at least that would be a majority of people behind it.

Goal Lover
4 months ago
Reply to  Goal Lover

An online survey so people can vote on the options even if they’re busy. Need more than just 50 people for any outcomes to be valid

4 months ago

Awful design, no need for a change at all. Majority of fans don’t like it but yet again the owner(s) don’t care, as stated on a personal Facebook account we need to #getusedtoit.

Last edited 4 months ago by Terry
Goal Lover
1 month ago

As has been highlighted in Facebook comments elsewhere, pushing ahead with a badge design like this when the majority of fans do not like the change is likely to be a breach of FA rules. The fans should be kicking up a fuss about this, and getting it changed.
Put “Achieve by Unity” on all badge designs, make the colour scheme green/white/yellow/black, and add something symbolic of industry in Yeovil now (helicopter blades), and I think most fans would agree to that.

14 days ago

I don’t like the new logo, the older one was better

14 days ago

It’s looks like UNICEF hand or gloves…what they are…, why nobody vote to apply the new logo or not??????