The latest Companies House filing appears to show that Yeovil Football & Athletic Club, the company which effectively owns the club’s football operations, has taken on the entire £801,538 loan owed to Sport England.

The latest filing appeared on October 13, albeit was registered on October 11, confirms that the loan has effectively transferred from Yeovil Town Holdings Limited, the company which owns the land around Huish Park.

On Tuesday night it looked as if some part of the club’s debt had been cleared, instead it simply appears that debt is being moved around.

Both companies have common active directors, club Chairman Scott Priestnall and Director Glenn Collis.

So the timeline of how Yeovil Town’s football operations company came to owe more than £800,000 goes like this:

  • 12 February: Yeovil Football & Athletic Club Ltd agree a loan of £689,538 from Sport England.
  • 17 March : The loan is created as a legal charge on the club.
  • 31 August: The club confirms it has borrowed an additional £112,000 from Sport England with a charge taken by Yeovil Town Holdings Limited.
  • 12 October: Yeovil Town Holdings Limited confirms it has satisfied the  £112,000 loan.
  • 13 October: A new charge filed against Yeovil Football & Athletic Club is registered which confirms it has taken on loan of up to £801,538.

We have contacted the club to seek clarification of the club’s financial situation and we are awaiting a response.

To understand the land in the ownership of both Yeovil Town Holdings Limited and Yeovil Football & Athletic Club, see our Gloversblog – here.

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