Yeovil Town boss Darren Sarll has revealed the club couldn’t say no to QPR on the deal offered for Alfie Lloyd.

The academy product’s move to QPR was confirmed earlier this week after he had a successful trial at the London club.

Speaking to the press today, Sarll said: “It was a brilliant deal, we could not say no. It is the best deal in terms of monetary value that the club has done for 4-5 years. It is a good deal up front and a good deal if Alfie is successful and it is a good deal for Alfie in terms of his football career and education and that is what he needs. We are really pleased for him because he is a brilliant guy and we are delighted for him.”

Sarll stressed the importance of good finances at the club, given the uncertainty COVID has caused, and touched on the deals we’ve done this season, presumably the selling of Myles Hippolyte, Courtney Duffus and Lloyd.

“Everyone knows we are in COVID financial times and money is at a premium, so we needed to do it. We have sold three players and we have brought in what is moving to hundreds of thousands of pounds in remuneration, so that is all good. That will only create a stronger foundation and that is what is going to have to happen. That is like any business. What we have seen over the years, so many mistakes with young players who spend ages out on loan and then get released. We are in a position next season where every penny has to be spent very wisely and next season if players can’t contribute to the first team, we can’t have them with us.”

Sarll praised his young signings, Tom Knowles, Alex Bradley and Max Hunt. He talked about the character they bring to the squad, and how the experiences of this season will only improve them.

He said: “The experience young players are getting on and off the pitch has been huge, but we have to get through this difficult time.
They will only be better for these life and football experiences. I am really excited about players like Tom Knowles, Alex Bradley, Max Hunt, they are going to be brilliant players for the club.

“We need to make sure we keep that character because the team that fell out of the League was devoid of character in my opinion. We need to keep that in senior players, but there are also young players out there with that same character that you need. Look at Tom Knowles, his strength of character means he’s as tough as old boots, brave as a lion, takes the ball, gets kicked and gives it back.”

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