Yeovil’s attempt for a place in the Football League during the summer of 1927 proved unsuccessful. Instead Torquay United‘s application was, so it was Southern League again for the 1927-28 season.

The season turned out to be another disappointing one for the Club, finishing only ninth in the league. Even more disastrously, after winning 3-0 at Green Waves (Plymouth) in the Preliminary Round of the F.A. Cup,

Yeovil crashed out of the competition 1-3 at Plymouth Civil Services. At the start of the season the club had signed eight new players including Bert Grist from the R.A.F. who went on to serve the club in many capacities for over 50 years. The season also saw the setting up of the Federation of Supporters’ Clubs.

In the club’s first programme of the season it was reported that complaints had been received from the Sanitary Authority and it was strongly urged, in the interests of public health and decency, to make use of the toilet facilities provided on the ground!!

Jimmy Wiltshire, who later went on to referee an F.A. Cup Final at Wembley, was in charge of Yeovil’s opening game of the season against Barry Town.

After only three games there was concern in the Boardroom and in programme no. 3, dated 8th September, the editor wrote ‘Several of our players have failed to enhance their reputations, in fact to live up to them, and the Directors are making changes in the composition of the team to do duty in the game against Aberdare today. This must not be construed as being the outcome of a feeling of panic, as we feel confident we have sufficient talent at our disposal to give a good account of ourselves. We are, however, anxious to settle on a team which will, above all things, blend’.

Yeovil won that game 5-3!

The Club’s Football Development Committee ran a competition for an Austin motor car. This was won by Mr. R. Wedlake, of 2 Wyke Road, Bruton, and the winning ticket was sold by Miss S. Asker of Castle Cary.

By Christmas, Yeovil were at the foot of the table and supporters were getting more and more impatient with the players, so much so that the club wrote the following in the programme on 3rd December 1927: “We dislike to be repeatedly criticising the spectators, and know that it is only a very few who are ignorant enough to show their lack of knowledge of the game by continually individualising, and also by their ‘barracking’, ‘play the game’ and ‘keep your place’, were instances heard last Saturday. These remarks were uncalled for. The first was when tactics were being used which

were essential under the circumstances, and the final remark mentioned was keeping his place, which greatly proves the lack of knowledge of the game these critics have. Unless this is stopped in future, severe measures will have to be adopted, as our players are more willing to participate in away matches than home fixtures, because they receive more fair play from opposition spectators. Not only does this barracking from just a few make it bad for the other spectators, but it does not encourage our players to give of their best.”

At the end of the season, Player Manager, Jack Gregory resigned and his place was taken by Tony Lowes, who had played at inside left for the club for two seasons.

SEASON 1928-1929

The change of manager did not bring a change of fortunes in the league for season 1928-29, Yeovil finishing in a lowly 14th position. The only success when, after battling through ten games, Yeovil entertained Plymouth Argyle in the First Round Proper, attracting a gate of 6,299. Although Yeovil lost the Preliminary Round replay against Taunton, it was felt that Taunton had played a gentleman named W. Curtis, in both games and he had not been registered – so the tie was awarded to Yeovil.

Preliminary Round: Taunton 1 Yeovil 1.
Replay Yeovil 1 Taunton 3.
First Qualifying Round: Plymouth Civil Services 2 Yeovil 2.
Replay Yeovil 6 Plymouth Civil Services 2.
2nd Qualifying Round: Yeovil 5 Wells City 2.
3rd Qual: Barry Town 2 Yeovil 2.
Replay Yeovil 0 Barry Town 0.
2nd Replay (at Ashton Gate) Yeovil 3 Barry Town 1.
4th Qual: Salisbury 3 Yeovil 3.
Replay Yeovil 5 Salisbury 2.
First Round Proper: Yeovil 1 Plymouth Argyle 4.