Nationwide Conference :
Yeovil Town 2 – 2 Forest Green Rovers

Att: 2,686

Line up : (3-5-2)

Chris Weale

Adam Lockwood

Colin Pluck

Anthony Tonkin

Nick Crittenden

Lee Johnson

Steve Thompson

Olivier Brassart

Michael McIndoe

Kim Grant

Adam Stansfield

Subs used: Tom White (74, for Brassart), Carl Alford (74, for Grant), Chris Giles (82, for Thompson).

Forest Green:
Steve Perrin, Rob Cousins, Steve Jenkins, Alex Sykes, Mark Cooper (Capt), Jamie Impey, Martin Foster, Simon Travis, Mark Shaw, Carl Heggs, Alex Meechan.
Subs used: Kevin Langan (68 mins for Shaw), Francis Tierney (90 mins for Meechan)

Scorers: Colin PLUCK (7, 1-0), Kim GRANT (11, 2-0), Carl Heggs (32, 2-1 pen), Carl Heggs (42, 2-2)

This report courtesy of Fe7:

Yeovil Town extended their unbeaten run but will reckon they were robbed of the full three points by one refereeing decision that undoubtedly turned the game.

The fireworks displayed before the match would have reminded the Huish Park crowd, of over 2,600, of one of their best performances this year: the 3-0 win against Queens Park Rangers. Everything was going to plan when, a first time left wing cross by skipper MacIndoe found Colin Pluck steaming in at the far post and stooping to head the ball home after six minutes.

Four minutes later and Kim Grant doubled Yeovil’s lead when stabbing a loose ball home from short range. It doesnt get any better than this and Yeovil exuded confidence and MacIndoe, Grant and Stansfield surged forward in an attempt to extend Yeovils lead.

Rovers struggled to compete and despite showing an admirable level of skill in the opening minutes could only now resort to a more physical game that resulted in two or three bookings. Weale and his back three looked comfortable and Rovers were restricted to long-range crosses that caused little danger. Against this background it was a shock to the Yeovil fans when Mr Mularky pointed to the spot following a Tonkin clearance. To put it simply, football is a contact sport, and when two players are in close proximity and one clears the ball, that in no way means a foul has been committed. That is history and Carl Heggs made no mistake with sending Weale the wrong way and slotting the ball into the right hand corner of the Yeovil goal.

The effect of that decision was plain to see and the confidence Yeovil had shown evaporated. For the nervous Yeovil supporters it was apparent that any momentum they had built was petering out. It was little surprise when Rovers grabbed an equaliser, although its execution was unconventional. Again it was Carl Heggs. Although it appeared he was being marshalled away from the danger area towards the Yeovil left hand touchline he managed to send the ball, first skywards, and as it dropped to earth, goal-ward. Chris Weale scurried to his back post but could only clutch at thin air as, fortunately for Rovers, dropped over the goal-line and bounced high into the back of the net.

While the Yeovil players went through the motions of the remaining minutes of the first half, and although Perrin, in the Rovers goal, was called upon to keep a number of Yeovil efforts out, there seemed an air of inevitability, and many felt the chance had gone for the evening.

Half Time: Yeovil 2 Forest Green 2.

The second half was an anticlimax in comparison. Neither team dominated as Yeovil had at the beginning of the first half. Forest Green had rode their luck and while looking to settle for a draw, were nonetheless capable of taking control of the game for significant periods and causing Yeovil one or two scares at the back. On Yeovil’s part, although more positive than earlier season performances, their conviction seemed to fall short.

Carl Alford and Tom White replaced Kim Grant and Olivier Brassart as Yeovil switched to a 4-4-2, Chris Giles then replaced Steve Thompson and Yeovil switched to 3-4-3. Rovers continued to hold firm at the back despite promising far post headers by Alford and Crittenden. Rovers continued to rely on firstly not doing anything, as Mr Mularky begin to accumulate five minutes of time wasting as Steve Perrin and his defence toiled over dead ball situations. As the game dragged on Tonkin picked up a booking when Rovers threatened to get in behind the Yeovil defence. Adam Lockwood stopped everyones hearts as he sliced a clearance that reminded us of Heggs second goal: but this time the ball managed to clear Weales crossbar by millimetres. And, that was the last significant action of the game.

Full Time: Yeovil 2 Rovers 2.

Rovers would have been more pleased with their point and Yeovil will reflect on how things changed so quickly.

However, demands at Yeovil are high. That is how it should be. As they say Rome wasnt built in a day: neither are good football teams, they take time not only to gel together, but to grow and be able to overcome the set backs they came across tonight.

What Yeovil did show was how good they can be. The first twenty minutes and MacIndoe’s cross for the opening goal was of the highest standard. Kim Grant was involved in almost all Yeovil’s positive forward play, and Stansfield will benefit as the two become more in tune with each other. Olivier Brassart toiled away without making significant contributions: but there will surely be better things as he blends into the team; one or two matches are not enough to judge.

If promotion is not attainable this season, it could be next.