We’re now in to double figures for the National League South season and it was a third (fourth in all competitions) win in a row for Yeovil Town.

Dave was on the terraces of The Beveree Stadium yesterday and here are his conclusions on what he saw…..

All we want is a decent referee:
I have praised referees on the podcast (well, one referee!) and therefore make no apologies for starting with the conclusion that referee Eugene Robinson did everything he could to ruin yesterday’s game.
His decisions to stick to the letter of the law and book players for what he interpreted to be time-wasting and not book others (on both sides, I hasten to add) for blatant fouls is beyond me. Jordan Young was dumped on the ground and left to lie there whilst Mr Robinson played on, Morgan Williams got a two-handed shove in the back and nothing, yet Jake Hyde contests an offside which, as someone who was in line with that play, I can confirm he was completely right to contest, and he’s booked. 
Mr Robinson made yesterday all about him and when both sets of supporters are complaining about an official – you know it’s a stinker.

Jordan Stevens is the difference: From the off it was clear that Jordan Stevens was an outlet and what an outlet he was.It was my first sighting of him (not via a stream) this season and he’s got the pace and the trickery to beat anyone at this level and add to that he’s not afraid to do the dirty work as well. For those crying out for wide players, he almost literally hugged the touchline all match and, when we went down to ten, he chased everything down until the very end. Take a bow!

Michael Smith. Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Strength in depth is a dream: Last season, Josh Staunton played on literally held together with sticky tape, but yesterday we were able to rest him – until six minutes from the end. The reason? Michael Smith. Quality, leadership and experience, he brought it all yesterday. Then to be able to introduce Josh Owers and Jake Hyde (albeit briefly!) off the bench again shows the quality is there. Jordan Maguire-Drew must be wondering what he has to do to get a game, albeit I don’t think the second half was one for him.

We have to be more clinical: The two goals were everything you want to see from your team – a stunning first and an ice cold second – but we had so many chances to make it more. Jordan Young needs to strike from open play the way he does from free kicks (admittedly not yesterday’s free-kicks), Frank Nouble needs to give one a proper welly-ing and set pieces didn’t do anything for us at Hampton. When you have a liability in charge of the game (yes, you Mr Robinson!), you can’t leave anything to chance and, if the ref had given another penalty with the final kick, this would have been the story of the match.

Rhys Murphy made it seven goals (in all competitions) this season.
Picture courtesy of Mike Kunz.

Ten (league) games gone and September’s ending: So, whether you used to ten game rule or the Green Day Clause, we can comfortably make an assessment on Yeovil Town’s season so far.
In all competitions the results are, P11, W7, D2, L2, second in the National League South table and progressed in the only cup competition we’ve played in. It is difficult to find too much to dislike about it. 
The patient/slow/controlled/dull (pick you description) way that Mark Cooper has us playing is not to everyone’s taste, but we are improving every time I see us play.
This isn’t Jose Mourinho-esque dull but winning football, there’s more than enough there to enjoy and it’s hard (impossible?) to argue with those results.


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Essex Glover
9 months ago

Good win no doubt,think we’ll see where we’re really at after next 3 games,Aveley,Bath and Worthing.
We will be wanting at least 6 points from those games in order to feel/be real contenders.