Club Background

We have played Bath City a lot (an awful lot), well until the last few decades at any rate: over 270 times competitively. So much so that We’ve Met Before (below) has been limited to post-1945: 1) to keep the amount of scrolling within more reasonable limits; and 2) because, frankly, of my failure to maintain enough dedication in filling in these stats as the number of matches went on and on and on  into the mists of time… well as far back as 1901-02 season, somewhat bizarrely for two Somerset clubs the first meetings being in the Wiltshire League.

The club traces its history back to a Bath AFC founded in 1889, becoming Bath City in 1905. Like many small provincial clubs its early years were a mish-mash of obscure cup games, bobbing around different minor county leagues and friendlies but in 1908 it joined the Western League Division Two. It remained in the Western League until 1921 when it moved to the Southern League where it would stay until 1979.

The Romans played in various different districts of the city before finally settling in Twerton in 1932. The formal opening of the Main Stand at Twerton Park was on 12th November 1932 for a Fourth Round Qualifying FA Cup tie versus Yeovil & Petters United. A 5,345 crowd watched The Glovers poop the party, winning 2-4.

In 1979 Bath, along with Yeovil Town, became founder members of the Alliance Premier League. They were steady if unspectacular performers there until relegation struck in 1988 (just as The Glovers were returning to what was now called The Conference after their relegation three seasons earlier). Bath only took two seasons to get back up but were aided by fact that despite finishing runners-up in 1989-90 the Champions Dover Athletic were denied the promotion spot on ground grading issues. On this occasion The Romans lasted seven even less spectacular seasons at Conference level until relegated in 1997 back to the SLPD (just as Yeovil was returning after its second spell in the Isthmian League).

This time Bath took ten seasons to get out, the formation of Conference South coinciding with a particularly bad sequence of lower-mid-table finishes which meant it missed the cut. After a near miss in 2005-06 when finishing second but exiting at the play-off semi-final stage 0-1 to Bedford Town, the following campaign The Romans went up as Champions. (As a small football history footnote, Team Bath, which had rocketed up the pyramid after its formation in 1999 and been ground sharing at Twerton Park since 2004, finished second to City that season. The following year it also won promotion to Conference South but would only get to play in it for one season before the football authorities decided they didn’t want a University team in their midst.)

Bath City, meanwhile, reached the Conference South play-offs in 2009-10, and beating Chelmsford City and then Woking was up to Conference National. Two seasons later it was down again, relegated in 23rd (it would have been 24th but Kettering Town suffered a points deduction).

Bladud the Pig.

And there it has stuck ever since, as Conference South became National League South, mostly mid-table punctuated by the odd failed play-off campaign. By the 2014-15 season the club was struggling to maintain gates above an average of 500 and debt was spiralling. Various initiatives have dragged crowd averages back over the 1,000 mark since that low point and, although it missed the financial target set by quite some way, enough money was raised for Bath City to become a community owned club with Bath City Supporters Society Ltd having a controlling 54.6% stake. However the debt burden has continued to grow, the most significant millstone around the club’s neck probably being Twerton Park itself. It’s a crumbling wreck of a money pit that so far the club has found no way of either: 1) being able to afford to redevelop (it would likely need pretty much entirely rebuilding from the ground up); or 2) selling the site and building a brand new stadium elsewhere (and with little indication the posh areas of the city have any wish for a football club on their doorsteps this could mean moving somewhere outside Bath’s boundaries entirely).

The club’s mascot is Bladud the Pig. In 2019 Bladud did win the Mascot South West Grand National at Wincanton Racecourse, Bath City’s biggest success in a decade.

We’ve Met Before

Previous Results (Post WW2) for Yeovil Town First Team vs Bath City

06/10/1945 Away SL L 3-7 Langely, Dewis, Hamilton
13/10/1945 Home SL W 4-1 Roy, Langely, Davis(2)
23/02/1946 Away SL L 1-3 Langely
02/03/1946 Home SL W 6-3 Dewis(4), Tindill, Langely
20/04/1946 Home SPCF1 W 2-1 Stock, Marshall
22/04/1946 Away SPCF2 L 2-4 Stock, Love
25/12/1946 Away SL W 7-2 Smith, Hartburn(3), Doyle(2), Gore
26/12/1946 Home SL W 9-0 Doyle(3), Gore(2), Hartburn, Sibley, Mitcheson, Smith
27/02/1947 Home SL W 5-0 Gore, Doyle(3), Hartburn
04/04/1947 Away SLCG D 2-2 Gore, Doyle
03/05/1947 Away SPCF D 1-1 Gore
01/10/1947 Away SLCG W 2-0 Marshall, Swinfen
09/10/1947 Home SLCG W 3-1 Swinfen, Gore(2)
25/12/1947 Away SL D 1-1 Swinfen
26/12/1947 Home SL D 2-2 Affleck, Gore
16/10/1948 Away SLC3 W 1-0 Blizzard
25/12/1948 Away SL D 1-1 Bryant
27/12/1948 Home SL L 3-4 Bryant, Hargreaves, Wright
28/04/1949 Away SPCF L 1-2 Blizzard
24/12/1949 Away SL W 2-0 Hamilton, Foulds
26/12/1949 Home SL W 1-0 Mansley
08/03/1950 Home SPC W 4-0 Mansley, Philips, Rae, Wright
28/10/1950 Away SL D 0-0
07/04/1951 Home SL W 3-1 K Hayward, Wright, Own Goal
19/01/1952 Home SL W 1-0 Simpson
27/03/1952 Away SPCSF D 1-1 Colvan
12/04/1952 Away SL L 1-4 Easton
05/05/1952 Home SPCSFR L 0-2
25/12/1952 Away SL L 1-3 Hunter
26/12/1952 Home SL D 2-2 Easton, Inglett
28/11/1953 Home SL D 3-3 Clarke, Lunn, Ryan
17/04/1954 Away SL L 3-5 Edwards, Reid, Lunn
27/04/1954 Home SPCF W 2-0 Lunn(2)
11/12/1954 Away SL W 5-0 Reid(3), Clarke, Fraser
23/03/1955 Home SPC2 W 3-1 Reid(2), McKay
30/04/1955 Home SL W 5-0 Reid(3), Clarke, Fraser
15/10/1955 Away SL D 1-1 Reid
19/12/1955 Home SLC1 W 6-1 Fidler(3), Elder, Reid, Fraser
25/02/1956 Home SL W 2-1 Easton, Fidler
04/12/1956 Home SLC2 D 3-3 Elder, Gaillard(2)
26/12/1956 Away SL L 1-3 Gaillard
24/01/1957 Away SLC3 W 2-1 Fidler, McAlone
26/03/1957 Home SL W 5-0 Deplidge, Gaillard, Alexander(2), Long
13/04/1957 Home SPCSF W 6-2 McKay(2), Long(2), Gaillard, Miller
02/09/1957 Away SLCPR1 L 1-2 Torrance
12/09/1957 Home SLCPR2 W 4-2 Own Goal, Travis, Elder, Gray
07/12/1957 Home FAC2 W 2-0 Baldwin, Own Goal
25/12/1957 Away SL D 1-1 McKay
26/12/1957 Home SL W 2-1 McKay, Own Goal
30/09/1958 Home SPC1 W 6-1 Emmonds, Phillips(2), McKay(2), McConnon
12/03/1959 Away SLC5 L 0-2
08/10/1959 Away SPC1 L 0-3
31/10/1959 Home FAC4Q L 0-2
15/04/1960 Home SLP W 3-2 Pacey, Paton, Phillips
18/04/1960 Away SLP L 1-2 Phillips
15/09/1960 Away SLP D 2-2 Taylor(2)
20/09/1960 Home SLP D 0-0
27/10/1960 Home SPC1 D 0-0
01/12/1960 Away SPC1R W 2-1 Paton, Own Goal
11/10/1961 Home SLC2 W 3-1 Foley, Taylor(2)
28/10/1961 Away SLP L 1-3 Foley
17/03/1962 Home SLP W 2-0 Foley, Coughlin
26/09/1962 Home SLP L 1-2 Taylor
09/03/1963 Away SPCSF W 2-1 Coughlin(2)
02/05/1963 Away SLP L 0-1
26/08/1963 Away SLP L 0-1
18/09/1963 Home SLP W 1-0 Own Goal
02/10/1963 Home SLC2 D 1-1 Hall
07/11/1963 Away SLC3 W 3-2 Taylor, Hall, Pound
31/10/1964 Away SLP D 0-0
13/03/1965 Home SLP W 4-3 Hirst, Muir, Taylor, Albury
27/10/1965 Away SPC2 L 1-3 Muir
22/12/1965 Away WCFL W 2-1 Foley, Taylor
11/05/1966 Home WCFL W 5-0 Muir, Taylor(2), Foley, Hirst
09/11/1966 Home WCFL D 2-2 Riding, Read
16/11/1966 Away WCFL L 1-4 Foley
19/12/1966 Home SLC3 W 3-1 Rees, Riding, Albury
01/03/1967 Home SPC3 W 3-0 Riding(2), Gulley
27/03/1967 Away SLP D 3-3 Taylor, Foley, Harding
29/03/1967 Home SLP D 1-1 Foley
27/11/1967 Away WCFL W 3-2 Bramley, Vowles(2)
14/02/1968 Home WCFL W 2-1 Mitten, Myers
29/04/1968 Away SPCF1 L 0-3
01/05/1968 Home SPCF2 L 0-1
02/11/1968 Away FAC4Q W 2-0 Elliott, Taylor
27/11/1968 Home WCFL D 3-3 Mitten, Myers(2)
03/03/1969 Away WCFL L 1-6 Plumb
24/03/1969 Away SPCSF D 2-2 Weller, Taylor
31/03/1969 Home SPCSFr D 3-3 Plumb, Weller, Elliott
16/04/1969 Home SPCSFr2 W 1-0 Weller
26/12/1969 Away SLP W 2-0 Own Goal(2)
27/12/1969 Home SLP W 2-1 Plumb(2)
26/12/1970 Away SLP W 2-0 McCluskey, Myers
17/03/1971 Home SLP W 2-0 Housley, Grey
27/12/1971 Away SLP D 0-0 2627
01/01/1972 Home SLP W 4-2 2816 Cotton, Weller, K Thompson, Housley
01/03/1972 Home SPC1 W 2-0 430 Grey, Wookey
09/10/1972 Away SLC2 L 1-3 Clancy
02/11/1974 Away FAC4Q L 1-2 5330 Plumb
01/01/1975 Home SL W 2-1 4537 Brown, Cottle
03/03/1975 Away WCC L 1-2 Clancy
28/03/1975 Away SL L 0-1 2482
09/04/1975 Home WCC D 3-3 633 Cotton, Brown(2)
27/08/1975 Home SLC1A W 4-0 2246 Brown, Plumb, K Thompson, Adams
01/09/1975 Away SLC1B L 1-2 K Thompson
08/09/1975 Away SLP W 2-1 Cotton(2)
28/01/1976 Home SLP W 3-1 564 Brown(2), Pickett
17/04/1976 Home SLP W 2-1 2179 Plumb, K Thompson
24/04/1976 Away WCC L 1-2 Hickton
20/10/1976 Home SLC2 W 2-0 1692 Plumb(2)
01/01/1977 Home SLP D 0-0 2747
18/04/1977 Away SLP D 0-0 1021
20/08/1977 Away SLC1A W 2-0 Leigh(2)
24/08/1977 Home SLC1B W 1-0 Morrall
01/10/1977 Away SLP L 1-3 Thompson
25/02/1978 Home SLP D 1-1 Harland
03/05/1978 Away WCCF1 D 1-1 Green
11/05/1978 Home WCCF2 W 4-2 Green, Harland, Leigh(2)
07/04/1979 Away SLCF1 L 0-1
09/04/1979 Away SLP L 0-3
14/04/1979 Home SLCF2 D 0-0
16/04/1979 Home SLP D 1-1 Green
18/04/1979 Home SPCSF W 4-2 Turner, Green, Hayward, Cottle
17/11/1979 Home APL W 1-0 1713 Finnigan
16/02/1980 Away APL D 1-1 1840 Payne
21/04/1980 Home WCC W 5-2 Platt, Williams(3), Finnigan
28/04/1980 Home SPCSF L 0-1
01/05/1980 Away WCC L 0-4
08/11/1980 Home APL L 1-2 1432 Morrall
17/01/1981 Away APL L 1-2 1039 Green
27/04/1981 Away SPCF1 L 0-3 460
29/04/1981 Home SPCF2 L 0-3 334
01/03/1982 Home SPC3 D 1-1 264 Platt
10/03/1982 Away APL L 0-2 541
22/03/1982 Away SPC3R L 1-2 450 Payne
12/04/1982 Home APL W 2-0 1262 Brown, James
18/08/1982 Home APL W 1-0 1019 Beck
08/09/1982 Away APL L 0-2 1002
09/11/1983 Home BLT2A W 2-0 781 Ward, Finnigan
26/11/1983 Home APL L 0-2 1058
29/11/1983 Away BLT2B D 1-1 718 Ward
25/02/1984 Away APL L 1-3 856 Doherty
09/02/1985 Home GOLA W 3-2 1755 Thorpe, James, Barnes
02/04/1985 Away SPCF1 L 0-1 598
10/04/1985 Home SPCF2 L 1-3 511 McGinlay
23/04/1985 Away GOLA L 0-1 808
02/04/1986 Away SPCF1 L 0-1 779
29/04/1986 Home SPCF2 L 0-2 1320
25/10/1986 Away FAC4Q L 1-2 2201 Pardew
25/02/1987 Home SPCSF D 1-1 1051 Miller
15/04/1987 Away SPCSFR D 1-1 577 Wallace
26/04/1987 Away SPCSR2 W 2-1 638 Randall(2)
20/10/1987 Away SPC1 D 2-2 450 Pearson, Donnellan
04/11/1987 Home SPC1R W 2-1 1124 Pearson, Ferns
26/12/1990 Away CONF L 1-2 1476 Dent 88
01/01/1991 Home CONF W 3-2 3335 Dent, Carroll, McDermott
26/12/1991 Away CONF L 1-3 1504 Spencer
01/01/1992 Home CONF D 1-1 3340 Spencer
20/10/1992 Away DWC2 D 0-0 520
17/11/1992 Home DWC2R W 1-0 2090 Sanderson
28/12/1992 Home CONF W 2-1 6488 Spencer(2)
12/04/1993 Away CONF D 0-0 1331
02/11/1993 Away DWC2 W 1-0 584 Spencer
27/12/1993 Home CONF L 1-2 3371 Wilson
03/01/1994 Away CONF L 0-3 1518
22/01/1994 Home FAT1 D 3-3 2611 Wilson, Leonard, Spencer
25/01/1994 Away FAT1r L 0-4 1148
15/03/1994 Away SPCSF L 0-1 322
06/09/1994 Home CONF L 1-2 2351 Wilson
17/04/1995 Away CONF L 0-3 1184
21/01/1996 Away FAT1 D 1-1 2225 Patmore
23/01/1996 Home FAT1r L 2-3 2731 Whale(2)
19/07/2000 Home Frnd W 1-0 474 Belgrave 88
13/01/2001 Home FAT3 W 2-1 3507 Way 71, Bent 74
27/10/2002 Away FAC4Q D 1-1 3470 Lockwood 69
29/10/2002 Home FAC4Qr W 3-1 4393 Demba 46, 59, McIndoe 87
20/07/2004 Away Frnd W 3-0 588 G Williams, Miles, Gall
10/05/2022 Home SPCF W 3-0 1016 Williams 6, Knowles 47, Barclay 85
06/12/2023 Away NLS W 1-0 3639 Williams 80
06/01/2024 Home NLS W 2-0 5032 Young 13, Nouble 76

(* Any Somerset Premier Cup ties between 2003 & 2019 excluded as not classified First Team fixtures for Yeovil Town.)

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Bath City

Home Away Overall
58 20 14 214 106 20 23 45 102 154 78 43 59 316 260


Club Statistics


30/09/2023 Weymouth Away FAC3Q W 2-1 1085 Hayfield 39, Wilson 76
07/10/2023 Braintree Town Away NLS D 1-1 705 Wilson 62
14/10/2023 Worthing Away FAC4Q L 0-2 1883
21/10/2023 Tonbridge Angels Away NLS L 2-3 883 Cooke 27, Wilson 31
24/10/2023 Taunton Town Home NLS W 3-0 1577 Thomas 57, Wilson 78, Greenslade 80
28/10/2023 Worthing Home NLS L 0-2 1337
04/11/2023 Torquay United Away NLS L 0-1 2288
07/11/2023 Weymouth Away NLS W 5-1 742 Frear 16, 60, Wilson 31, Thomas 36, Cooke 90
11/11/2023 Aveley Home NLS W 3-0 1928 Cooke 8, 11 (pen), 90 (pen)
18/11/2023 Beaconsfield Town Home FAT2R W 1-0 1000 Wilson 45
21/11/2023 Hemel Hempstead Town Away NLS D 0-0 390
25/11/2023 Farnborough Away NLS D 2-2 710 Frear 31, Batten 70
02/12/2023 Chelmsford City Home NLS L 2-3 1040 Cooke 8 (pen), 42 (pen)
06/12/2023 Yeovil Town Home NLS


Highest League Attendance: 1,928
Lowest League Attendance: 1,024
Average League Attendance: 1,381


Games Without A Win: 3 Games Without A Home Win: 1
Games Without An Away Win: 2 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 3
Games Without A Draw: 1 Games Without A Score Draw: 1
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 2 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: WLWL
Away Results Sequence: DLLWDD Overall Results Sequence: DLWLLWWDDL


Club Information

Address : Twerton Park, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 1DB

(click for map)

Telephone Number : 01225 423087
Email :

Chairman : Nick Blofeld
Football Chairman : Paul Williams
Club Secretary : Quentin Edwards
Safety Officer Officer : Shane Morgan
Press officer : Matt Samuel
Team Manager : Jerry Gill

Capacity : physical capacity 8,840 but current safety certificate restricted to 3,528
Seated : 1,006
Covered Terrace : some covered, some uncoverer
Surface : grass
Record Attendance : 18,020 v Brighton & Hove Albion, FA Cup Third Round Proper 1960

Colours : shirt black & white stripes, shorts black, socks white
Nickname : The Romans
Programme : there is one


This is a segregated match. Yeovil Town fans will be at the (West) Bristol End of the stadium (turnstiles 17, 18 and 19) and have been allocated 1,100 tickets. Turnstiles will open from 6.15 p.m. All (suspect very limited for away fans) seat allocation is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Prices :

Update 30/11/2023: the Away Ticket allocation is SOLD OUT

Update 04/12/2023: all areas of the stadium SOLD OUT

Adult: £15.00
Concession (65+): £12.00
Under 18 and Full-time Student : £7.00
Under 16 : £2.00

The on-line ticketing portal will close at 11.45 p.m. the day before the fixture.


Supporters who require a Personal Assistant or Carer can apply for a complimentary PA ticket at if they are in receipt of one of the following:
Higher rate care component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Enhance Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
Higher rate Attendance Allowance
Certificate of Visual Impairment

There are six disabled dedicated parking bays at Twerton Park. The contact point to request one is also (current Blue Badge holders only).
There is a wheelchair accessible entrance at the Bristol End which will be the Away End for this fixture; and a wheelchair accessible toilet via a ramp by the turnstiles at the Bristol End.

Official Away Travel

The Green & White Supporters’ Club is running away travel to Bath on Wednesday 6th December, 7.45 p.m. kick-off.

Details are as follows:

Members: Adult £14; Concession £14
Non-Members: Adult £17; Concession £17
Coach departs Huish Park: 4.00 p.m.

To book, call Paul Hadlow on 07736 044570 (after 6.00 p.m. please) or email him on

If you are getting in touch by email, please make it clear which match you are booking for and that you give your full name, the names of people that are travelling and a contact telephone number.

You may be asked to pay a £5 deposit to reserve your seat.

Directions To The Ground


Huish Park to Twerton Park is just under 40 miles.

Note: if driving, should you want to visit the more central parts of the city before or after the match, or simply by design or error use a route to Twerton that crosses the boundary, Bath has a CAZ (Clean Air Zone) in place. Basically, if you have an M1 category car you don’t need to worry about it, but if traveling by a few special categories of car, and most certainly if using a van, mini-bus etc., you do. The fine if caught not paying is £120 (reduced to £60 if settled within 14 days) + whatever the relevant charge was. Go here for more technical details on which vehicles are exempt and which are not; and here for a map of the area covered by the CAZ.

Neither of the routes outlined below (By Road) stray into the CAZ.

By Road

Depending on whether you coming into Twerton from the West on the A39 or the South on the A367

A39: at the roundabout at the end of the A39 take the second exit onto the A4 (Bristol Road) eastwards. After just under one mile the road divides – stay in the right hand lane and take the right hand fork, the A36 (Lower Bristol Road). After just under a mile turn right off the A36 underneath the railway line (11′ 6″ height restriction should that concern you) into Connection Road (this is a one way street). At the end of Connection Road filter left on to How Hill which almost immediately becomes the High Street. Follow the High Street until you see Twerton Park on the right, turning right into Dominion Road for the stadium car park.

A367: approaching Odd Down, take the first exit off Odd Down Roundabout staying on the A367 for about another 100 yards until the set of traffic lights. At the lights turn left on to Old Fosse Road. At the first roundabout take the first exit staying on Old Fosse Road; at the second roundabout take the second exit on to Rush Hill. Follow Rush Hill which then becomes Whiteway Road for one mile. Turn right off Whiteway Road into The Hollow. Stay on The Hollow until it becomes Shophouse Road (by The White Horse pub on the left). Follow Shophouse Road to its end, turning left at the T-junction into the High Street. About 300 yards along you’ll see Twerton Park on the left, turning left into Dominion Road for the stadium car park.


The stadium car park has 93 spaces. Therefore, for all practical purposes, the chances of ordinary away fans nabbing a place there given the expected crowd for this fixture are very low indeed.  The bulk of Twerton extant today was developed as a post-World War II council estate at a time when counsellors and planners assumed few working class types would ever acquire cars. As far as can tell there are no public car parks in the area at all, only those associated with supermarkets etc. and restricted to customers and maximum stay limits of two hours. On street it is then…

Update 05/12/2023: the host club has confirmed all parking at the ground has been pre-allocated, fans who are driving should not therefore waste their time heading for the stadium car park.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Twerton Park is Oldfield Park a little over 15 minutes walk away. However, despite being on the Great Western Main Line only local services stop here, and then generally limited to just one an hour. Bath Spa Railway Station has far more services, including direct ones out of Paddington for London and South-East based Glovers, but is a more hefty 1.8 miles (so around  40 minutes if walking) hike from the football ground.

From Yeovil Penn Mill there’s a service every two hours to Oldfield Park with a journey time of 1 hr 10 mins for direct trains and around 1 hour 45 for those requiring a change at Westbury. It’ll come as no surprise to find one can’t see the whole match and get back to Penn Mill the same night. Unfortunately the alternative route option from Yeovil Junction up the Bath is pretty much excluded across the whole of this week as engineering works means the dreaded Bus Replacement Service is in operation between Yeovil and Salisbury.

By Bus

The bus service running past Twerton Park (closest stop Twerton Parade just West of the stadium) is the No. 5 operated by First Bus Bristol, Bath & the West. This runs from Bath Bus Station (on southern edge of the city centre about 100 yards westwards from Bath Spa Railway Station). Services are once every 20 minutes (declining to two an hour after 9.00 p.m.) with a journey time of around 14 minutes.

By Taxi
A selection of Bath taxi companies can be found here.

Web Resources

Web Sites

Bath City FC – one of the better Official club websites in the NLS, sensibly organised, easy to navigate and well maintained.

Bath City FC tv – Official YouTube Channel.

Roman Forum – unofficial message board.

Social Media

BathCity_FC – Official Twitter account.

Bath City Football Club – Official Facebook page.

Local Press

The Bath Echo and Bath Chronicle don’t appear to bother with much if any coverage of Bath City FC. Bath Voice does have some (generally pretty basic and brief) coverage.

Food & Drink


The Stripes Bar. (Its twin at other end of the ground, is New Romans Bar.) However there will be NO sale of alcohol inside the stadium for this match.

The largest settlement (at around 95,000) in the (ceremonial) County of Somerset, Bath, particularly the city centre which attracts over 6 million tourist visits a year, tends to be on the expensive side (not in London terms but certainly in West Country terms). The Twerton district of the city, on the other hand, falls into the bottom 10% of areas of UK deprivation and doesn’t attract any tourists at all.

As Twerton Park is around a mile and a half from the central area of the city this pub part of the guide has been divided up.
1.  Around the Ground: some options in the suburb of Twerton (and a couple just over the River Avon – there’s a footbridge across) in the Newbridge district. 2. Central Bath: Bath city centre is pretty compact, mostly squeezed into and surrounded on three sides by a bend in the river. Being not much more than ten minutes walk East/West and ten North/South all the choices here are short walks from one another. 3. Worth the Walk!: a few personal favourites on fringes of the core of the city I didn’t want to leave out.

Club Bar

There are four different bars at the ground. Charlies’s, which had some close season renovation, and Randall’s are behind/by the Main Stand and are open from 5.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. and post-match *. Inside, The Stripes Bar is on the Bath End (East) terrace and in 2023 a similar outlet was added on the Bristol End (West) terrace called New Romans Bar which will be the away end for this fixture.

There will be no alcohol on sale inside the ground for this game. Away provision from New Romans Bar, which will be open from 6.45 p.m., will be restricted to soup, sausage rolls, pasties, snacks and soft drinks. An additional Mo-B-Que concession has been made available for visiting supporters. This will open from 6.15 p.m.

(* Haven’t found anything specific from Bath concerning away fans using the two main bars pre- and/or post-match but would suspect that if obviously a Glover there may be a pretty good chance of being turned away.)

Local Pubs

1. Around the Ground

Electric Bear Brewery & Tap.

Electric Bear Brewery Tap: Fairly typical ‘craft’ micro-brewery Tap – a unit on an industrial estate. Beers will depend on what they’ve been brewing. Up to ten keg lines and the odd hand pump for when they brew cask. Cans are sold in the shop for consumption on the premises or take-away. Usually has street food style option from external vendor on Friday and Saturday. Lots of long tables and benches seating outside in good weather; similar inside for when the weather’s less friendly. Small amount of parking, large screen TV for Sports (terrestrial only). Opening hours are: 5.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Thursday & Friday, 2.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Saturday, 2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. Sunday. Across the River Avon from Twerton Park,  it would be 2.2 miles (downstream) or 1.6 miles upstream if driving; walking, there is a footbridge (total walk 0.8 of a mile so around quarter of an hour). Note: card only, NO CASH.
Electric Bear Brewing, Unit 12, The Maltings, Brassmill Lane, Newbridge, Bath, Somerset, BA1 3JL. Tel: 01225 424088. Map: Electric Bear.

Golden Fleece: A wet led pub, no food, with three hand pumps and seven keg lines. In the main don’t expect anything other than mainstream stuff but the odd beer from a small independent brewery does occasionally and seemingly randomly crop up. The real cider is usually Cheddar Valley by Thatchers. TNT Sports TV, pool table, dartboard, shove ha’penny, dominos. Small car park to rear. Opens at noon every day and closes at midnight (except Sunday when shuts at 11.30 p.m.). Third of a mile (so around seven or eight minutes walk) from the ground.
The Golden Fleece, 1-3 Avon Buildings, Lower Bristol Road, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 1ES. Tel: 01225 442195. Map: Golden Fleece.

Locksbrook Inn.

Locksbrook Inn: Also on the opposite side of the river from Twerton Park and three to four minutes walk from the Electric Bear Tap (above). Grade II listed pub built 1728 to serve the bargees right on the short stretch of Weston Canal Cut (which was presumably constructed to bypass some navigation issue along that section of the Avon in 1727). Four hand pumps, with Original by Butcombe the regular real ale, changing options from the likes of Bristol Beer Factory or Electric Bear and one serving a cider. Keg is predominately multinational but ‘craft’ options do crop up sometimes. However as the pub has just been bought by St Austell Brewery (September 2023) the beer options may be about to change.  Breakfasts served from 8.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. (11.00 a.m. Sunday), main menu from noon – 9.30 p.m. (8.00 p.m. Sunday). There’s also a children’s menu. Large patio area that stretches down to the canal, small car park. Opens from 8.30 a.m. every day (not found mention of when alcohol service begins), closing 11.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, midnight Friday & Saturday, 10.30 p.m. Sunday. Bit under quarter of an hour walk from Twerton Park using footbridge over the Avon.
The Locksbrook Inn, 103 Locksbrook Road, Newbridge, Bath, Somerset, BA1 3EN. Tel: 01225 427199. Map: Locksbrook Inn.

Old Crown Inn: The closest pub to Twerton Park which is a couple of hundred yards away. Looks like it was acquired by Craft Union Pubs (part of Stonegate Group) around 2018/19 so beers will be mostly from the multinational giants. Doesn’t appear to do food. Sky and TNT Sports TV, pool, darts and skittles. Beer garden to rear. Opens at noon Sunday to Friday and 11.00 a.m. Saturday, closing 11.00 p.m. every day.
The Old Crown, 131 High Street, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 1DA. Tel: 01225 425995. Map: Old Crown.

Royal Oak brewpub.

Royal Oak: A brewpub – brewing arm is called Ralph’s Ruin, named after the pub’s dog. Has between two and four of its own beers (number and styles depending on what its been brewing) on at a time and up to five changing guests sourced from micro-breweries both local and further afield. Also around eight to ten real ciders (including sometimes a perry). Keg tends to be things like Budweiser Budvar (Czech), Schneider Weisse, and Anspach & Hobday’s excellent nitro porter London Black (though not been brave enough to rip the inferior Guinness tap out yet) plus changing options from (mostly) local micro-breweries. Has a range of Belgian bottled beers with the odd one turning up on draught as well occasionally. Doesn’t do food. Courtyard at side, tables and benches out front, small car park to rear. Opening hours are 4.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. Sunday to Friday, noon – 11.00 p.m. Saturday. 0.6 of a mile (around 13 minutes walk) from the ground.
The Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 3BW. Tel: 01225 481409. Map: Royal Oak.

White Horse: Fairly traditional style pub. Four hand pumps with changing beers from independent breweries. Keg is stuff like Amstel and Fosters for the lagers and Bulmers, Magners and Thatchers for the ciders. The local CAMRA branch says it has food at lunchtimes but then has it down as not opening until 4.00 p.m. weekdays. The pub’s own website and Facebook page has nothing to say on the matter as to if it does food, when it does food or what food it might serve. The only definite evidence that it does at some point is customers’ photos of their Sunday roast dinners on Google. Also looks like one should completely ignore the opening times listed on that website as a complete work of fiction, with more likely 4.00 p.m. weekdays and noon at weekends being when it opens, 11.00 p.m. the closing time. Do despair of pubs sometimes and the inability to communicate. Imagine a restaurant website that didn’t bother to have menus and service times – have to imagine because it just doesn’t happen. Moving on… there’s a pool table, dartboard, courtyard to rear and a car park. Ten minutes walk (0.4 of mile) from the ground.
The White Horse, 42 Shophouse Road, Twerton, Bath, Somerset, BA2 1EF. Tel: 01225 464327. Map: White Horse.

2. Central Bath

Bath Brew House.

Bath Brew House: A few yards along from the Spoons (King of Wessex, below), this became a brew-pub in 2013. Has six hand pumps with whatever of its own beers have been brewed recently on though almost always including the two core session beers, Gladiator a 3.8% Bitter and Emperor a 4.4% EPA. Examples of their own brewing crop up on the keg taps as well though there can also usually be found some changing options from other small independent breweries. The food menu includes vegetarian and vegan options with service from opening time to 9.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 10.00 p.m. Friday & Saturday and 8.00 p.m. Sunday. Disabled access, large partly covered beer garden area to rear.  Opening hours are from noon every day closing at midnight Monday to Wednesday, 1.00 a.m. Thursday to Saturday, 11.00 p.m. Sunday.  Eight minutes walk from Bath Spa Railway Station and 1.4 miles from Twerton Park. Note: payment is by card only, NO CASH.
The Bath Brew House, 14 James Street West, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2BX. Tel: 01225 805609. Map: Bath Brew House.

The Black Fox.

Brew Dog: Newish BrewDog branch that opened August 2021 about a one minute walk from Bath Spa Railway Station. If you’ve not used BrewDog before expect around thirty keg lines, mostly their own brews but also some guests, and a burger based menu. Food served from opening to 10.00 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday also does a Breakfast/Brunch menu). Opens from 11.00 a.m. at the weekends and noon weekdays, closing 11.00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 1.00 a.m. Friday & Saturday. 1.8 miles from Twerton Park. Note: some BrewDog outlets are card only, NO CASH, but haven’t found any info on whether that applies to this one or not.
BrewDog Bath, 20 St Lawrence Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1AN. Tel: 01225 758363. Map: BrewDog.

Black Fox: Formerly the Hobgoblin, after a period of closure it reopened in 2017 and is now very much a ‘craft beer’ establishment with two hand pumps and ten keg taps focusing on local Bath and Bristol micro-breweries. Serves breakfasts from 8.00 a.m. and a (smallish) main menu from noon – 8.00 p.m. Third of a mile (6-7 minutes walk) from Bath Spa Railway Station and mile and a half from Twerton Park. Opening hours (for alcohol) appears to be noon – 11.00 p.m. every day. Note: payment is by card only, NO CASH.
The Black Fox, 47 St James’s Parade, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1UQ. Tel: 01225 442365. Map: Black Fox.

Cork: Belonging to same company, this is aimed at a slightly trendier crowd than sister pub Bath Brew House (above). With two bars across two levels (the upstairs bar will be closed off to general public when booked for private parties), conservatory and alfresco are to rear, Sports TV and (God help us!) two karaoke pods. Cask beers are a changing two by Bath Brew House and two from other micro-breweries. Keg is a mix of micro- and macro-brewery output. Food is Pizzas. Opens at noon every day, closing midnight Monday to Wednesday, 1.00 a.m. Thursday to Saturday, 11.00 p.m. Sunday. Third of a mile (6-7 minutes walk) from Bath Spa Railway Station and mile and a half from Twerton Park. Note: payment is by card only, NO CASH.
The Cork, 11-12 Westgate Buildings, Avon Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1EB. Tel: 01225 333582. Map: The Cork.

Coeur De Lion: One of three pubs owned by local micro-brewery Abbey Ales. The others are the Star Inn (below) and Assembly Inn (the latter being OK, but if walking that far one might as well go the extra 300 yards or so to the Star which is much better). Supposedly the smallest pub in Bath (I take as much notice of ‘smallest pub’ claims as do of ‘oldest pub’ ones) it’s 0.4 of a mile, so around eight minutes walk, from Bath Spa Railway Station and 1.7 miles from the ground. A few tables & chairs are available outside in the passageway to the front. Breakfast served from 10.00 a.m. – 11.45 p.m., main menu from noon – 5.00 p.m. Four hand pumps mostly focused on their own beers but occasional guests do crop up. Range of ciders, both real from the box and fizzy ones. Opens from 10.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m. every day except Sunday when it closes half an hour earlier at 10.30 p.m. Local CAMRA states it has stopped taking cash, CARD ONLY, though can’t find a mention of that from pub itself.
Coeur De Lion, 17 Northumberland Place, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5AR. Tel: 01225 463568. Map: Coeur De Lion.

Garrick’s Head: Right by the theatre and clearly principally a gastropub serving the theatre-going crowd. However, makes the list as appears to take its beer reasonably seriously – which is unusual for a gastropub and needs to be encouraged. Its House cask, carrying the pub’s name, is produced by Stonehenge Ales and apparently a blend of that brewery’s Pigswill and Great Bustard beers. Other brewers that commonly crop up on the three (four during the summer months) hand pump lines are Electric Bear and Bristol Beer Factory. Keg lines are a mix of local ‘craft’ from the likes of Lost & Grounded, Wiper & True and Bristol Beer Factory and multinational industrial stuff such as Amstel, Asahi, Birra Moretti and Guinness. Has a couple of (varying) cask ciders and Thatcher’s Gold and Inch’s on keg. Food – should you fancy a pre- or post-match Poussin or Confit Duck Leg – is served: Breakfast 10.00 a.m. – noon; Main Menu from noon – 3.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. (8.00 p.m. on Sunday). There are children’s options. Doesn’t look particularly disabled friendly as there are steps to enter but does have an area of tables & chairs out on the pavement. Opening hours for alcohol are an uncomplicated 10.00 a.m. – 11.45 p.m. every day. Under half a mile from Bath Spa Railway Station and, like the rest of the central options, about a mile and half from the ground.
Garrick’s Head, 7-8 St John’s Place, Saw Close, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1ET. Tel: 01225 318368. Map: Garrick’s Head.

Bath’s Spoons, The King of Wessex.

King of Wessex: Bath’s Wetherspoon. On western edge of the city centre next to the cinema complex 8 minutes walk from Bath Spa Railway Station and 1.4 miles from Twerton Park. Relatively unusual for a Spoons in that this was a purpose new-build as a pub rather than conversion of an older building. Disabled access, no external area (smoking therefore is on the street). Children allowed until 9.00 p.m. with Family Area to rear of the pub. Opens from 8.00 a.m. every day (alcohol service begins 9.00 a.m.), closing midnight Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday,  12.30 a.m. Monday & Thursday, 1.00 a.m. Friday & Saturday.
The King of Wessex, 5-10 James Street West, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2BX. Tel: 01225 303380. Map: King of Wessex.

Kingsmead Street Bottle: Newish (opened May 2021) micropub from the same lot as run the Palmer Street Bottle in Frome. Ten taps, nine beer and one cider all constantly changing, sourced from small independent producers both locally and across the country. Expect to see the likes of New Bristol, Left Handed Giant and Electric Bear from Bristol/Bath area and breweries such as Beak, DEYA, Track etc. from wider afield. There’s also two fridges holding a selection of cans and bottles ranging from Somerset’s cutting edge Yonder Brewing to independent producers from the Continent and USA. Food menu is cheese and charcuterie based with all items sourced from West Country producers. There’s outside seating to the front on the pavement. Most recent hours can find (updated May 2023 and so possibly ‘Summer Opening’) are: 2.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. Monday to Wednesday, noon – 11.00 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, noon – 8.00 p.m. Sunday. Nine minutes walk (0.4 of a mile) from Bath Spa Station and 1.5 miles from the ground.
Kingsmead Street Bottle, 2 Kingsmead Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2AA. Tel: none supplied. Map: Kingsmead Street Bottle.

Old Green Tree.

New Inn: Reopened 2016, smallish pub with six handpumps (four beer, two cider) and seven keg taps. Something by Uley Brewery is always on, the other lines changing. The keg taps a mix of multinational and occasional ‘craft’: Lost & Grounded has featured recently. CAMRA member discount on real ale. Local CAMRA branch also states it has stopped taking cash, card only, but can find nothing from the pub to confirm this. Food is evenings Monday to Thursday, lunchtime and evenings Friday to Sunday. Sports TV, roof-terrace to rear. Opens from 4.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday and noon Friday to Sunday, closing at 11.00 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday and midnight Thursday to Saturday. Around ten minutes walk (0.6 of a mile from Bath Spa Railway Station, 1.5 miles from the ground.
The New Inn, 23-24 Monmouth Place, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2AY. Tel: 01225 442944. Map: New Inn.

The Raven.

Old Green Tree: Three room pub, food lunch times only. Up to six cask beers mostly from small West Country breweries. The house badged beers are produced for the pub by Blindmans Brewery of Frome. The real cider comes from Honey’s of Midford. Makes an effort with its keg too, with Budweiser Budvar (the Czech stuff) and Veltins Pilsener amongst the taps. Opens at noon every day, closing 9.00 p.m. Monday & Tuesday, 10.30 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday, 4.30 p.m. Sunday (and closing times can be earlier in Winter if an evening is particularly quiet). Exactly half a mile (10 minutes walk) from Bath Spa Railway Station and 1.7 miles from the ground.
The Old Green Tree, 12 Green Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2JZ. Tel: 01225 448259. Map: Old Green Tree.

Raven: Hostelry that hit the headlines in 2021 when publican Rod Humphris harangued Keir Starmer and threw him out of the pub as “the economy is being ruined because old people are dying”. Co-landlord Tim Perry later apologised saying “Mr Humphris’ views are his own”. Two bars (one upstairs). Ten handpump real ale focused pub, the couple of house badged beers are produced for it by Blindsman Brewery of Frome, the rest, regularly changing are mostly from West Country breweries but sometimes further afield. The regular cider is from Sheppy’s, with often another (changing) alternative. Keg is a mix of multinational and regional brewery options on seven taps. Food, served from 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. (8.30 p.m. on Sunday) focuses on locally produced ‘artisan’ pies and sausages. Shove Ha’penny board; pavement tables &  chairs. No children under 14 allowed at any time. Opens at 11.00 a.m. every day, closing 11.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, midnight Friday & Saturday, 10.30 p.m. Sunday. Exactly half a mile (ten minutes walk) from Bath Spa Railway Station and 1.6 miles from Twerton Park.
The Raven, 6-7 Queen Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1HE. Tel: 01225 425025. Map: The Raven.

3. Worth the Walk!

Bath Cider House: Opened in 2022 (by same people as own Bath Brew House and The Cork – both above) this serves a huge range of ciders but despite name does do some beers as well. Has up to several dozen different draught ciders (cask, box and keg) from both larger commercial and smaller independent presses and lots of bottled ciders; but perhaps the biggest feature is the 500 litre tanks where they produce a succession of their own blends from ciders supplied by West Country and particularly Somerset producers via Orchard Park Farms of Shepton Mallet. The couple of beer hand pumps most commonly have offerings from Bristol Beer Factory. The handful of keg beers are from multinationals: Amstel, Beavertown, Estrella, Guinness – that sort of stuff. Food is mainly Pizzas (except Sunday when it serves Hot Dogs). Sky and TNT Sports and table football (take own £1 coins as rest of the pub is cashless). Partially covered terrace to rear. Under 18s allowed until 9.00 p.m. Another of those places that seems to think customers have second sight and there’s no reason to state when it’s open on its own website or Facebook page. Secondary sources come up with completely different times, varying not by minutes but by hours both for opening and closing. Fifteen minutes walk (0.6 of a mile) from Bath Spa Railway Station, 1.8 miles from Twerton Park. Note: payment is by card only, NO CASH.
The Bath Cider House, 7 Bladud Buildings, The Paragon, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5LS. Tel: 01225 695100. Map: Bath Cider House.

The Star Inn.

Bell Inn: Genuine community pub owned by around 500 customers and staff and run as a Co-operative. Around fifty yards from the Star Inn (below) as the crow flies but the street layout means it’s more like a five minute walk. Up to seven Real Ales mostly from small West Country breweries, and a couple of real ciders, again from small West Country producers. Lager looks to be Korev by St Austell and Pilsner by Brooklyn Brewery. Food (Pizza freshly made to order) served Wednesday & Friday 4.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m., Saturday 1.00 – 9.00 p.m. and Sunday noon – 5.00 p.m. Has four live music sessions a week, pool, bar-billiards, table football. Partially covered courtyard to rear. Under 18s welcome until 9.00 p.m. Opening hours (some minor discrepancies between sources but most likely seems to be): from 4.00 p.m. Monday & Tuesday, 1.00 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday and noon Sunday; closing 11.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10.30 Sunday. A little under a mile from Bath Spa Railway Station (so 15 – 20 minutes walk) and just under two miles from the stadium.
The Bell Inn, 103 Walcot Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5BW. Tel: 01225 460426. Map: Bell Inn.

Star Inn: For those into traditional pubs this one is pretty much unchanged since the 1920s and is on the CAMRA National Inventory. A multi-room establishment with a single bar. Five hand pumps for beer, with Bellringer by Abbey Ales (who own the pub) and Bass as the permanents and the others changing. One of about half a dozen pubs in the country that will still serve Bass in the historically traditional manner – straight out the barrel into a jug and then you pour it yourself into the glass – but only if you specifically ask. To be honest, although some beer geeks go into raptures it just tasted like a standard Bass to me. Has a number of ciders both ‘real’ and keg. Food is filled rolls. Opens at noon every day, closing midnight, and 1.00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Winter hours (no idea when they kick in) can be shorter. A little under a mile from Bath Spa Railway Station (so 15 – 20 minutes walk) and just under two miles from the stadium.
The Star Inn, 23 Vineyards, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5NA. Tel: 01225 425072. Map: Star Inn.


Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You: Bath, well the posh parts, is an egg-chaser kind of place. No one in these areas has the slightest interest in football (beyond perhaps sofa-watching a couple of minutes highlights of one of the bigger Premier League derbies), and most certainly not in their local team. Try talking Non-League football in those districts and a mixture of horror & disgust will pass over faces as they rapidly put distance between themselves and the visiting “Soccer Oiks” polluting their lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Twerton, both district and stadium, never makes it into the multitude of travelogue TV shows where self-appointed celebs/comedians whose careers are otherwise tanking/failed politicians wander round the nicer areas of very nice central Bath uttering pointless platitudes and titbits of trivia, researched for them by appallingly paid and treated interns, to camera. There’s a simple reason for this: Twerton is the ghetto where the local “Soccer Oiks” are allowed to reside – every city has to put its working class somewhere, preferably on the outskirts well away from the gentlefolks.

Top-Tip:  Bath City fans still take the supposed “rivalry” between the two clubs seriously, very seriously indeed. Yeovil Town fans hardly consider there to be any rivalry, Bath City scarcely featuring on our radar at all.

Local Amenities: None in Twerton, the working classes don’t deserve any.

Other Points Of Interest: Author of the novel Tom Jones, Henry Fielding (1707-1754), had a house in Twerton, the only building of any interest. Obviously the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site wouldn’t countenance even that tiny bit of competition. Fortunately Bath City Council had demolished it in 1963.

[No responsibility is taken for any inaccuracies. This page is entirely the product of bias and prejudice. ]